ETCC: A1-Ring rounds 13, 14 notes

FIA Super Touring Championship Rounds 13 & 14 Races Quotes & Notes Fabrizio Giovanardi - nr 1 Nordauto Alfa Romeo : "As I said yesterday after qualifying, Tarquini is in a class of his own at this racetrack. He was always the fastest in all the...

FIA Super Touring Championship Rounds 13 & 14 Races Quotes & Notes

Fabrizio Giovanardi - nr 1 Nordauto Alfa Romeo : "As I said yesterday after qualifying, Tarquini is in a class of his own at this racetrack. He was always the fastest in all the conditions and there was no way for us to keep up with his pace. In both races I took a good start and I was in front of him, but when I saw his Honda growing bigger in my mirrors I realised that it would have been too risky to try and keep him behind me, so I let him go. My goal today was to score the most points possible for the championship and for this reason I am quite satisfied to have collected a second and a third in the two races. It's a result that has allowed me to increase my margin over Larini and to maintain a good points lead over Tarquini."

Nicola Larini - nr 2 Nordauto Alfa Romeo : "It was another black weekend for me. In the first race, as in Budapest, I blew a tyre and I had to pit to change it. That cost me almost one lap. In the second race I took a good start and I pushed hard to build up a margin between me and Tarquini. Unfortunately I lost at least three seconds while lapping Sambataro and then he pushed me off the track. It was enough to decide the race in favour of Tarquini and I couldn't do anything but maintain second position."

Gabriele Tarquini - nr 4 JAS Motorsport Honda : "I did what I wanted to do : score 80 points for the championship. I am quite happy because this was a completely new track for me and to set up my car I had to rely completely on the experience of Peter Kox's race in 2000. Today my wins were not easy at all, in both races I had to recover and overtake the Alfas. In the first race I almost stalled the engine at the start and in the second I didn't do any better ; in both cases it was my fault. But in the end I had a bit of luck and everything worked well. Now I'm very much looking forward to the next meeting. I know the Nürburgring very well and it also suits our car ; I am confident of cutting some more points from Giovanardi's margin."

Fabrice Walfisch - nr 5 JAS Motorsport Honda : "My first race was good. The car worked very well after we solved the electrics problems we had in qualifying, and I enjoyed the fight I had with Colciago for third place. After I passed him I tried to close on Giovanardi, but there was not enough time left. In the second race I took a bad start and I had to recover. Again I had a good fight, this time with Cayrolle, and I managed to overtake him before he got the stop and go penalty. There was nobody behind me to threaten my fourth place, so I pushed hard to close on Giovanardi, but I had lost too much time in the early stages and I could not catch him."

Norman Simon - nr 2 Ravaglia Motorsport BMW : "I am really happy with my first win in a Touring Car race, particularly because it came after such a bad result in qualifying. I have been looking for this success for some races and I did not expect it today. But motor racing is funny and I was lucky because some of the drivers in front of me went out and Rustad had a stop and go penalty. My car was very good and from the start I was in the group that was catching Rustad. We were involved in a tough battle and there were some collisions, I was lucky to escape and eventually I managed to overtake Morbidelli for second. I thought that was the best I could do, but then Rustad got the penalty and I inherited the win. I have to say that without that penalty he should have won the race, because his car was much faster here and virtually unbeatable."

Tommy Rustad - nr 3 RJN Motorsport Nissan : "I am very, very disappointed, because after my pole position I was clearly in a position to win the race. Unfortunately when I shifted to the first gear just before the start, the car moved a bit ahead. I took a good start and the lead, but I was expecting to see the stop and go panel. And it was shown to me after a few laps. I was very angry and after I stopped for the penalty I rejoined with the intention of pushing the car to the limit. I overtook a lot of cars, always in a fair way, and I managed to recover to third position. The most difficult overtaking manoeuvre was Gabellini on the last lap, he shut the door and I had to try on the outside line. We made contact and I nearly lost the back of my car, but I stayed at full throttle and managed to keep control. All considered it is not a bad result, because my car proved to be fast and reliable and it will be a factor in the remaining races."

Gianni Morbidelli - nr 5 CiBiEmme Team BMW : "I obtained a second place that is very important for me and the team after two retirements in the previous rounds. Nevertheless I am not completely satisfied because my car was not able to keep the pace of Rustad's and Simon's. We don't have enough speed on the straight yet. But there are three more races and we have time to improve and possibly score our first win."


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