Detroit 1st qualifying times and quotes

QUALIFYING - RACE 1 Friday, June 6, 1997 ...


Friday, June 6, 1997

#8 DAVID DONOHUE - set a new track record to capture the pole with a time of 1:30.887, beating the time of 1:33.331 posted last year by Randy Pobst. The top five qualifiers were quicker than last year's fast time.


#8 DAVID DONOHUE (PacWest Dodge) - "As a team we worked together to make sure that everything went as planned through today's session - the result speaks for itself. I think there is still time to be found in the car and in the driver."

"It's exciting to capture my first pole of the season here in Detroit. With this being Dodge's home track, we obviously want to do well and this is a great way to start the weekend."

#7 DOMINIC DOBSON (PacWest Dodge) - "We were successful in getting the PPG Dodge Stratus' out front for the first race and we're hoping for a repeat tomorrow. I was a little disappointed in our setup today and will be making some changes tomorrow to help improve on my performance."

"The changes made to the Belle Isle circuit are noticeable and, for the most part have improved the track. However, it is even more difficult to pass here for us, which has put greater emphasis on qualifying as well."

#4 NEIL CROMPTON (Tasman Motorsports) - "We're trying to learn the setup, learn the track and qualify the car. It's less than ideal given that other people have been here before. I know what we have to do to make some speed. It's not ideal to be starting fourth, but we'll make some changes and be ready."

#1 RANDY POBST (T.C. Kline Racing) - "I think the CEC BMW likes the air temperature here. The car is going quick down the straightaways. We got some suspension bits to try on the car, but it's still not handling like it ought to be. We still haven't found the gremlins yet, but when we do, we will be there."

FINAL QUALIFYING GRID Super Touring Championship - Race 5 - June 8 1997 Belle Isle - Length of Track: 2.1 mils POS NO DRIVER SPONSOR/CAR TIME/SPEED 1. 8 David Donohue PacWest Touring Car Group/Dodge 1:30.887/83.180* 2. 7 Dominic Dobson PPG/Dodge 1:31.169/82.922* 3. 1 Randy Pobst T. C. Kline Racing/BMW 1:31.523/82.602* 4. 4 Neil Crompton Tasman Motorsports/Honda 1:31.690/82.451* 5. 42 Peter Cunningham H.A.R.T./Honda 1:32.680/81.570* 6. 18 Darren Law Hartong Motorsports/BMW 1:33.040/81.255 7. 27 David Welch Fastech Racing/Ford 1:33.559/80.804 8. 6 Walt Puckett Schader Motorsports/Mazda 1:38.996/76.366 9. 5 Bob Schader Schader Motorsports/Mazda 1:39.697/75.829 10. 62 Forrest Granlund H.A.R.T./Honda No-Time

* Better than the Existing Track Record

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