ETCC: Naspetti looks for a double success at Imola

There's no rest for Euro STC's teams, that are heading to Imola right after their Hungarian weekend. The distance between Hungaroring and the Italian circuit named after Enzo and Dino Ferrari, is about 1,050 km and to make times tighter,...

There's no rest for Euro STC's teams, that are heading to Imola right after their Hungarian weekend. The distance between Hungaroring and the Italian circuit named after Enzo and Dino Ferrari, is about 1,050 km and to make times tighter, timetable for the coming weekend will start on Friday afternoon with free practice. That's because a Major's ordinance, prohibits Saturday morning motor racing activities in this time of the year, in order not to disturb students attending high school examinations.

At Imola, Euro STC will enter in the second half of the season, keeping Aits 11th and 12th rounds. Expectations are great, particularly after ABMW scored a double win at Budapest, relaunching CiBiEmme drivers AGianni Morbidelli and Emanuele Naspetti in the fight for the series' Acrown. ll the four car manufacturers represented in Euro STC - Alfa ARomeo, Audi, Honda and BMW - have won at least one. And the first four Adrivers in the general classification - Giovanardi, Kox, Morbidelli and ANaspetti - are covered by 39 points, one short than the maximum awarded Afor each race meeting.

Following their dominance at Hungaroring, Morbidelli and Naspetti are considered top seeds for Imola. Morbidelli proved he's in a great shape and will definitely tried to repeat; but Naspetti feels the time has come for him to step on the highest podium, after he settled behind teammate at Budapest. For the BMW boys, another clear sweep at Imola should mean furtherly closing the gap from the leadership, if not taking it. But Alfa Romeo Fabrizio Giovanardi and Honda Peter Kox are determined to maintain their positions at top of the points.

Statistics say that the track is new to Kox and his Honda, while Giovanardi likes it, as he claimed qualifying lap record in 1999 and two wins, in 1993 for Peugeot and in 1998 for Alfa. But yet, Naspetti is the man to beat, having won four between 1996 and 1999.

The Euro STC grid at Imola will be formed by 17 cars. Gianluca Roda and Guido Lucchetti Cigarini, who both missed Budapest for business, will rejoin; newcomer Franco Destro, 41 from Bologna, a regular competitor in the Italian Group N Championship, will also make the field at the wheel of an AB Motorsport Opel Vectra.

EURO STC, ROUNDS 11 and 12 - FACTS & FIGURES Date: July 7/9, 2000 Venue: Autodromo "Enzo e Dino Ferrari", via Fratelli Rosselli 2, 40026 Imola, Italy; tel. +39 0542 31444, fax 30420 Website: Track: 4,930 m Super Touring qualifying record: 1:55.095, Fabrizio Giovanardi (Alfa Romeo 156), May 22, 1999 Super Touring lap record: 1:55.737, Emanuele Naspetti (BMW 320i), May 23, 1999

Timetable: Friday 14.30-14.45 warm-up 17.30-18.15 practice Saturday 14.00-14.20 qualifying Sunday 09.00-09.15 warm-up 14.00 start of race-one (10 laps) 10-minute pause start of race-two (10 laps)

Supporting races: Italian F360 and F355 Ferrari Challenges, Alfa Romeo GTV Cup TV coverage: highlights on Eurosport, Tuesday at 18.00


team driver car 1 Nordauto Engineering Fabrizio Giovanardi (I) Alfa Romeo 156 Twin Spark 2 Nordauto Engineering Nicola Larini (I) Alfa Romeo 156 Twin Spark 3 CiBiEmme Engineering Emanuele Naspetti (I) BMW 320i E36 4 CiBiEmme Engineering Gianni Morbidelli (I) BMW 320i E36 5 AGS Motorsport Roberto Colciago (I) Audi A4 Quattro 6 AGS Motorsport Stefano Bonello (I) Audi A4 Quattro 7 Nordauto Engineering Romana Bernardoni (I) Alfa Romeo 156 Twin Spark 8 Nordauto Engineering Gianluca De Lorenzi (I) Alfa Romeo 156 Twin Spark 9 Christy's Team Massimo Pigoli (I) BMW 320i E36 10 Christy's Team Stefano Gabellini (I) BMW 320i E36 11 JAS Engineering Peter Kox (NL) Honda Accord 12 Team Isert Sandro Sardelli (I) BMW 320i E36 14 Soli Racing Team Moreno Soli (I) Alfa Romeo 156 Twin Spark 15 Nath Racing Guido Lucchetti Cigarini (I) Audi A4 Quattro 16 National Team Slovakia Andrej Studenic (SK) Audi A4 Quattro 18 Alda Motorsport ndrzej Dzjurka (PL) udi A4 Quattro 20 Greyhound Motorsport Gianluca Roda (I) Opel Vectra 16V 22 AB Motorsport Franco Destro (I) Opel Vectra GT


Drivers 1. Fabrizio Giovanardi 136 pts Teams 1. Alfa Romeo Nordauto 235 pts 2. Peter Kox 130 2. BMW Team CiBiEmme 204 3. Gianni Morbidelli 107 3. JAS Engineering 130 4. Emanuele Naspetti 97 4. Christy's Team 60 5. Nicola Larini 86 5. AGS Motorsport 52

WEIGHT HANDICAPS AT IMOLA 40 kg Morbidelli 30 kg Naspetti 20 kg Giovanardi 10 kg Kox

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