Greenwood Valley Kart Results

RESULTS: Greenwood Valley Action Track June 20, 1998 Lite Kart 1. Joe Hogan 2. Wes Hendricks 3. Ken Duke Rookie Kart (caged) 1. Matt Miller 2. Whitney Heydenreich 3. Brett Gornder Medium Kart 1. Matt Hummel 2. Brock Lyttle 3. Ken Duke Jr.

RESULTS: Greenwood Valley Action Track June 20, 1998 Lite Kart 1. Joe Hogan 2. Wes Hendricks 3. Ken Duke

Rookie Kart (caged) 1. Matt Miller 2. Whitney Heydenreich 3. Brett Gornder

Medium Kart 1. Matt Hummel 2. Brock Lyttle 3. Ken Duke

Jr. Kart 1. John Uhrin 2. Chris Badger 3. Rochelle Miller

Heavy Kart 1. Brian Snyder 2. Brock Lyttle 3. Joe VanBuskirk Ex-Heavy Kart 1. David Hoy 2. Dan Kritzer 3. Brett Schadel

Star Kart (caged) 1. Jason Koch 2. Russ Kinslow 3. Brian Wawroski

Adult Kart (caged) 1. Joel Thomas 2. Todd Krock 3. Christa Loss

Jr. Micro Stock 1. Robert Pajaius 2. Jordan Ferri 3. C.J. Jones

Micro Sprint 1. Kevin Bastian 2. Joe Bednarski 3. Steve Lenig 4. Ray Bull 5. Brian Marriott 6. Jason Rice 7. Tyson Thomas 8. Brent Boyer 9. Eric Perchak 10. Justin Barger

Rookie Micro Sprint 1. Skeetz Hockenbroch 2. Jake Parks 3. Blane Heimbach 4. Geoff Hogan 5. Paul Arns 6. Ralph Ferraro 7. Chad Thomas 8. Scott Lawrence 9. Rick Morris 10. Brayden Winters

Micro Sprint rain-out winner

1. Joe Bednarski 2. Eric Perchak 3. Brent Boyer 4. David Utt 5. Tryo Whitesell 6. Justin Barger 7. Jim Sitler 8. Steve Lenig 9. Brian Kishbaugh 10. Blane Heimbach

Rookie Micro Sprint rain-out winner 1. Skeetz Hockenbroch 2. Jake Parks 3. Chad Thomas 4. Rick Norris 5. Josh Philpott 6. Geoff Hogan 7. Eric Heydenreich 8. Dave Williams 9. Jery Mack 10. Billy Graves

From the Scorer's Stand at Greenwood Valley . . . . By Cindy Creveling

It was an exciting night at the Action Track with four Micro Sprint Features and three different winners. Skeetz Hockenbroch, who will now move to the Regular Micro division, collected both rookie wins. Joe Bednarski clinched the Regular Micro rain-out and Kevin Bastian took the regularly scheduled Feature win of the evening.

Compounding the problems created by having to run two additional Micro Features was a non-functioning P.A. system, damaged in the previous week's storm but not discovered until just before time to go racing. Competitors were kept on their toes making sure they followed the regular format and knew when it was time for their race. Their response was outstanding and things were kept pretty normal.

In the rain-out Feature, Bednarski had his hands full holding off Eric Perchak, who is always a threat and hard driving Brent Boyer who has recently gotten a taste of victory and likes it. Boyer, who managed to stay ahead of David Utt, was wishing for a rear view mirror as he worked to keep the # 4U in his draft. Following the top four across the line were Tryo Whitesell, Justin Barger, Jim Sitler, Steve Lenig, Brian Kishbaugh, and Blane Heimbach.

The Regular Micro Feature had a tough time getting underway as numerous of yellow flags slowed the initial stages. Once underway, though, it was a terrific race with the final 15 laps being run under green, permitting some great wheel-to-wheel racing among some very talented drivers. Steve Lenig started the race as pole sitter but relinquished his lead early to Kevin Bastian after about 10 laps. Bastian never looked back. Bednarski, who started eighth, took his time and worked through the field, settling for the second place position. Pole-sitter Lenig had to work to hold off Ray Bull, a frequent front-runner. Rounding out the top ten were Brian Marriott, Jason Rice, Tyson Thomas, Brent Boyer, Eric Perchak and the previous-rookie-just-turned-regular, Justin Barger.

In the Rookie Micro division, Skeetz Hockenbroch will be following Barger to the Regular Micros as he collected his fourth win of the season in the rain-out Feature. Hockenbrock, who usually he has something pretty interesting to say when he wins, said he will be back next week, when the PA is working, to thank his sponsors for helping him out of the Rookies and into the Regulars. The top ten in the rain out feature were Hockenbroch, Jake Parks, Chad Thomas, Rick Norris, Josh Philpott, Geoff Hogan, Eric Heydenreich, Dave Williams, Jery Mack, and Billy Graves,

The second Rookie Feature was an exciting one with a lot of lane changing and position swapping. Again, Hockenbroch took the checkered flag and his final Rookie win. Following Hockenbrock were Jake Parks again, Blane Heimbach, Geoff Hogan, Paul Arns, Ralph Ferraro, Chad Thomas, Scott Lawrence, Rick Morris, and finally, Brayden Winters.

Remember, if you're not making dust, you're eating it!! Come see us this week at the Action Tracks when we will have two Mt. Dew Hummers coming in to give out some soda, T's, hats, sweatshirts and who knows what else!!! Join friends and family at the Greenwood Valley Action Track next Saturday night for dirt oval track excitement. Gates open at 3:00, warm-ups at 5:30, and heats kick off at about 6:00. Dirt track racing is a family affair.

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