Charlotte Speedway landfill providing energy

Eric Mauk

Officials dedicated a new landfill gas-to-energy plant at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Landfill. The 11.5 megawatt plant turns the methane gas created at the landfill to electricity, powering more than 7,700 homes in the Concord area.

"Methane gas, obviously at the landfill, has been an issue for a long time and they are making something useful out of it," said Concord Mayor Scott Padgett told North Carolina’s News14.

The facility consists of a municipal solid waste landfill to dispose of waste created at the Speedway and a drop-off convenience area for residential trash. The types of wastes disposed onsite include household waste, commercial solid waste and industrial solid waste. The facility also has a Special Waste Acceptance Policy for special handling wastes. Automobile shredder fluff (auto fluff) is accepted and is used as a reagent for solidification operations or mixed with soil for daily cover.

Officials said this plant is now the largest of its kind in the Southeast. It began delivering renewable power this February.

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