Anderson Speedway report 96-05-04

KEN KROPF BAGS I-CAR / JASPER MODIFIED TOUR MAIN HELLIS RETURNS TO VICTORY LANE AFTER SERIOUS INJURIES ANDERSON, Ind. (May 4)----112 cars, most of them I-CAR / Jasper Modified Tour Modifieds, jammed the muddy pits Saturday night at ...


ANDERSON, Ind. (May 4)----112 cars, most of them I-CAR / Jasper Modified Tour Modifieds, jammed the muddy pits Saturday night at the Anderson Speedway. It was doubtful that any more cars could have been brought in, as there simply wasn't room. Second year modified driver Earl Miles put his extremely quiet modified into the top qualifying spot. Indianapolis driver John Heck had the hardest shunt of the night in time trials, but was not injured. This series is billed as the "World's Premiere Asphalt Modified Series, for this type of Modified," and with well over 40 quality racers, it's easy to see why.

Ken Kropf jumped ahead of defending points champion Chad Bland at the start of the "Anderson 25" main. That basically sealed the win. There was intense bumping and banging behind the lead pack, but little passing. Local favorite Rick Rhonemus was turned around by another car and several cars became involved on lap 6. Steve Christman was forced to retire. Kropf led the distance to defeat Bland, Tim Taylor, Jim Butler and Miles. Miles, Rhonemus, Joe Beaver and Butler took heat races. Tim Jedrzejek won the B-Main.

Vic Hellis and Bobby Fields were seriously injured in early 1995 and they are attempting to come back. Up until tonight the pair have been struggling with each having one fifth place finish. Fields and Jim Cooper made contact on lap 3. For whatever reason Ray Fullen and Cooper were put on the tail - Fullen did not appear to be involved in the turn two crash. Fields and Don Bickford crashed down the backstretch, with Don having to retire. Hellis finalized his comeback first. He took the lead from Bobby's brother and current points leader Rick Fields on lap 14. R. Fields' tires was slowly going flat but Hellis's pass was a bold outside, in-your-face move. "Now his tire wasn't that flat when I passed him," Hellis said that he felt Rick's slow leaker didn't make it any easy for him to pass Rick. Hellis won over Brian Rievley, former American Speed Ass'n (ASA) drivers Bret Miles and Ray Skillman. Fullen was fifth. Bobby Fields was fast qualifier.

Tim Lemon, last week's winner of the 15 lap Big Lots Figure-8 feature, moved ahead of Joe Beaver at the start of the main. It remained that way until lap 12 when Beaver tried to go in off of the 2nd corner (on the Figure-8 course). The pair made contact with both cars spinning. 57 year old Herb Rose took the lead and the win over points leader Rod Phipps. Bruce McFall's Mercury brought him into third, his highest ever finish. Doug Riddle was fourth ahead of Beaver. After the race, Beaver and Lemon had heated words but not until Lemon had walled the innocent lapped car of Danny Vickery. It appeared that many of the fans wanted to strangle Lemon. Riddle and Chris Bair won heats.

Benny Blevins, Jr. has returned to the Anderson Speedway Street Stock division after a 4 year layoff. He jumped ahead at the start of the 20 lap feature, and although he received hard pressure, led to the finish. Chris Bair took second over points leader Wayne Young, Dennis Wallen and Jamie Williams. Larry Swinford, Jr. won the Consi. Blevins, Jason Fullen and Rich Goodwin won heats. Goodwin's winning photograph was taken with his car on the wrecker after a crash.

I-CAR / TEAM JASPER MODIFIEDS: Top Qualifier: Earl Miles (Hanover, Mich.) 1st Heat: 1. Miles 2. Chad Bland (Huntingburg) 3. Harold Scott (New Castle) 2nd Heat: 1. Rick Rhonemus (Desoto) 2. L. J. Lines (Indianapolis) 3. Don Skaggs, Sr. (Modoc) 3rd Heat: 1. Joe Beaver (Noblesville) 2. Dave Duncan (Cicero) 3. Dave Mingus (Vermontville, Mich.,) 4th Heat: 1. Jim Butler (Nashville, Mich.) 2. Gerald Hinshaw (Mooreland) 3. Tony Ade (Lafayette) B-Main Last Chance: 1. Tim Jedrzejek (Garfield Hts., Ohio) 2. Kim Young-King (Loveland, Ohio.) "Anderson 25" 25 lap A-Main: 1. Ken Kropf (Lowell, Mich.) 2. Bland 3. Tim Taylor (Indianapolis)

HOOSIER PARK LATE MODELS: Top Qualifier: Bobby Fields (Willow Branch) 25 Lap Feature: 1. Vic Hellis (Selma) 2. Brian Rievley (Daleville) 3. Bret Miles (Muncie)

BIG LOTS FIGURE-8 CARS: Top Qualifier: Joe Beaver (Noblesville) Fast Heat: 1. Doug Riddle (Anderson) 2. Rich Boyer (Anderson) 3. Rod Phipps (Anderson) 2nd Heat: 1. Chris Bair (Anderson) 2. Gene Huston (Anderson) 3. Terry Malone (Anderson) 15 Lap Figure-8 Main: 1. Herb Rose (Anderson) 2. Rod Phipps 3. Bruce McFall (Elwood)

STREET STOCKS: Top Qualifier: Wayne Young (Anderson) Fast Heat: 1. Benny Blevins, Jr. (Anderson) 2. Don Cain (Fortville) 3. Chris Bair (Anderson) 2nd Heat: 1. Jason Fullen (Anderson) 2. Larry Southerland (Noblesville) 3. Brian Brock (Muncie) 3rd Heat: 1. Rich Goodwin (Noblesville) 2. Larry Swinford, Jr. (Noblesville) 3. Chad VanBlaren (Gaston) 15 Lap B-Main: 1. Swinford 20 Lap A-Main: 1. Blevins 2. Bair 3. Young

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