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FIA INTERNATIONAL TOURING CAR CHAMPIONSHIP 1996 -ROUND 12 AT INTERLAGOS- -----------------------Qualifying / Starting grid----------------------- Pos. Driver Team - Car ...


-----------------------Qualifying / Starting grid----------------------- Pos. Driver Team - Car Time ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 Christian Danner/D Alfa Corse TV Spielf.Alfa 155 V6Ti 1:32.631 2 JJ Lehto/FIN Rosberg-Opel Calibra V6 1:32.728 3 Nicola Larini/I Alfa Corse Martini-Alfa 155 V6 Ti 1:32.809 4 Uwe Alzen/D Zakspeed-Opel Calibra V6 1:32.814 5 Alessandro Nannini/I Alfa Corse Martini-Alfa 155 V6 Ti 1:32.950 6 Oliver Gavin/GB Joest-Opel Calibra V6 1:33.257 7 Klaus Ludwig/D Zakspeed-Opel Calibra V6 1:33.304 8 Giancarlo Fisichella/I Alfa Corse TV Spielf.Alfa 155 V6Ti 1:33.404 9 Stefano Modena/I Alfa Corse JAS-Alfa Romeo 155 V6Ti 1:33.438 10 Gabriele Tarquini/I Alfa Corse JAS-Alfa Romeo 155 V6Ti 1:33.639 11 Bernd Schneider/D D2 Team AMG-Mercedes C-Class 1:33.642 12 Manuel Reuter/D Joest-Opel Calibra V6 1:33.652 13 Hans-Joachim Stuck/D Rosberg-Opel Calibra V6 1:33.702 14 Dario Franchitti/GB D2 Team AMG-Mercedes C-Class 1:33.899 15 Jan Magnussen/DK Warsteiner AMG-Mercedes C-Class 1:33.903 16 Max Wilson/BR Alfa Corse JAS-Alfa Romeo 155 V6Ti 1:34.038 17 Michael Bartels/D Alfa Corse JAS-Alfa Romeo 155 V6Ti 1:34.043 18 Yannick Dalmas/F Joest-Opel Calibra V6 1:34.048 19 Tony Kanaan/BR Joest-Opel Calibra V6 1:34.313 20 Christian Fittipaldi/BR UPS Team AMG-Mercedes C-Class 1:34.377 21 Bernd Maylander/D Warsteiner AMG-Mercedes C-Class 1:34.387 22 Joerg van Ommen/D UPS Team AMG-Mercedes C-Class 1:34.709 23 Alexander Grau/D Team Persson AMG-Mercedes C-Class 1:35.416 24 Ellen Lohr/D Team Persson AMG-Mercedes C-Class 1:36.116

Weather: cloudy, 24 deg.C Spectators: 25,000 The track was still in wet condition, but drying quickly.

Notes race 23:

The three Brazilian drivers Christian Fittipaldi(Mercedes), Tony Kanaan(Opel) and Max Wilson(Alfa) are replacing Kurt Thiim, Alexander Wurz and Jason Watt for the Sao Paulo races.

Start: All cars on slicks, though the track is still more wet than dry. Larini's Alfa stalls at the beginning of the information lap, he has to start behind the field. Danner takes the lead from Lehto, Nannini, Gavin, Ludwig, while Tarquini and Alzen are colliding, crashing both hard into the barriers and come to a halt with Tarquini's Alfa lieing half on a barrier and half on Alzen's Opel. Fisichella was involved in the collision, but only spun and can continue. Tarquini and Alzen get out unhurt. lap 2: Collision between Ludwig and Gavin. Ludwig pits, Gavin continues. 3: Reuter from 12th of the grid is now in fourth position. 5: Schneider takes fifth from Lehto. Danner, Nannini, Modena, Reuter, Schneider, Lehto. 6/7: Schneider attacking Reuter, Nannini attacking Danner at every corner and makes it, after Danner had a lttle slide in eighth lap. 10: Nannini, Danner, Modena, Reuter, Schneider, Lehto, 7.Dalmas, 8.Franchitti, 9.Stuck, 10.Kanaan, 11.Maylander, 12.Wilson. 12: Franchitti spins, loses some places. Collision between Lohr and Grau. 14: Nannini 2.7 sec.-->Danner 3.4-->Modena, Reuter, Schneider, Lehto, Dalmas, Stuck, Kanaan, Magnussen, Wilson, Fittipaldi. 17: It's raining again. 18: Gavin collision with Fittipaldi, Kanaan spins off, Stuck very sideways, but keeps control. All with problems now. 19: The rain stops again. 20: Modena takes second position from Danner. 21: Maylander spins, continues. Ellen Lohr spins off into the gravel. 23: Stuck gets (slides) past Dalmas for seventh place.

FL: Alessandro Nannini 1:35.014

------------RESULTS RACE 23----------- Pos. Driver Time/Gap -------------------------------------- 1 Alessandro Nannini/I 29:39.973 2 Stefano Modena/I + 4.551 3 Christian Danner/D 5.199 4 Manuel Reuter/D 13.805 5 Bernd Schneider/D 14.299 6 JJ Lehto/FIN 18.051 7 Hans-Joachim Stuck/D 24.056 8 Yannick Dalmas/F 24.853 9 Max Wilson/BR 30.642 10 Christian Fittipaldi/BR 40.777 11 Oliver Gavin/GB 42.263 12 Giancarlo Fisichella/I 45.242 13 Dario Franchitti/GB 49.820 14 Jan Magnussen/DK 55.072 15 Joerg van Ommen/D 1:03.282 16 Bernd Maylander/D 1:08.751 17 Alexander Grau/D 1:31.051 18 Ellen Lohr/D -2 laps

Notes race 24:

DNS: Tarquini, Alzen. Cars are not repairable. Reuter has to start out of the pitlane. The starter of his engine did not work. Also starting out of pitlane are Bartels and Kanaan. Their repairs took too long, they missed the green light.

It starts raining again; tyre roulette! Most cars are fitted with Intermediates. Some few optimists like Danner and Schneider on slicks, the rest with rain tyres. Start: Nannini, Danner, Modena, Lehto, Schneider, Magnussen. lap 1: Fittipaldi spins, drops back. Max Wilson, obviously on rain tyres, gets past Magnussen, Schneider and Lehto with a spectacular overtaking maneuvre, and is now fourth. 2: Reuter made it from the back of the field up to ninth in only one lap. Schneider drops back to 15th. 3: Ludwig, Magnussen and Larini are fighting hard for fifth place. Nannini, Danner, Modena, Wilson, Ludwig, Magnussen, Larini, Lehto. 4: Wilson again spectacularly gets past Modena and Danner into second position. Reuter through the gravel and back on the track. 5: Wilson now snatches the lead from Nannini. Danner slides off the track, drops far back. Wilson, Nannini, Ludwig, Magnussen, Larini, Modena, Lehto. 6: Nannini drops back. Reuter through the gravel again, continues. 7: Modena into the pits, tyre change. (puncture?) Ludwig spins off and is out of the race. Larini gets past Magnussen. 8: Wilson, Larini, Magnussen, Nannini, Grau, Reuter, Gavin, Lehto. 9: Reuter takes fifth from Grau. Gavin through the gravel. Maylander gets past Grau. Wilson, Larini, Magnussen, Nannini, Reuter, Maylander, Grau. 10: Kanaan collision with Dalmas. Dalmas spins, both can continue. 11: Dalmas spins again. Rain stopped. 13: Fittipaldi takes a long detour through grass and gravel and almost loses his complete front. Pits and out. 14: Wilson 1.09sec-->Larini 17sec-->Magnussen, Nannini, Reuter, Maylander. 16: Reuter attacking Nannini. Stuck into the pits with electrical problems, out. 17: Larini takes the lead from Wilson. Reuter gets past Nannini, 18: v.Ommen overtakes Maylander. Larini, Wilson, Magnussen, Reuter, Nannini, v.Ommen, Maylander. 19: Danner pits, out with electrical problems. 21: The track is now half dry, half wet. Those with rain tyres are serching for the wet line. 23: Nannini is getting closer to Reuter again, attacking, sliding and backs off, prefering to keep a safe fifths place.

FL: Giancarlo Fisichella 1:41.832

Through his two fourth places at Sao Paulo, Manuel Reuter, the two times winner of the 24h of Le Mans, is ITC-Champion 1996 before the final round on November 10 at Suzuka.

------------RESULTS RACE 24----------- Pos. Driver Time/Gap -------------------------------------- 1 Nicola Larini/I 43:26.991 2 Max Wilson/BR + 6.090 3 Jan Magnussen/DK 6.176 4 Manuel Reuter/D 26.488 5 Alessandro Nannini/I 37.238 6 Joerg van Ommen/D 46.721 7 Bernd Maylander/D 48.392 8 Stefano Modena/I 1:01.648 9 JJ Lehto/FIN 1:24.267 10 Dario Franchitti/GB 1:26.633 11 Yannick Dalmas/F 1:30.628 12 Alexander Grau/D 1:37.655 13 Ellen Lohr/D -1 lap 14 Bernd Schneider/D -1 15 Oliver Gavin/GB -1 16 Giancarlo Fisichella/I -2 laps 17 Michael Bartels/D -3

Championship points:

Pos Driver Pts ----------------------------------- *1****Manuel Reuter/D***********218**CHAMPION**1996* 2 Bernd Schneider/D 173 3 Alessandro Nannini/I 171 4 Dario Franchitti/GB 151 5 J.J. Lehto/FIN 145 6 Klaus Ludwig/D 129 7 Uwe Alzen/D 117 8 Giancarlo Fisichella/I 114 9 Hans-Joachim Stuck/D 112 10 Joerg van Ommen/D 87 11 Nicola Larini/I 83 12 Jan Magnussen/DK 81 13 Stefano Modena/I 74 14 Gabriele Tarquini/I 60 15 Alexander Wurz/A 43 16 Yannick Dalmas/F 31 17 Christian Danner/D 29 18 Kurt Thiim/DK 22 19 Jason Watt/DK 17 Max Wilson/BR 17 21 Michael Bartels/D 16 Alexander Grau/D 16 Oliver Gavin/GB 16 24 Bernd Maylaender/D 14 25 Ellen Lohr/D 7 26 Christian Fittipaldi/BR 1

Manufactueres 1 Opel 344 2 Alfa Romeo 310 3 Mercedes Benz 265

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