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Our latest news press bulletin follows: Intl. Group N - Drama hits Opel pair in Salzburg... Switzerland - Opel wins Swiss Touring Car Championship... Argentina - Opel second in Buenos Aires touring cars... Britain - Opel wins in Snetterton ...

Our latest news press bulletin follows:

Intl. Group N - Drama hits Opel pair in Salzburg... Switzerland - Opel wins Swiss Touring Car Championship... Argentina - Opel second in Buenos Aires touring cars... Britain - Opel wins in Snetterton Formula 3... Britain - Kirkaldy wins F Vauxhall at Snetterton... Norway - Opel wins Norwegian rally title...

Intl. Group N - Drama hits Opel pair in Salzburg...

Wolfgang Savelsbergh lost his lead of the FIA International Group N Series when he was forced out of the second of two 60 minute races at the Salzburgring in Austria whilst holding a comfortable lead. His partner in the Opel Astra, Eric Neve, took the car to success in the 60 minutes first race, on Saturday, following extensive testing of the car by Savelsbergh on the run up to the races.

At the previous Silverstone race, a tyre problem was highlighted when Neve was forced out of his leading position by a worn tyre puncturing in the final stages of the race. That problem was the centre of attention as the MFChlner Motorsport team tested in Austria before the weekend. Savelsbergh tested the car and significant changes were made to the suspension settings, resulting in several race distances being run without any tyre troubles.

In the Saturday race, Neve settled into third place in the 2.0-liter cars, trailing th two Hondas driven by Stillwell and Bastiens, but ahead of the Delvaux Renault. Neve drove cautiously to save his tyres until half-distance when he increased his pace to sweep past the Hondas and take the 2.0-liter lead, holding it to the race finish and taking maximum points, 20 seconds ahead of his nearest rival.

In the Sunday race, Savelsbergh pulled into a comfortable 17 second lead, controlling the race from the front when disaster struck at one third distance when a drive-shaft broke forcing him into retirement. He now has his championship lead cut to just two points advantage over the Honda drivers Elliot and Stillwell.


1 Adams/Wagenstetter BMW 2 Van Dyke/Khan BMW 3 Oriol/Cappellari BMW 4 Cox/Povey BMW 5 Wagenstetter/Wagenstetter BMW 6 Robl/Duller BMW

FIA Intl. Gp N Series - after 6 rounds:

1 Savelsbergh (D) Opel 70 points 2 Elliot (GB) Honda 68 2 Stillwell (GB) Honda 68 4 Van Dyke (B) BMW 62.5 5 Khan (GB) BMW 61 6 Luxem (B) BMW 55

Switzerland - Opel wins Swiss Touring Car Championship...

Opel won the Swiss Touring Car Championship on Sunday, when Werner Wermelinger took his Opel Astra to second overall at the Gurnigel hillclimb circuit to put himself clear of his closest rival with just one race remaining.

Opel won the series last year with an Astra driven by Daniel Hadorn and now add this Touring car title to the champions crown won by Norbert Zehnder (Dallara/Opel) in the Swiss Formula 3 Championship.


1 Joe Wyss Ford 2 Werner Wermelinger Opel 3 Franz Landolt Opel 4 Hans Petersen Opel 5 Romeo Grimaldi Peugeot 6 Kurt Baeriswil Honda

Swiss Touring Cars - after 10 rounds:

1 Werner Wermelinger Opel 133 points 2 Roberto Zuercher Suzuki 117 3 Balthasar Kamm Toyota 115 4 Evelyn Streiff Suzuki 107 5 Rudolf Aeshlimann Peugeot 92 6 Silvan Omlin Opel 84

Argentina - Opel second in Buenos Aires touring cars...

The Vectra of Javier Balzano finished a close second in the Buenos Aires round of th South American Touring Car Championship on Sunday, beaten by Oscar Fineschi (Toyota). But it was podium placed Osvaldo Lopez (Alfa Romeo) who took enough points to secure the series lead ahead of Opels Balzano after six rounds.


1 Oscar Fineschi Toyota 2 Javier Balzano Opel 3 Osvaldo Lopez Alfa Romeo 4 Oscar Larrauri BMW 5 Carlos Okulovich Peugeot 6 Patricio Di Palma Peugeot

South American Touring cars - after 6 rounds:

1 Osvaldo Lopez Alfa Romeo 65 points 2 Javier Balzano Opel 63 3 Oscar Larrauri BMW 59 Patricio Spinella BMW 59 5 Oscar Fineschi Toyota 57 6 Jose Luiz Di Palma Honda 24

Britain - Opel wins in Snetterton Formula 3...

Brazil's Mario Haberfeld (Dallara/Opel) swept to victory in the first of two 20-lap British Formula 3 Championship races at Snetterton circuit on Sunday, finishing seventh in the second race to confirm his fifth place in the points standings as the leading Opel powered driver.

Race 1

1 Mario Haberfeld (BR) Dallara/Opel 2 Enrique Bernoulli (BR) Dallara/Renault 3 Jonny Kane Dallara/Honda 4 Nicolas Minassian (F) Dallara/Renault 5 Jamie Spence Dallara/Honda 6 Peter Dumbreck Dallara/Honda

Race 2

1 Nicolas Minassian (F) Dallara/Renault 2 Jonny Kane Dallara/Honda 3 Enrique Bernoldi (BR) Dallara/Renault 4 Guy Smith Dallara/Opel 5 Peter Dumbreck Dallara/Honda 6 Mark Webber (AUS) Dallara/Honda

British Formula 3 - after 13 rounds (of 16):

1 Jonny Kane Dallara/Honda 176 points 2 Peter Dumbreck Dallara/Honda 135 Nicolas Minassian (F) Dallara/Renault 135 4 Mark Webber (AUS) Dallara/Honda 105 5 Mario Haberfeld (BR) Dallara/Opel 96 6 Enrique Bernoldi (BR) Dallara/Renault 80

Britain - Kirkaldy wins F Vauxhall at Snetterton...

Andrew Kirkaldy (Rowan Racing) found all of his dreams becoming reality after a superb lights to flag victory at Snetterton on Sunday, in the penultimate round of this year's Formula Vauxhall Championship, as series leader, Luciano Burti (Paul Stewart Racing) suffered a nightmare race thanks to a gearbox problem. The result leaves Kirkaldy just two points behind Burti, promising a nail-biting conclusion to the season at Thruxton on October 12.


1 Andrew Kirkaldy 2 Adam Wilcox 3 Justin Wilson 4 Tim Mullen 5 Narian Karthikeyan (IND) 6 Stuart Moseley

Formula Vauxhall - after 11 rounds:

1 Luciano Burti (BR) 84 points 2 Andrew Kirkaldy 82 3 Wagner Ebrahim (BR) 64 4 Justin Wilson 60 5 Adam Wilcox 59 6 Tim Mullen 54

Norway - Opel wins Norwegian rally title...

Bruno Arntsen drove an Opel Astra to victory in the Ostfoldrally on Saturday, his fourth consecutive win in the 2.0-liter category securing him the Norwegian Champion's title with still one round remaining.

The one day event, 55km east of Oslo, was the fifth round of the championship and Arntsen drove the Astra to victory, finishing over one minute ahead of his closest rival, Thomas Myhre Hansen (Peugeot). Overall, Arntsen was 10th in the final classification, with the rally won by Petter Solberg (Toyota).

Norwegian Rally Championship (2.0-liter) - after 5 rounds (of 6):

1 Bruno Arntsen Opel 120 points 2 Thomas Myhre Hansen Peugeot 93 3 Lars Berntsen Opel 69 4 Vidar Johansen Opel 57 5 Roar Vannebo Toyota 54

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