ASTRC: Winton Raceway Round five results

Winton Raceway - Victoria October 20-21 Tulloch secures ASTR title Super Truck Dash Result 3 laps Glen Dobson (MAN) 5:29.8759 -1, Joe Scarcella (Kenworth) 5:32.4663-2, Luke Sieders (MAN) 5:34.1839-3, Inky Tulloch (Freightliner)...

Winton Raceway - Victoria
October 20-21

Tulloch secures ASTR title

Super Truck Dash Result 3 laps
Glen Dobson (MAN) 5:29.8759 -1,
Joe Scarcella (Kenworth) 5:32.4663-2,
Luke Sieders (MAN) 5:34.1839-3,
Inky Tulloch (Freightliner) 5:34.2378-4,
John Bomberle (Kenworth) 5:35.8290-5,
Daniel Bajema (Kenworth) 5:56.2935-6.

Overall points:
Tulloch 235, Dobson 195, Sieders 184.

Super Truck Dash
In his bid to reclaim points off series leader Inky Tulloch, Glen Dobson has won the Super Truck Dash featuring the fastest eight from qualifying. The win also gives him a couple more points' advantage over third placed Luke Sieders.

After drawing position three for the rolling start, Dobson was quickly into second place behind the Kenworth of Joe Scarcella before Daniel Bajema who started on the front row, spun out of contention.

For two of the three-lap sprint Scarcella resisted the Dobson challenge before the latter's Continental Tyres MAN managed to get past.

Tulloch started off the rear and put out a late bid to snare third off the Herd Bars MAN of Luke Sieders, failing by half a truck length.

With the demise of Matt Aaron's Isuzu on the opening lap, the Light Trucks was a two-truck race between Ken Bedggood and Graeme Spencer where after brief contact on lap one, Bedggood took the win.

Super Truck Heat One 8 laps
Inky Tulloch (Freightliner) 14:19.5991-1,
Glen Dobson (MAN) 14:24.3432-2,
Luke Sieders (MAN) 14:39.3749-3,
Daniel Bajema (Kenworth) 14:3756-4,
Rodney Crick (Volvo) 14:49.9319-5,
Joe Scarcella (Kenworth) 14:50.1627-6,
John Bomberle (Kenworth) 14:53.8587-7,
Darren Palmer (Kenworth) 15:12.0064-8,
Graeme Spencer (Isuzu) 15:43.4340-9,
Brian Haigh (Diamond Rio) 15:53.2824-10.

Super Truck Race One Report
Inky Tulloch went one step further in cementing his second Australian Super Truck Racing Championship with a comfortable win in the first eight-lap sprint race.

Tulloch took control from the outset and was never headed. Glen Dobson settled into second place and showed too much pace for third placed Luke Sieders, who were both driving MANs.

Fourth position was up for grabs with Joe Scarcella, Daniel Bajema, John Bomberle and Rod Crick fighting it out.

Ultimately it was Bajema who came out on top, due in part to the off-track excursions by Scarcella and Crick with just a couple of laps to go.

Crick who had a turbo unit freighted in by train in the early hours of the morning and was lucky to be racing at all, recovered to pip Scarcella while Bomberle finished ahead of Darren Palmer and Graeme Spencer in the best of the Light Trucks.

Super Truck Heat Two 8 laps
Inky Tulloch (Freightliner) 14:35.0268-1,
John Bomberle (Kenworth) 14:39.5982-2,
Daniel Bajema (Kenworth) 14:40.6488-3,
Glen Dobson (MAN) 14:54.2933-4,
Joe Scarcella (Kenworth) 15:00.5985-5,
Darren Palmer (Kenworth) 15:29.3624-6,
Brian Haigh (Diamond Rio) 15:40.0435-7,
Graeme Spencer (Isuzu) 15:41.1089-8,
David Pitman (Mack) 15:48.1515-9,
Ken Bedggood (Isuzu) 16:10.2659-10.

Super Truck Race Two Report #Despite a full reverse grid start, Inky Tulloch has come through the field to take his second win of the day after gaining the lead three laps from the flag.

John Bomberle was the early pacesetter leading Daniel Bajema for the first three laps. The latter's Kenworth came unstuck at turn nine while the ensuing Luke Sieders and Tulloch were caught out as a result.

Sieders retired but it was just the start of the charge for Tulloch. He was able to continue third behind new race leader Glen Dobson.

There appeared to be contact between the two at turn 10 on lap six when Tulloch was second with Dobson going off and Tulloch going onto win.

Behind second placed Bomberle was Bajema with Dobson recovering to finish ahead of Joe Scarcella. Best of the rest was Darren Palmer from team mate Brian Haigh, and Graeme Spencer's Isuzu was the best of the Light Trucks.

Points after Race Two
Tulloch 271, Dobson 220, Sieders 196.

Super Truck Superprix 8 laps
Inky Tulloch (Freightliner) 15:26.6986-1,
Glen Dobson (MAN) 15:31.5087-2,
Daniel Bajema (Kenworth) 15:32.3393-3,
Joe Scarcella (Kenworth) 15:36.3616-4,
Luke Sieders (MAN) 15:37.3089-5,
Graeme Spencer (Isuzu) 15:41.1089-6,
John Bomberle (Kenworth) 16:00.5914-7,
Rodney Crick (Volvo) 16:02.5430-8,
Barry Butwell (Scania) 16:03.9192-9,
Darren Palmer (Kenworth) 16:05.6743-10.

Super Truck Superprix Report
As the two remaining Light Trucks started under their own pace car and well ahead of the rest, it was expected that the quickest of the two, Graeme Spencer had a fair stake at winning the race outright.

However he overcooked at turn 10 on the opening lap and resumed with a reduction to his huge lead, and then a couple of laps later, had a similar incident at the same corner.

By this stage the pack was on him and shortly after past, leaving him well out of calculations. Joe Scarcella led the charge until passed by Glen Dobson.

Shortly after Tulloch overwhelmed the pair to take his third win of the day and also wrap up the title for the second year in a row.

Daniel Bajema finished third ahead of Scarcella, Luke Sieders, Spencer and John Bomberle.

Points after Round Five
Tulloch 289, Dobson 225, Sieders 204.


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