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Qualifying Quotes Jörg MÜLLER - BMW Team Deutschland, pole position "This is the first time we have driven together with the German championship. There were so many cars on track that it was quite difficult to find a clear lap, and I have to...

Qualifying Quotes

Jörg MÜLLER - BMW Team Deutschland, pole position "This is the first time we have driven together with the German championship. There were so many cars on track that it was quite difficult to find a clear lap, and I have to thank my engineers for getting me out at the right time so I had a free circuit and could do a lap on my own. The new circuit is roughly 2.2 seconds slower than it was last year, due to the new chicane. Therefore it looks as if we're slower; but if you take the 2.2 seconds off our time, you'll find that we're actually faster now."

Jordi GEN? - SEAT Sport, 2nd "I'm very pleased with second position. I was hoping to be in the top five. We managed to get in a really good lap. Of course, now I'm in front with four BMW cars around me. I suppose I will be struggling a little bit. But it's better to struggle in front than to struggle at the back. I will try to go for the best possible result in the first race and see what happens afterwards. There will be better times for our car in Imola and Oschersleben. I was just lucky here and had a good lap."

Dirk MÜLLER - BMW Team Deutschland, 3rd "First of all, I have to congratulate my team mate. Jörg is really strong at the moment, and he's been showing it the whole week. I'm two tenths slower right now, and I can't say I'm really happy with that. I could have done a lot better, but I don't really know why. For the first time in the ETCC, I went flat through Eau Rouge. That makes me feel good - but obviously, it wasn't enough!"

Andy PRIAULX - BMW Team Great Britain, 4th "I'm very happy. I think we've got room for improvement with the balance of the car and everything, but I know we can do that. So I'm not worried about that bit. With forty kilos, position four is okay for me. With ballast, it's a lot harder to find the set-up and work on the balance. The car reacts differently, and we need to do different things. When you have a bad set-up, you're a long way away. I'm not too far off, we still have to do some more work tonight and a good warm-up session and then we should be ready for the race."

Gabriele TARQUINI - AutoDelta Squadra Corse, 6th "It is no consolation to be the fastest of the Alfa Romeo drivers. We were obviously hoping for something better today. Last years this was a very good racetrack for us, but now, something has changed. The new asphalt is much more aggressive on the tyres, and our car suffers a lot. We tried our best to improve, but today it was clearly shown that BMW is a step ahead and I'm afraid that tomorrow we will have two very tough races."

Rickard RYDELL - SEAT Sport, 7th "I'm very happy with the car and the pace. It's very quick, which I didn't think it would be. On my first run in qualifying, I had a bit of understeer and set a 3.5, but I knew I could go a lot quicker. So on my second run, I was six tenths up and set a 2.9. But then in the last corner I stopped on the track. It happened under braking; it just locked. At first, I thought it was the engine. They tried to get my off the track, but they couldn't because it was locked. And suddenly it just went loose and I could go again. But the race director said I was aided on at the track, which is not right. I'm sure we could have been very good - it's really a shame because we could have had two SEATs in the top three."

Kurt MOLLEKENS - BMW Team Belgium-Luxembourg, 9th "I was expecting to be much better than ninth. Basically, we couldn't find the grip, both with new and used tyres. We were expecting to improve by using new tyres, but it just was the same. We usually have a peak in the first lap, which we didn't have at all; the second one was just as quick. That's not normal, and it's very frustrating. I was getting very annoyed."

Salvatore TAVANO - Oregon Team, 13th "I'm very proud of today's result. The pole position in the Independents Trophy is even sweeter here in Spa. I feel quite satisfied for setting such a good time on such a demanding racetrack. Tomorrow I will start alongside Rosenblad. I hope we'll have a nice fight, making up of the unfortunate accident we had in Monza at the beginning of the season, when he hit me at the start because my engine had stalled."

Carl ROSENBLAD - Crawford Engineering, 14th "The team is very pleased with the result - it's the best qualifying for us so far this season. We were improving all the time. But all privateers are getting better and better, so it's still the same competition, which perhaps makes it even better. It really pleases me."

Alessandro BALZAN - JAS Motorsport, 15th "We have never been so close to the top. I was even the fastest Independent in the first practice, and we had a bit of bad luck in qualifying. The car is consistently improving, and I think we could have done a bit better today. But I'm happy, and I'm looking forward to the races."

Thomas WINKELHOCK - Schubert Motorsport, 18th (1st in DPM) "I'm really, really happy. We've been testing quite a bit, and it paid off! We're in 18th position overall, and first in the DPM. It's great to be competing against the really strong teams here. The biggest difference between them and us is the tyres. They're on Michelin, we're on Dunlop - and that gives them an advantage because they're allowed to use tyre warmers and we're not. But still, it's a lot of fun to race against all those famous, strong teams!"

Michael FUNKE - Hotfiel Sport, 21st (3rd in DPM) "We had a little problem today with a petrol leak. We could only join the qualifying ten minutes after it started because we were still fixing that. In that respect, the red flag was good for us because we didn't lose too much time. Then I did two flying laps with my first set of tyres, and afterwards another one with another set - and that was my best lap. At the end of that, the qualifying was over - which was a shame because I would have liked to do another fast lap. But overall, I'm rather happy."

Augusto FARFUS - AutoDelta Squadra Corse, 32nd "I just lost the back of my car downhill, in the Stavelot bend. I went off onto the gravel, and then I had no margin to correct. I crashed into the barrier, very heavily. I'm OK, but the car is not. It's a shame, because I had the feeling I could set a good lap time. I'm very sorry for the mechanics, who will spend the night rebuilding the car."

Thomas KLENKE - Hotfiel Sport, DNQ "The accident was bad. Down the Eau Rouge the car lost grip once, but I managed to correct it. Then up the Raidillon I lost control, the car went sideways and hit the barrier at the outside. I'm lucky to be here unscathed, and now I wish to drive tomorrow. But I don't have a car any more--"


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