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Repost from TOCA web site <> McConville Wins amid dramas at Mallala ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Promising Victorian motor racing driver Cameron McConville emerged as ...

Repost from TOCA web site <>

McConville Wins amid dramas at Mallala


Promising Victorian motor racing driver Cameron McConville emerged as top points scorer in a dramatic sixth round of the BOC Gases Australian Super Touring Championship at Mallala near Adelaide on Sunday (August 24).

The 23-year-old ORIX Audi Sport Australia driver scored 25 points from the two 25-lap races, finishing third in the opener and winning the second heat in his four-wheel-drive A4 in fine conditions. McConvilles results also enable him to close the gap on Queensland based BMW Motorsport drivers Paul Morris and Geoff Brabham in the championship title-chase.

Albury's Brad Jones won the opening race in 29-mins 59.01-secs after leading from start to finish in an ORIX Audi Sport Australia A4. His winning margin was 12.34-secs ahead of five-times Bathurst 1000 winner Jim Richards in a Volvo Dealer Team 850. Richards' result was his best in the championship this year. McConville was third, followed by Queensland's Cameron McLean in a Greenfield Mowers Opel Vectra, and the ACT's Neal Bates in a Toyota Camry. McLean was leading Independents Cup Driver.

The race began in dramatic fashion, with pole position winner Brabham eliminated on the first corner after contact with Jones when the pair were dicing for the lead. Brabham's car spun and suffered a broken front suspension after it was hit by another car. On lap 11 McConville received a stop-go' penalty after his car made contact with the Valvoline Nissan Primera raced by Victorian Steven Richards. Richards spun off in the incident and was forced to make a pit-stop because of a damaged tyre.

In the second race McConville led from start to finish and took the chequered flag in 29-mins 35.73-secs, and was 1.22-secs clear of Brabham after a close dice between the pair throughout the event. Brabham clocked a new race lap record of 1-min 10.29-secs. Morris claimed third place ahead of Jones, and Jim Richards, and McLean was again the leading Independents Cup driver.

Morris now leads the championship with 136 points, followed by Brabham on 121, McConville 120, Jones 110, and Jim Richards 86. Rival German manufacturers BMW and Audi have now won six races each in the championship this year. the remaining two rounds are at Lakeside in Queensland on October 26, and either Amaroo Park or Eastern Creek in NSW on November 9.

Driver Quotes:

Cameron McConville (ORIX Audi Sport Australia A4): BMW dominated the early part of the championship, but we (ORIX Audi Sport Australia) have come back strongly since then. I'm feeling more and more comfortable in the car with every race. It felt great to win the second race- it was a close, clean contest with Geoff Brabham and that's what Super Touring is all about. My only problem was the stop-go' for the incident with Steven Richards. As far as I'm concerned I came up the inside and he turned in on me. Unfortunately he spun off, but it wasn't intentional on my part. Maybe he has a different opinion.

Paul Morris (BMW Motorsport 320I): The racing between the Audis and us (BMW) has never been closer. The championship looks like it's going to go down to the last round. I was right behind Geoff Brabham at the start of race one and tried to go around him as he spun, but our cars collided. My Steering was damaged in the accident and the car became difficult to drive, both under power and when breaking.

Geoff Brabham (BMW Motorsport 320I): We came into the first corner with Jones on the outside. When we divided for the apex I was still alongside him. I had nowhere to go and we collided. The impact turned me around and I was hit by another car, breaking my front suspension upright.

Brad Jones (ORIX Audi Sport Australia A4): I made a good start in race one and when I turned in Geoff Brabham was there. We touched and I don't know what happened after that. the rest of the race went really well. After qualifying things weren't looking to good for us, but we turned it around when it mattered.

Jim Richards (Volvo Racing Australia 850): The first race was a good result for the team because they've worked very hard all year trying to peg the BMWs and Audis. I think we're doing the best job we can with the car we've got. We can keep up for a few laps, but that's all at this stage.

Race 1 Results (25 laps)

 POS DRIVER               CAR                             TIME
 1   BJones (NSW)        Orix Audi Sport Australia A4    29:59.01-secs
 2   JRichards (VIC)     Volvo Dealer Team 850           30:11.35
 3   CMcConville (VIC)   Orix Audi Sport Australia A4    30:12.70
 4   CMcLean (QLD)       Greenfield Mowers Opel Vectra   30:15.90
 5   N Bates (ACT)        Pheonix Motorsport Toyota Camry 30:43.23
 6   PMorris (QLD)       BMW Motorsport 320              30:46.76
 7   TNewman (NZ)        Fastway Couriers Peugeot 405    31:03.14
 8   BTweedie (NSW)      IBC Vauxhall Cavalier           Lap Down
 9   DAuger (QLD)        Gun Racing Alfa Romeo           Lap Down
 10  Dr Jim Cornish (NSW) Hve Hyundai Lantra              Lap Down

Fastest Lap: McConville 1-min 10.74-secs

Race 2 Results (25 laps):

 POS DRIVER             CAR                           TIME
 1   CMcConville (VIC) Orix Audi Sport Australia A4  29:35.73
 2   GBrabham (QLD)    BMW Motorsport 320            29:36.95
 3   PMorris (QLD)     BMW Motorsport 320            29:46.72
 4   BJones (NSW)      Orix Audi Sport Australia A4  29:52.94
 5   JRichards (VIC)   Volvo Dealer Team 850         30:05.19
 6   CMcLean (QLD)     Greenfield Mowers Opel Vectra 30:06.01
 7   BTweedie (NSW)    IBC Vauxhall Cavalier         Lap Down
 8   TNewman (NZ)      Fastway Couriers Peugeot 405  Lap Down
 9   DAuger (QLD)      Gun Racing Alfa Romeo         Lap Down

Fastest Lap: Brabham 1-min 10.29-secs (record)

Driver Championship Points (After round 6)

Morris 136, Brabham 121, McConville 120, jones 110, Jim Richards 86, McLean 56, S Richards 39, Matthews 24, Newman 23, Tweedie 19, auger 18, Bates 14, Wakefield 10, Jason Richards 7, Briggs 4, Adderton 3, Hills 2, Pickett 1

Manufacturers championship Points (After round 6)

BMW 160 Audi 148, Volvo 116

Teams Championship Points (After round 6)

BMW Motorsport 260 ORIX Audi Sport Australia 243 Hyundai Hve Motorsport 28

TOCA Challenge Independents Cup Points (After round 6):

McLean 142, S Richards 110, Matthews 79, Newman 71, Auger 63, Tweedie 62, Bates 34, Wakefield 24, Jason Richards 23, Hills 20, Cornish 16, Briggs 12, Adderton 10, Pickett 4

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