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EAST LONDON TOURING CARS ================================================ EAST LONDON: Grant McCleery (Opel Vectra) and Deon Joubert (Envirocar BMW 318i) shared the spoils in rounds 13 and 14 of the AA Fleetcare Super Touring Championship...


================================================ EAST LONDON: Grant McCleery (Opel Vectra) and Deon Joubert (Envirocar BMW 318i) shared the spoils in rounds 13 and 14 of the AA Fleetcare Super Touring Championship at East London's famous old Grand Prix circuit on Saturday.

However, the well-oiled Opel machine stumbled when championship log leader and pole-sitter Mike Briggs failed to finish the first race, fluffing the start and then going off backwards into the barriers halfway through the first lap - the result of his own over-zealous attempts to make up the ground lost at the start.

This left the way clear for his team mate Grant McCleery to notch up his first win for the season, the Opel driver initially pulling away from Shaun van der Linde (Envirocar BMW 318i) and his team mate Deon Joubert. In the final two laps Joubert went past Van der Linde and closed right up on McCleery but too late to make any serious passing attempt.

Behind the leading three cars Anthony Taylor (Castrol Toyota Camry) held off a race-long challenge from Sarel van der Merwe's Sasol Ford Mondeo with Steve Wyndham in the second Sasol Ford Mondeo hovering in the background.

>From seventh place Nic de Waal (BP Nissan Sentra) led the two Rothmans Audi quattros of Chris Aberdein and Terry Moss, both drivers putting De Waal under heavy pressure. The three closed up on Wyndham three laps from the end but trying to pass De Waal, Aberdein's Audi and the Sentra touched, dropping the Audi a place and earning De Waal a fine from the authorities.

Damage to Briggs' car was minimal and he started the second race from the back of the grid blasting his way through the field to be third on lap three and second on lap five.

Deon Joubert and Shaun van der Linde made demon starts to put the two BMWs into the lead. By the time Briggs had worked his way through the pack Joubert had a slight gap on the field which he capitalised on to lead Briggs across the line some four seconds to the good at the finish.

Briggs, however, incurred the wrath of the authorities when he appeared to punt Nic de Waal off on the opening lap and later in the race bump Anthony Taylor. A hearing relating to the incident still has to be held and could, if he is adjudged responsible for the incidents, face a hefty fine or even suspension from the next round of the series.

For those on the track though, all this was still to come, and Briggs drove hard trying to narrow the gap between himself and Joubert accepting second across the line only at the flag.

Shaun van der Linde also managed to get past McCleery to finish third while Anthony Taylor again staved off a challenge from Sarel van der Merwe with Steve Wyndham running in seventh place ahead of the Rothmans Audi of Terry Moss, Nic de Waal's Sentra and Mike White's Minolta Toyota Camry.

White, who had a gearbox problem in the first race and didn't get off the line, originally led the Moss Audi but was nudged off the track when Moss accidentally locked up his brakes early in the race - earning Moss a fine from the authorities.


Race 1

1. Grant McCleery (Opel Vectra), 17m13,79s; 2. Deon Joubert (BMW 318i), 17m14,21s; 3. Shaun van der Linde (BMW 318i), 17m16,37s; 4. Anthony Taylor (Toyota Camry), 17m19,75s; 5. Sarel van der Merwe (Ford Mondeo), 17m21,99s; 6. Steve Wyndham (Ford Mondeo), 17m26,93s; 7. Nic de Waal (Nissan Sentra), 17m27,94s; 8. Terry Moss (Audi), 17m28,34s; 9. Chris Aberdein (Audi), 17m29,76s; 10. Giniel de Villiers (Nissan Sentra), 17m39,40s

Race 2

1. Deon Joubert (BMW 318i), 17m08,91s; 2. Mike Briggs (Opel Vectra), 17m12,27s; 3. Shaun van der Linde (BMW 318i), 17m13,23s; 4.Grant McCleery (Opel Vectra), 17m17,29s; 5. Anthony Taylor (Toyota Camry), 17m20,08s; 6. Sarel van der Merwe (Ford Mondeo), 17m20,78s; 7. Steve Wyndham (Ford Mondeo), 17m30,46s; 8. Terry Moss (Audi), 17m47,14s; 9. Nic de Waal (Nissan Sentra), 17m47,52s; 10. Mike White (Toyota Camry), 17m50,42s

Fastest lap: Mike Briggs (Race 2) 1m24,50 (new lap record).


Briggs 94; McCleery 50; Joubert 42; Van der Linde 31; Moss 28; White 20; Taylor 20; Wyndham 17; Van der Merwe 12; Aberdein 11; De Waal 10; Radisich 9; De Villiers 7.

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