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*Goodyear Deny Defections *Dudot To Prost *New Flag Proposals *Extra Saturday Tyres *Ford To Test New Engine *Trulli Gets Jerez Drive *Concorde Deal Still Unsure *Redon To Get Prost Test Seat? *Lola Engine Project Alive *Luxembourg Results *Drivers Championship *Constructors Championship *Luxembourg Review *News Services *Contacting Us *Formula1 News Back Issues *How To Change Your Address/Unsubscribe etc.

Goodyear Deny Defections

Goodyear have denied that any of their current seven teams will defect to Bridgestone for next season. McLaren, Sauber and Jordan have all been linked with a tyre switch, though they all have contracts that run through next season.

Dudot To Prost

Renault sport boss Bernard Dudot has joined the Prost team. This will be a huge boost to the team and Dudot will bring years of winning experience to the team.

New Flag Proposals

The way in which cars are flagged during GPs may be changed in the near future. There are plans to have a set of lights corresponding to the flags mounted on the dashboards of the cars. This is expected to be especially useful for yellow and blue flag situations . The lights will be controlled by officials at race control.

Extra Saturday Tyres

Teams may get an extra set of tyres for use on Saturdays from next season. The free practice may also be changed from two 45 minute 30 lap sessions, to an unlimited one hour session.

Ford To Test New Engine

Ford are set to start testing the Project 9 version of their V10 engine at the Japanese GP meeting. Stewart will no doubt hope that the number 9 does not have any reference to the number of laps it is expected to complete before expiring :-)

Trulli Gets Jerez Drive

Jarno Trulli looks set to drive for Prost at the last race of the season. Prost have had to run Nakano all year due to their Honda engine deal, but after the Japanese GP it is understood that the engine supplier has agreed to allow their man to step down.

Concorde Deal Still Unsure

The Concorde deal, which has still not been signed by McLaren, Tyrrell or Williams is now running into further troubles. It is rumoured that some of the teams that have signed are unhappy with the financial deal that they will get as part of the F1 flotation.

Redon To Get Prost Test Seat?

F3000 Driver Laurent Redon is tipped to be the Prost test driver for 1998.

Lola Engine Project Alive

The V10 engine that was part of the Lola return to F1 has now finished initial testing and now it is being set up as a customer engine option for 1998. The engine designed by Al Melling is being further developed under the name of MARS, a company that was set up around the engine.

Luxembourg Results

1 J. Villeneuve Williams Renault 2 J. Alesi Benetton Renault + 11.770 3 H. H. Frentzen Williams Renault + 13.480 4 G. Berger Benetton Renault + 16.416 5 P. Diniz Arrows Yamaha + 43.147 6 O. Panis Prost Mugen Honda + 43.750 7 J. Herbert Sauber Petronas + 44.354 8 D. Hill Arrows Yamaha + 44.777 9 G. Morbidelli Sauber Petronas + 1 lap 10 M. Salo Tyrrell Ford + 1 lap Not Classified 11 J. Verstappen Tyrrell Ford + 17 laps 12 R. Barrichello Stewart Ford + 24 laps 13 M. Hakkinen McLaren Mercedes + 24 laps 14 D. Coulthard McLaren Mercedes + 25 laps 15 J. Magnussen Stewart Ford + 27 laps 16 E. Irvine Ferrari + 45 laps 17 S. Nakano Prost Mugen Honda + 51 laps 18 M. Schumacher Ferrari + 65 laps 19 T. Marques Minardi Hart + 66 laps 20 U. Katayama Minardi Hart + 66 laps 21 G. Fisichella Jordan Peugeot + 67 laps 22 R. Schumacher Jordan Peugeot + 67 laps

Drivers Championship

1 J. Villeneuve Williams FW19 Renault 77 2 M. Schumacher Ferrari F310b 68 3 H. H. Frentzen Williams FW19 Renault 35 4 J. Alesi Benetton B197 Renault 34 5 D. Coulthard McLaren MP4/12 Mercedes 30 6 G. Berger Benetton B197 Renault 24 7 G. Fisichella Jordan 197 Peugeot 20 8 E. Irvine Ferrari F310b 18 9 O. Panis Prost JS45 Mugen Honda 16 10 M. Hakkinen McLaren MP4/12 Mercedes 14 10 J. Herbert Sauber C16 Petronas 14 12 R. Schumacher Jordan 197 Peugeot 13 13 D. Hill Arrows A18 Yamaha 7 14 R. Barrichello Stewart SF1 Ford 6 15 A. Wurz Benetton B197 Renault 4 16 J. Trulli Prost JS45 Mugen Honda 3 17 P. Diniz Arrows A18 Yamaha 2 17 S. Nakano Prost JS45 Mugen Honda 2 17 M. Salo Tyrrell 025 Ford 2 20 N. Larini Sauber C16 Petronas 1

Constructors Championship

1 Williams Renault 112 2 Ferrari 86 3 Benetton Renault 62 4 McLaren Mercedes 44 5 Jordan Peugeot 33 6 Prost Mugen Honda 21 7 Sauber Petronas 15 8 Arrows Yamaha 9 9 Stewart Ford 6 10 Tyrrell Ford 2

Luxembourg Review

Jacques Villeneuve won the Luxembourg GP after the two McLaren cars both retired with engine failure. David Coulthard had a quite incredible start, moving up from sixth to second by the first corner, behind him Villeneuve and Frentzen touched wheels causing Frentzen to drop back to 13th. The big drama though happened behind the Williams. Fisichella and Ralf Schumacher collided and Ralf was pushed into his brother. The two Jordans were out on the spot and Schumacher's Ferrari retired with suspension damage on lap two. The two McLaren's were setting the pace and looked set for a long overdue 1 - 2 when on lap 43 Coulthard's engine blew, seconds later Hakkinen's engine did the same and Villeneuve led the race from that point on until the finish . The two Benetton drivers fought their way up to second and fourth, giving new boss Dave Richards an encouraging start. Pedro Diniz scored his first points for Arrows, holding on to fifth place despite coming under heavy pressure from Olivier Panis who finished sixth in his return to F1.

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