Kalamazoo Klash Results 1999-08-11

A capacity crowd of over 6,000 people filled Kalamazoo Speedway's grandstands Wednesday night. Seventy-two super late models crammed the pits hoping to qualify for the seventh annual Kalamazoo Klash. The $15,000 winner's share went to a jubilant...

A capacity crowd of over 6,000 people filled Kalamazoo Speedway's grandstands Wednesday night. Seventy-two super late models crammed the pits hoping to qualify for the seventh annual Kalamazoo Klash. The $15,000 winner's share went to a jubilant Chris Orr who had led the last 47 laps.

Thirty-two cars started the all green 200 lap feature which was slowed by19 caution flags. Most of the cautions were for single car spins. The race was divided into two 100 lap segments with the B and C features run in between the segments.

Tim Felver darted into the lead from his pole position and had a quarter of a straightaway lead when the first caution flag flew on lap 10. A stiff challenge was staged by Fred Campbell for the lead on the restart. Campbell finally got a run to the high side of Felver on lap 28 and the pair raced side-by-side with the Battle Creek, Mich. driver finally nosing out Felver at the line on lap 38 and led for the remainder of the first 100 laps. For the second year in a row, Campbell was the leader at the halfway break.

Battles were raging throughout the field in the first 100 laps. After qualifying 25th, ASA veteran Dave Sensiba made his way through the field and by the end of the first half he was the runner up to Campbell. NASCAR Busch Grand National driver, Butch Miller, had been given a provisional starting spot (31st) and at the end of the first 100 laps, was in fourth place (a gain of 27 positions).

Twenty-three cars, out of the original 32-car field, started the second segment. While battling for the lead Sensiba tagged Campbell's red and white #61 and in the process lost six positions. Miller, who had moved into second, chased down Campbell and on lap 118 passed him on the high side. The popular driver led until the restart of caution 12, when the center section of his left rear wheel broke. When the wheel came off, his white #52 rode over it and bounced in the air. Miller was through for the night. Although no red flag was thrown, the entire field took it upon themselves to stop in turns three and four!!!

Campbell, who had retaken the lead, was dicing with a hard charging Andy Ponstein, when Ponstein's car hit the wall coming out of turn four, nearly flipping over (lap 140). The car came to rest in turn one and it was done for the night.

Chris Orr had been quietly moving up from his 14th place starting position and on lap 154 took Campbell for the lead. Bob Holley, Joe Bush and Dave Sensiba battled tightly for second place over the remaining laps. At the checkered flag it was Holley in second, while Sensiba bested Bush for third with Campbell following in fifth.

The 50-lap B main was a hotly contested battle. Polesitter, David Stremme, Jeff Bozell, Torch Osterhouse and Doug TerMeer ran in formation for many laps with Stremme inching ahead to take the lead. Bozell finally moved around Stremme on lap 16. Osterhouse left the group when he spun on lap 25 and TerMeer was blackflagged for a smoking racecar. Tom Martin worked his way up from eighth starting place and moved around Bozell on lap 42 to take over the point. A battle for fourth raged between Osterhouse, John Grega and Ken Weaver, who had started last in the 20 car field. The trio raced in a close group for much of the latter stages of the race. Martin went on to claim the $1,500 first place prize with Bozell, Stremme, Grega, Weaver and Osterhouse rounding out the top five.

The only woman, Ginger Phillips, in the 72-car field started on the pole of the 30-lap C Main. Russ Reist took the lead at the start of the 25 lap feature and held it until ARCA Bondo/MarHyde series regular Jeff Finley moved around him on lap 17. Finley was never challenged and he took home the $500 first prize. Rounding out the top five were, Larry Dahlke Jr, Ginger Phillips, Tom Brownlow and Rusty Parker.


Chris Orr, Bob Holley, Dave Sensiba, Joe Bush, Fred Campbell, Billy Shannon, Phil Bozell *, Tim Felver, Brandon Lyons, Marty C. Crawford, Rick Sexton, Gary Howe, Brent Hook, Joe Maize, Curt Spalding, Ron Finkbeiner, Todd Rosebrugh, Todd Currier, Paul Namey, Ken Scheffler, Andy Ponstein, Butch Miller, Tom Thomas, Doug Hanna, Kenny Warner, Tom Fedewa, Alan Marcott, Mike Eddy, Phil Massuch, Andy Bozell, Bob Curry, Tim Smith * Andy Bozell took over the ride at lap 101.

B FEATURE: Tom Martin, Jeff Bozell, David Stremme, John Grega, Ken Weaver, John "Torch" Osterhouse, Brad Van Avery, Dave Lober, Scott Hantz, Vern Slaugh, Mike Radandt, Tom Jewell, Tim Phillips, Doug Randy Parker, Mark Starr, John Delarye, Dave True, Doug TerMeer, Greg Usher, Brian Wiersma

C FEATURE: Jeff Finley, Larry Dahlke, Jr, Ginger Phillips, Tim Brownlow, Rusty Parker, Sky Van Dalson, Dale Wert, Scott Cunningham, Charlie Hanna, Tim Ryan, Tim Rietsma, Tony Barcus, Mickey Cornwell, Cord Ehrhart, Kevin Malosh, Greg Himes, Russ Reist, Eric Midkiff (DNS)

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