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10 times winner of the Bathurst Classic Peter Brock will start favorite for this years 1000k event after setting fastest time in the innaugral Hot August Lap at the spectacular Mt Panorama track. A crowd of around 10,000 came out on a Tuesday...

10 times winner of the Bathurst Classic Peter Brock will start favorite for this years 1000k event after setting fastest time in the innaugral Hot August Lap at the spectacular Mt Panorama track. A crowd of around 10,000 came out on a Tuesday work day to see Brock edge out Falcon (Ford) driver Glenn Seton to take the $10.000 prize. The race held on the first weekend in October is televised live around Australia and NZ with highlights shown in over 70 countries. Internationals taking part include German star Klaus Niedzwiedz and Sweedish BTCC driver Rickard Rydell. The traditional lead up race the Sandown 500 will take place this weekend.


CLASS A: 5-Litre V8                
No. ENTRANT                             DRIVERS                              CAR
1  Peter Jackson Racing        Glenn Seton (VIC) Paul Radisich (NZ)        Falcon EB
2  Winfield Racing        Mark Skaife (VIC) Jim Richards (VIC)        Commodore VP
3  Lansvale Smash Rep.        Steve Reed (NSW) Trevor Ashby (NSW)        Commodore VP
4  Coca-Cola Racing        Wayne Gardner (NSW) Neil Crompton (NSW)        Commodore VP
5  Holden Racing Team        Peter Brock (VIC) Tomas Mezera (QLD)        Commodore VP
6  Winfield Racing        Colin Bond (NSW) Anders Olofsson (S)        Commodore VP
7  Coca-Cola Racing        Win Percy (UK) Russell Ingall (J)        Commodore VP
9  Allan Moffat Ent.        Klaus Niedzwiedz (D) A. Miedecke (NSW)        Falcon EB
10 Phil Ward Team         Phil Ward (NSW) Steve Ellery (VIC)        Commodore VP
11 Castrol Perkins Rcg        Larry Perklns (VIC) G. Hansford (OLD)        Commodore VP
12 Ampol Max 3 Racing        Bob Jones (VIC) Troy Dunstan (QLD)        Commodore VP
14 Kartmanla                D.Pate(NSW) S.McColl(SA) P.Gazzard(SA)        Commodore VP
15 Holden Racing Team        B.Jones(VIC) R.Rydell(S) C.Lowndes(VIC)        Commodore VP
17 Shell-FAI Racing        Dick Johnson (QLD) John Bowe (TAS)        Falcon EB
18 Shell-FAI Racing        Allan Grice (QLD) Steven Johnson (QLD)        Falcon EB
20 lan Palmer                lan Palmer (QLD) Brett Peters (QLD)        Commodore VP
23 Diet Coke Racing        Paul Morris (QLD) Geoff Brabham (USA)        Commodore VP
24 Pinnacle  Motorsport        Greg Crick (TAS) Tony Scott (QLD)        Commodore VP
25 Benson & Hedges Rcg        Tony Longhurst(QLD) C. 0'Brien(QLD)        Commodore VP
26 Don Watson P/L        Don Watson (VIC) lan Love (WA)                Commodore VP
27 Bobby McGees                Terry Finnigan(NSW) Steve Wllllams(NSW)        Commodore VP
28 Playscape Racing        Kevin Waldock(QLD) Michael Preston(QLD)        Falcon EB
30 Peter Jackson Racing        Alan Jones(QLD) David Parsons(TAS)        Falcon EB
33 Pro-Duct Motorsport        Bob Pearson(NSW) Barry Jameson(NSW)        Commodore VP
34 Pro-Duct Motorsport        TBA TBA                                        Commodore VP
35 McLaine Motorsport        Wilson(NSW) Nicholson(NSW) Shaw(NSW)        Commodore VP
36 Bettergrow Racing        Nell Schembri(NSW) Rodney Clarck(NSW)        Commodore VP
37 The Xerox Shop        S.Taylor(TAS) S.Bell(TAS) R.Hurd(TAS)        Commodore VP
38 Everlast Batteries        Bill O'Briell(ACT) Brian Callaghan(NSW)        Commodore VL
39 Protech                Graham(NSW) Smerdon(SA) McConville(VIC)        Commodore VP
41 Gary Willmington        Garry Willmington(NSW) Jeff Barnes(NSW)        Falcon EB
42 Glenn Mason                TBA TBA                                        Commodore VL
44 Group MotorSport        George Ayoub(NSW) Mike Conway(NSW)        Commodore VP
47 Daily Planet                 John Trimbole(VIC) S.Harrington(TAS)        Commodore VL
49 Malcolm Stenniken        Brett Youlden(VIC) M.Stennlken(VIC)        Commodore VL
50 Easton Motorsport        Easton(QLD) Kratzmann(QLD) Hoffornan(Q)        Commodore VL
54 Tony Scott                Ed Lamont(NZ) Graham Gulson(ACT)        Commodore VL
60 Enzed Australia        McLeod(NSW) Burton(NSW) McLeod(NSW)        Commodore VL
62 Union Steel                Wayne Russell(NSW) Bernard Gillon(NSW)        Commodore VL
CLASS B: 2-Litre(BTCC) FIA C2                
8  Hyundai Automotive        Steve Hardman(NSW) Geoff Full(NSW)        Hyundai Lantra
13 Bob Holden                Bob Holden(NSW) Dennis Rogers(NSW)        Toyota Carina
16 Phil Ward Team         TBA TBA                                        Mercedes 190E
45 Diet Coke Racing        Craig Balrd(NZ) Brett Riley(NZ)                BMW 318i
46 Diet Coke Racing        TBA TBA                                        BMW 318i
48 Benson & Hedges Rcg        W. Rooklyn(QLD) John Blanchard(NSW)        BMW 318i
51 Inspired Racing        A.Reid(VIC) M.Price(VIC)3 G.Jones(NSW)        Toyota Corolla
52 Clark Slnks                 Peter Doulman(NSW) John Cotter(NSW)        BMW M3
56 Orix Team Racing        James Kaye(VIC) Greg Murphy(NZ)                Toyota Carina
57 Darrell Dixon        George Parkinson(NSW) TBA                Peugeot 405
88 Malcom Rea                 M.Rea(QLD)K.Talbert(NSW)J.Mathews(NSW)        Toyota Carina
89 Phoenix Motorsport        Ken Mathews(NSW) Mathew Martin(NSW)        Peugeot 405
98 Peter Hills                Peter Hills(NSW) TBA                        Ford Sierra

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