Acu?a shone in a fantastic race at Balcarce

The fourth round of the Turismo Carretera (TC) championship took place last sunday at Balcarce Raceway where the Ford drivers dominted one more time. In this opportunity Fabián Acuña took the victory sharing the podium with Walter Hernández and...

The fourth round of the Turismo Carretera (TC) championship took place last sunday at Balcarce Raceway where the Ford drivers dominted one more time. In this opportunity Fabián Acuña took the victory sharing the podium with Walter Hernández and Christian Ledesma, as the best Chevrolet.

The series returned to the circuit after a year of absence in the TC shedule with an spectacular show during all the weekend.

Omar Martínez at the wheel of his Ford arrived to sunday as the main candidate to take the final victory after the dominium showed friday and saturday. But once again in TC was proved that being the fastest is not always synonymous of victory.

In his short qualifying race of sunday`s morning, Martínez made a mistake by jumping the start. The stewards quickly penalized him and should inciate the main competition from the back of the field.

With Martínez out of the conversation Hernández, Acuña and company started the main race aiming the first position.

The fight betweeen Hernández and Acuña was constant since the very beginning while in the first lap a bump of Ariel Pacho to Diego Aventín left the Ford driver out among with Juan M. Silva, despite he had nothing to do in this. Pacho received the back flag due to his move, but of course wasn`t agree with the stewards.

After four laps the Pace Car made it first intervention of the day due to an accident that left Ariel Robbiani`s Ford in a bad place of the track.

Quickly in the restart (lap 7) Acuña began his full attack on Hernández position and had his reward taking the leadership a lap later. Hernández noting could do with the final speed of Acuña .

Ernesto Bessone (blew an engine in the short race) and Martínez, who started 43th. and 44th. respectively were already 22th. and 26th.

Sunday's second caution period came out on lap ten of the 24. In the restart Hernández tried to sourprise Acuña, but the leader defended and held his position.

The competition continued without changes in the first places, despite the struggle was hard and the cars very close each other, until lap 15 when Ledesma saw the hole and overtook Rafael Verna reaching the third position in the classification.

The final rush of the race had the top five drivers involved in a close fight, but Acuña had everything under his control. The leader only pushed his car in the hairpin which added to the a great engine gave him the necessary distance with Hernández to keep the leadership until the chequered flag.

Acuña`s strategy finally paid off and after the podium ceremony the winner showed his happiness: ¨You enjoy a race when you have a good car, despite the hard struggle in the track¨. With this result Acuña achieved his anual victory in TC, but he is not done yet: ¨I want a fight the championship this year¨, he completed. Time will tell if Acuña`s dream of became TC champion could be a reality.

Second place for Hernández didn`t put a smile in his face after the race: ¨Without the first Pace Car period I would hold the leadership¨ was the sad explanation. The problem in the Ford was clear: lack of speed in the engine and in that point will continue working the team.

An amazing race complete Bessone and Martínez taking 10th. and 11th. position leaving behind in the road over 30 cars. Fantastic after all.

Ledesma completed the last step of the podium and saved the honour for Chevrolet at Balcarce.

¨I did all I could and I drove all the race always in the limit of the car¨, mentioned Christian.

Different was the weekend for Guillermo Ortelli and his Chevrolet. The four times champion is not agree with the new ballast system for this season that gaves a top of 120kgs. for Chevrolet and Dodge and 70kgs for Torino and Ford.

Ortelli disputed this race with 80 kgs. He qualified 19th. and finished 13th. on sunday: ¨I don`t want a think what will happen with 120kgs.¨, he said. The problem for Ortelli was that Martínez won the pole on sunday with almost the maxium of ballast in his car.

A constant rumour in the pits was that Ortelli and the team are thinking not to participate in the next race if the situation doesn`t improve in the short future. ¨I want a have chances to fight for the victory¨, he mentioned.

35000 people were present at Balcarce which confirms the important that this circuit is for the category, but some of the problems of the past continues today: The negative was the many robberies suffered by the fans and the lack of security during all the weekend. There are always things to impove and they must be done.

The standings after four rounds still shows Ortelli in the highest with 60,5. Verna with his four place in the race jumped to second with 54 followed by Martínez (51p), Bessone (45), Emanuel Moriatis and Hernández with 44 units in the top six places.

On May 2nd. will continue the Turismo Carretera show at Buenos Aires Raceway.

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