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Cheung Takes First Win while Yee Claims Round 2 Cheung Chi Sing takes the first win of the season while Frank Yee secured the second win in two action filled races at the Sepang International Circuit today. Cheung, who started Round 1 in...

Cheung Takes First Win while Yee Claims Round 2

Cheung Chi Sing takes the first win of the season while Frank Yee secured the second win in two action filled races at the Sepang International Circuit today.

Cheung, who started Round 1 in pole position managed a great start and immediately pulled away from the rest of the pack. He led the race all the way to the chequered flag, crossing the line 1.975 seconds ahead of Danny Stacy Chau in second and a further 3.229 seconds ahead of Adrian Henry D'Silva in third.

"It was a very smooth start. As I mentioned earlier, if I managed to get a clean start and take the lead, then it would be easy for me to take the race win. I did not do anything out of the ordinary, I just kept my pace and constantly checked my mirrors and stayed ahead" said a very happy Cheung at the Post-Race Press Conference.

D'Silva and Danny Chau both got off the race line well at the start and had a close battle going into turn one but D'Silva made a mistake at turn two that relegated him down to fifth, behind Frank Yee and Harry Chai.

"I managed to get away from Adrian but in the last few laps he caught up to me. I was lucky to be able to stay ahead and to finish the race in second. It was a good clean race. I did try to catch up to Cheung but as soon as he saw me closing in, he managed to pull a gap and stayed ahead" said Danny Chau.

On lap 4, D'Silva managed to get past Chai and started to move in on Yee in third, the three way battle continued on for three laps before D'Silva found an opening and took Yee at turn three for third, a position he maintained to the end of the race.

"I think I underestimated the grip, it was drizzling slightly and my tyres were a bit cold. I was trying to take first position from Cheung so I closed up on him at turn 1 and I pushed it a little but lost it on turn 2. After the spin I managed to catch up to he guys ahead, to Harry and then to Frank. It was tough because these two guys were having a close battle. It was only in the last four to five laps that I managed to overtake Frank for the podium" said a very tired but happy D'Silva.

Behind D'Silva, Yee managed to keep a distance from the battle for fifth and sixth where Chai and Man Ting Yu continued to swap positions a few times in the final ten laps of the race before Chai took fifth on the last lap of the race.

The duo was happy with the great battle with Man jokingly saying "It was all part of the strategy. I knew if I finished fifth, with the reverse grid order, I would not get the pole position in the next race, so I let Harry pass me at the end".

In the second race, the grid was lined with the top six drivers in reverse grid format, leaving Man to take pole, with Chai taking second, followed by Yee, D'Silva, Danny Chau and Cheung.

Yee got off to a great start and was immediately at the front of the pack followed by Chai and Man.

Singaporean driver, George Ong was caught off-guard and drove on the grass before rejoining the race behind Gary Sham.

Up ahead, Cheung was already making his climb up the ranks, first overtaking Danny Chau at turn 1 into lap four, then he began to make his move on Man, takes him at the next lap and began chasing down Yee at the front of the pack. The duo battled it out for two laps before Cheung takes a spin on the last turn and parked his car on the gravel, ending his race.

Yee managed to maintain his lead all the way to the chequered flag, crossing the line ahead of Harry Chai and Man Ting Yu. "The track was a little damp at the start so the car was sliding a little. I managed to find a spot at the start and managed to get out of traffic and just maintained my pace from there.

"In the first few laps I had Harry chasing me but I just concentrated and kept my pace. In the last few laps, Cheung caught up to me and actually got past me. I just kept with my pace and followed him but at the last corner, where it was a little damp and slippery, Cheung got caught off-guard and parked on the gravel, leaving me with the win" said a very happy Yee at the press conference.

Chai was running in second with Danny Chau, Man and D'Silva battling it out for third, but disaster struck on lap 12 when D'Silva managed to out-brake Danny Chau and Man into turn 1, taking the inside line. The trio drove almost three abreast overtaking one another throughout that lap before D'Silva and Danny Chau had a coming together.

Danny Chau was left to head into the pits to check on his car and rejoined half a lap down while the Malaysian driver, who suffered from a damaged rear wheel parked his car on the grass at turn 3 ending his race. Man managed to stay out of trouble to collect third.

For Chai, finishing second is a great finish especially to be able to have a one-two finish for his S&D Motorsport team and at his home race while having a great time in a very eventful race. "I had a really good start and at the first corner, then Man spun in front of me so I thought I had a good chance to overtake him but suddenly I felt something at the back of my car. I didn't know if it was wet or oil so my car had a little slide but I managed to catch it.

"From there, I just maintained my position although I did try to overtake Frank but my car did not have the power and I just maintained my pace for the race" said Chai during the post race press conference.

Man's first turn mistake cost him a possible first placed finish, but the Hong Kong driver was happy with third. "I made a big mistake at turn 1. I tried to do a late-braking but I made a big mistake and braked too late and I went off the line. I lost four to five positions.

"I tried my best to catch up to Cheung and Danny then when both of them had their outs, I managed to finish in third from that. I have to say, I was really lucky today. I have to thank Danny and Frank, because without them, I would not have been able to race this weekend".

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