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Eurocup Rounds One and Two East Fortune 18/19 July 2009 The opening rounds of the 2009 Eurocup were held at the East Fortune Raceway, near Haddington, East Lothian on 18/19 July. Fourteen teams from all around Europe gathered to race...

Eurocup Rounds One and Two East Fortune 18/19 July 2009

The opening rounds of the 2009 Eurocup were held at the East Fortune Raceway, near Haddington, East Lothian on 18/19 July. Fourteen teams from all around Europe gathered to race the first two rounds. The Cup also runs a Formula 2 challenge, so there is a mix of machines in an open championship.

Wet weather greeted competitors, much to the joy of some and disappointment of others. As the qualifying started, the rain had changed to a light drizzle and a dry line was appearing on the track. Excellent conditions for Formula 2 units, but most of all for Steve Pullan and Kevin Morgan. This is because Pullan and Morgan drive a very well prepared Formula 2 chassis, but with a 750cc engine, as opposed to the usual 600cc. Pullan and Morgan proved to be fastest qualifiers by some two and a half seconds in front of Gordon Shand and passenger Aaron Galligan and Eckart Rosinger and passenger Bastian Born on their Formula 2 Units.

Scott Lawrie and James Connell were the first of the Formula 1 units, three seconds behind the pole man followed by Steve Charlton and Karl McGrath Formula 1, and Bill Curie and Robert Biggs Formula 2, rounding up the top six. A delighted Steve Pullan was hoping for more rain whilst Scott Lawrie was hoping for things to dry up.

As the teams lined up for the race, Scott was happier with the track totally dry. Gordon Shand now out on his Formula 1 unit, was the first away followed by Mark Edwards /Jamie Winn and Steve Pullen and Scott Lawrie. These four units were pulling out a bit of a gap already, just enough to give Scott time to pull off the track before being hit by the following pack after spinning to avoid contact at the Railway Bend on Lap Two. He then rejoined at the back of the field and started pushing hard to get back up with the leaders. Gordon Shand was pulling well clear of second place Mark Edwards. when he made a mistake coming out of Hannah's chicane which led to the unit turning over, with Gordon underneath. The excellent marshals red-flagged the race and luckily there was no serious injuries to competitors or sidecar units (footage of the incident can be found on YouTube).

The race was re-run with grid positions being as race positions, the lap before the accident. At the start Mark Edwards pulled into the lead followed by Steve Pullen. An excellent start from Scott Lawrie from eleventh on the grid, saw him in third place followed by Huges Betrand and Jean Claude Lowette, Bill Currie fifth, and George Kennedy and Colin Smyth sixth.

Scott was soon on the move up to second place and with two laps to go took the lead and pulled out to win by two and a half seconds from Mark Edwards second, Steve Pullen third, Huges Betrand fourth, Bill Currie fifth, and George Kennedy making up the top six. A happy Team SLR were looking forward to the Sunday second round.

Race Two on Sunday was again a dry race, with twenty-two laps to look forward to. Gordon Shand was out on his repaired Formula1 on the front row of the grid with the fast starting Mark Edwards and Steve Pullen. Another excellent start by Scott Lawrie from the second row of the grid saw him into second place behind Mark Edwards and just ahead of Gordon Shand and Steve Pullen. Scott soon passed Mark Edwards and a few laps later Gordon Shand followed and was after Scott Lawrie for a few laps. Shand was slowly closing in on Lawrie, until his engine cut out and he was down to third before he could restart.

This left Scott Lawrie and passenger James Connell with a good lead over Mark Edwards in second, Gordon Shand third, and Steve Pullen fourth. Scott was pulling away every lap and although Gordon Shand was slowly closing the gap on Mark Edwards his second place never looked threatened. Mark Edwards was though having some gear change problems and with four laps to go his clutch went and his race was over handing second place to Gordon Shand.

This was how it stayed to the end of the race, Scot Lawrie winning by 36 seconds and lapping the other competitors up to fifth place. Gordon Shand eventful weekend ending with a respectable Second Place a delighted Steve Pullen was third again George Kennedy happy and tired with his fourth place and bill Curie delighted to be the first formula2 home in fifth.

Scott Lawrie and James Connell and the whole of Team SLR we delighted with their weekend of great racing and going into the next rounds with the Eurocup lead. All teams seemed to have had a great time and a big thanks to the Melville Motor Club and the hard working Marshalls.

-credit: slr

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