Ford takes podium at La Plata round four

¨We must wait until the competition in La Plata¨. Those were the words of Diego Aventín (Ford / 3) after the second race in Mar de Ajó when the Chevrolets dominated that day. He couldn`t be more right. Ford took the podium in this fourth race...

¨We must wait until the competition in La Plata¨. Those were the words of Diego Aventín (Ford / 3) after the second race in Mar de Ajó when the Chevrolets dominated that day. He couldn`t be more right. Ford took the podium in this fourth race of the 2003 season with Aventín in first followed by Juan Manuel Silva (Ford / 4) and the veteran Miguel Etchegaray (Ford / 13). A day that the Ford`s fans were waiting since the season started.

One more time saturday was a polemical and useless day for the Turismo Carretera. Because, like almost always when the category visit La Plata, the rain said present in a very important way. After a meeting between the authorities of the A.C.T.C. (Asosiación Corredores de Turismo Carretera) and the drivers, they decided not to do the qualify session and on sunday start the series with the 2002 ranking plus this season points. Like I said a polemical day.

Withis this decision Aventín was beneficiary because he started his series from the first position. After six laps the young driver won the fatstest of the three series. It was only 0.001s faster than the series won by Omar Martínez (Ford / 2). This gave Aventín the first place in the starting grid of the final race. Aventín led all the race driving in his best level to took his first victory of the 2003 season. With this fantastic result he is third in the championship and ready to fight to get it. ¨To fight a championship you must be convincing, have experience, be more thinking and not do mistakes. A little of those thing we didn`t have last season. Now we do, and if I win this race, I`ll be in position of fight the championship against Christian Ledesma (Chevrolet / 5) and Guillermo Ortelli (Chevrolet / 1)¨ said Aventín before the race.

All those things that Diego says he has he used to take his fifth victory in Turismo Carretera over 67 races. About be the Ford candidate to fight the championship he said: ¨I`m one more¨ remembering that Martínez, Silva and Acuña (Ford / 8) still have chances after all.

And Silva completed a fantastic result in this fourth competition of the season. After three very bad races, Silva left the Walter Alifraco team and decided to start now with his own team. A thing doesn`t easy. ¨15 days ago we didn`t have a tool!¨ said Silva who a week ago won in T.C. 2000.

Silva lived a very difficult moment when before the race in Río Gallegos, Alifraco decided not continue with his team in Turismo Carretera. Silva didn`t gave up and along with his sponsors now he has a great team with De Benedictis in the engine, Alberto Canapino in the chassis and Guillermo Kissling as team director. This result is very important for Silva to return his confidence in himself. Silva drove a clean and smooth race to finished second. A great debut for his team in the category. Don`t forget that Silva won in his debut in Turismo Carretera in 1998 in this same circuit.

The third finisher was Etchegaray, who completed the 1,2,3 for Ford. He drove in a fantastic way after started seventh the competition. This is a circuit where Etchegaray feels very well, because he also took a podium in the 2002 race here finishing second. Now he wants to get a victory this season (the last for him was in 2001) and finish the championship in the top ten.

The best no-Ford in this race was Ernesto Bessone (Dodge / 7). Bessone did a great job after started eleventh the race, he passed Ortelli, then was the turn of Ledesma and a couple of laps later was Occhionero (Ford / 9) the victim of Bessone, who now needs a victory to keep fighting the 2003 championship of Turismo Carretera.

It was a complicate race for the two Chevrolets drivers, Ortelli and Ledesma. The four times champion finished eighth and his Chevy really felt the ballast against the Fords. The same suffered Ledesma, however the sixth position allow him to take more margin in the championship with Ortelli. Now Ledesma leads with 77 points while Ortelli has 66.

The polemical moment of the journay was the friction between Marcos Di Palam (Chevroelt / 6) and Martínez in lap six. Di Palma hit from behind Martínez`s Ford when they were fighting the second place. Martínez was very ungry after the incident. Di Palma said that the Ford driver came to his Chevrolet and he hit his helmet. Martínez declared: ¨I wanted that he explaim me what he did. I didn't hit him¨. This wasn`t the first incident between them. In Mar de Ajó 2000 Di Palma hit Martínez and put him out of the race. In Balcarce the race after that, Martínez took revenge and he took Marcos out when they were fighting the first place. After that Di Palma said: ¨You are a dead man¨. In the last race of 2001 when Martínez was fighitng that championship, Marcos complicated him with no reason and Martínez lost that championship. No doubt this incident in La Plata wans`t the last between this two drivers. However they must start think in the championship where Martínez is 55 points behind the leader and Di Palma 47.

The war in Iraq wasn't out of the Turismo Carretera thoughts. A white flag with the word 'peace' on it showed every car in the formation lap. Also Occhionero had in his Ford the inscription 'no war' wrote in eight differents languages.

The next race of T.C. will be April 20th. in San Luis, a new circuit for the category.

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