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Mopar Twin 25's Irwindale will Present Latest Motorsports Craze from Japan in Pre-Race Drifting Exhibition LAGUNA BEACH, CA - In a jam-packed day of motorsports events, the 2nd Annual Mopar Twin 25's Irwindale adds another 'extra added ...

Mopar Twin 25's Irwindale will Present Latest Motorsports Craze from Japan in Pre-Race Drifting Exhibition

LAGUNA BEACH, CA - In a jam-packed day of motorsports events, the 2nd Annual Mopar Twin 25's Irwindale adds another 'extra added attraction'-a spectacular Drifting Exhibition!

Kicking off the Mopar Twin 25's Irwindale, local race fans will be able to see for themselves the latest motorsports craze to hit these shores from Japan-drifting. The Drifting Exhibition will be the first event of the night, starting at 5 p.m., Saturday, March 27, at Irwindale Speedway.

"We're urging all race fans to arrive early for the Mopar Twin 25's because they won't want to miss a single minute of the Drifting Exhibition," said Steve Lewis, Premier Racing Entertainment, organizers of the event. "It's wild to see the cars get sideways, along with the screaming, smoking tires, and realize these great drivers are in perfect control of their cars at all times! We predict the sport of drifting is going to sweep the country in the next year or two!"

Unlike other forms of motorsports, drifting is more than just pure speed, as drivers are judged on execution and style as they slide a car at high speed through a marked course. Their goal is to break the rear wheels loose, setting the car into a 'drift,' and maintaining the drift through the turn. Tuner car fans will appreciate the smaller, lightweight cars used in drifting, although these cars all use rear-wheel drive.

At press time, confirmed participants included: Team JIC with Bryan Norris in a 350Z and Ryan Hampton in a 240SX; Team RSR with Kazu Hayashida, a Japanese pro driver, in a 240SX; and drivers from Mazda and Pontiac/Rhys Millen Racing.

Last year, Slipstream Global Marketing worked with the sanctioning body SCCA Pro Racing to promote last year's hugely successful 2003 D1 Grand Prix at Irwindale Speedway, which was the first professional drifting event in North America. It sold out, attracting over 9000 spectators.

Slipstream Global Marketing is partnering with SCCA Pro Racing in the creation of Formula Drift, the first North American professional drifting championship.

The 2nd Annual Mopar Twin 25's Irwindale features a unique racing format, in a full night of frantic, wheel-to-wheel USAC Midget racing action, ending in two 25-lap feature races. ARP is offering a bonus prize of $50,000 to a driver who wins both of the night's feature races. The exciting challenge is that the winner of the first feature race starts dead last in the second 25-lap feature, and has to pass the entire field to claim the $50,000!

The 2nd Annual Mopar Twin 25's Irwindale is presented by Mission Foods. Associate Sponsors are Racer magazine, MSD Ignition, Calico Coatings, Gigante, Probe Industries, Vital Express, Corteco, Guerrero and Turbines Inc.

In another spectacular preliminary event for the Mopar Twin 25's, famed Champ Car stars Adrian Fernandez, Michel Jourdain Jr. and Patrick Carpentier will climb into Focus Midgets to pit their noted racing skills in these quick, twitchy race cars against the best, local Focus Midget regulars. Race fans will see 25 laps of heart-pounding race action as these talented drivers bring their open wheel skills to the Irwindale short track.

At noon, this great day for race fans begins with Eibach Springs Presents the Festival of Speed, which offers motorsports enthusiasts an extraordinary opportunity to experience Southern California's rich racing heritage on display and in action! In addition to some of Southern California's most famous race vehicles on exhibit, several will be fired up again so race fans can hear them roar once more down Irwindale's 1/8-mile drag strip. Also, several of the legendary figures who either drove or wrenched these cars will be in attendance.

Other event highlights include exciting quarter midget racing action-stars of the future-on a purpose-built oval in the Irwindale Speedway parking lot; and interactive exhibits from the Indy Racing League titled, "The Indy Racing Fan Experience," where fans can drive a full-sized Indy car simulator or participate in an Indy car pit stop.

Eibach Springs Presents the Festival of Speed opens at noon. Race gates open at 4 p.m. The Drifting Exhibition begins at 5 p.m., with the first race at 7 p.m. Ticket prices are $20 for General Admission. Reserved tickets are $25. Contact PRE at 800/515-8445, or go to www.twin25s.com. Eibach Presents the Festival of Speed is at no charge.


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