ETCC: Estoril: Volvo S60 Racing race summary

Poles and points for Volvo S60 Racing team in ETCC finale. Estoril - 20 October 2002 The Volvo S60 Racing team made its final excursion of the season to the Estoril circuit in Portugal. The sun didn't shine but the racing action proved to ...

Poles and points for Volvo S60 Racing team in ETCC finale.

Estoril - 20 October 2002

The Volvo S60 Racing team made its final excursion of the season to the Estoril circuit in Portugal. The sun didn't shine but the racing action proved to compensation over the two twelve lap races today.


Rickard Rydell put in a blistering performance yesterday to put the Volvo S60 on pole position for the first time. Rydell has qualified for the front row twice before but this was the first time that he had taken the top position. Three of his four flying laps were fast enough for pole. James Hanson had a frustrating session with limited time on track to set a time and had to settle for 14th.

<pre> Race 1 Rickard Rydell No. 60 Grid: 1st Finish: 2nd James Hanson No. 61 Grid: 14th Finish: 6th </pre> The first race started with an incident packed first lap. Most cars suffered from either accident damage or penalties during the race. The action was close at the front of the field with Giovanardi trying to take points from Joerg Muller to keep alive the hopes of his team-mate Larini for second place in the championship. Rydell tagged onto the fight ahead but didn't have the straight-line speed to challenge, crossing the line third behind Giovanardi and Joerg Muller. Joerg Muller was later awarded a time penalty for causing an avoidable accident with Larini handing Rydell the second place. Hanson was one of the accident victims, losing his splitter at the first corner which affected handling but he gradually made up places throughout the race to finish in the points. Not only did Hanson benefit from points, but due the start positions being dictated by finishing order of race one with positions one to six being reversed, Hanson started race two on pole position.

Classification - Race 1
Fabrizio GIOVANARDI (Alfa - Team Nordauto)
Rickard RYDELL (Volvo S60 Racing)
Joerg MULLER (BMW Team Deutschland)
Tommy RUSTAD (Nissan - RJN Motorsport)
James HANSON (Volvo S60 Racing)
Marco ANTONELLI (Alfa - AGS Motorsport)
Eric CAYROLLE (Alfa - Scuderia Bigazzi)
Romana BERNARDONI (Alfa - Team Nordauto)
Robert COLLARD (Nissan - RJN Motorsport)

<pre> Race 2 Rickard Rydell No. 60 Grid: 3rd Finish: 4th James Hanson No. 61 Grid: 1st Finish: 11th

Both cars dropped positions at the start. Hanson was pushed off the track on the same corner as his race one incident and rejoined near the back of the field, making up places to finish 11th. Rydell managed to make up his initial loss and hold third place. A close battle in the last four laps was lost to Ekblom as Rydell struggled with his car following a suspected differential failure.

Classification - Race 2
Joerg MULLER (BMW Team Deutschland)
Fredrik EKBLOM (BMW - Team Belgium)
Rickard RYDELL (Volvo S60 Racing)
Duncan HUISMAN (BMW Team GB)
Nicola LARINI (Alfa - Team Nordauto)
Tom FERRIER (Alfa - Dart Racing IP)
Eric CAYROLLE (Alfa - Scuderia Bigazzi)
Salvatore TAVARO (Honda - CiBiEmme)
Tommy RUSTAD (Nissan - RJN Motorsport)
James HANSON (Volvo S60 Racing)
Robert COLLARD (Nissan - RJN Motorsport)
Romana BERNARDONI (Alfa - Team Nordauto)
Jordi GENE (BMW - Team Spain)


Rickard Rydell:

"We went the wrong way with the set-up and the car had too much under-steer. In the second race I think the `diff' failed and then the handling was poor - I was all over the place. Having said that I'm pleased with second but it wasn't the win that I hoped for.

We know that we've got the quickest car with some work on the engine. The team has done a really good job so a big thank-you to the Prodrive team and to Volvo for its continued support."

James Hanson:

"The first race was good - fantastic qualifying for the second race! It's my first ETCC pole and it was a great feeling. I was pushed into the first corner, losing the front splitter which gave me loads of under-steer. Despite the effects on the handling it was good racing through the field, which is always rewarding. Race two didn't go quite so well. My start was OK but I got on the outside of Rustad in the first corner which wasn't a good place to be. Someone knocked him into me and I ended up on the grass and got back onto the track near the back of the field. The car was then slow for some reason and I struggled. It was good to get another points finish and move up in the drivers championship.

This season has been highs and lows. I don't expect good luck but less bad luck would have been better. I've learnt a lot this year and think that I'm a better driver from the technology and development point of view as well as on the track so I'd like to thank Volvo and Prodrive. It would be nice to be back here next year."

Olle Odsell, Volvo motorsport director:

"This weekend we have shown that with modifications we have a winning car. We will continue the work over the winter to improve for next year."

Dave Benbow, Volvo S60 Racing team manager:

"Having achieved poles for the first time this year it was disappointing not to convert them into wins. With BMWs close on the grid it was always going to be difficult to lead from the line. We had three point scores from four starts and James had his first experience of starting from the front of an ETCC grid. I'm looking forward to taking the top honours for the team and Volvo this time next year! " <pre> 2002 FIA European Touring Car Championship

Final Drivers Championship Standing
- Fabrizio GIOVANARDI (Alfa - Team Nordauto) 122
- Jorg MULLER (BMW Team Deutschland) 93
- Nicola LARINI (Alfa - Team Nordauto) 86
- Dirk MULLER (BMW Team Deutschland) 70
- Rickard RYDELL (Volvo S60 Racing) 56
- Fredrik EKBLOM (BMW - Team Belgium) 21
- Tom CORONEL (BMW - Team GB) 16
- Jordi GENE (BMW - Team Spain) 12
- Duncan HUISMAN (BMW Team GB) 9
- James HANSON (Volvo S60 Racing) 7
- Paulo RUBERTI (Alfa - AGS Motorsport) 7
-Roberto COLCIAGO (Alfa - Team Nordauto) 6
-Gabriele TARQUINI (Alfa - Team Nordauto) 4
-Tommy RUSTAD (Nissan - RJN Motorsport) 2
-Pierre Yves CORTHALS (BMW Team GB) 1
-Luis VILLAMIL (Alfa - Scuderia Bigazzi) 1
-Peter KOX (BMW - Team Netherlands) 1
-Tom FERRIER (Alfa - Dart Racing IP) 1


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