SPRINTS: Williams Grove, PA 96-05-17 Mechanicsburg, PA Signed into the pits were 31 of the 410 Sprint cars and 27 of the Williams Grove 358 sprints. While I will not cover the 358's in depth I will provide the heat winners and...

SPRINTS: Williams Grove, PA 96-05-17 Mechanicsburg, PA Signed into the pits were 31 of the 410 Sprint cars and 27 of the Williams Grove 358 sprints. While I will not cover the 358's in depth I will provide the heat winners and the top three finishers at the end of this report. Williams Grove is a 1/2 mile semi banked clay oval with starts coming between turn three and four while restarts occur at the entrance to turn three. Heats for the 410's are ten laps with six cars to qualify. Remember that highlights from the open wheel ranks, including Williams Grove, are shown on Wednesday evening on ESPN 2 on RPM 2 night. A note about this weeks report. The action may not be reported as accurately as in the past and the laps listed might be off. The reason for this is that the scoreboard did not work at all this week so I also had to keep track of the laps as well as the leaders and the action in the pack. HEAT ONE The line up for heat one was as follows: Row 1: #117 Mike Erdley #121 Judi Bates Row 2: #10N Jeff Thompson #3 Bob Bennett Row 3: #10 Len Thompson #59 Bill Brian Jr. Row 4: #29 Dave Calaman #1 Billy Pauch Row 5: #77 Fred Rahmer #4H Robin Johnston Row 6: #7 Dave Cordier The green waved and the field was off with the #77 of Rahmer trying to make a big move down in turn one and two. It did not work and he went all the way to the wall but managed to keep it off the wall and moving. The #121 of Bates took the lead. On lap three the #10 of Len Thompson passed the #3 of Bennett in turn three. The #1 of Pauch passed the #10N of Jeff Thompson in turn three. On lap four the #1 of Pauch passed the #117 of Erdley in turn two to take second. By now Bates had pulled away from the field and had a comfortable lead. However, on lap six the #121 lost her groove in turn two which allowed the #1 of Pauch to begin to close in. On the last lap the #1 of Pauch was all over the #121 of Bates and at the start finish line they were nose to tail. This was Judi Bates second heat win at the Grove this year. The #77 of Rahmer was not running as he crossed the finish line and came to a complete stop on the back stretch. HEAT ONE QUALIFIERS #121, #1, #117, #10N, #10, #29.

HEAT TWO The line up for heat two was as follows: Row 1: #U5 Trevor Utt #07 Dave Haight Row 2: #45 Jeff Rohrbaugh #99 Tom Toedter Row 3: #39 Phil Walter #5K Mark Richard Row 4: #69K Don Kreitz Jr. #92 Kevin Gobrecht Row 5: #1J Steve Siegel #1X Rick Hench The field took the green but it was not a pretty start and the yellow immediately waved. On the restart the #U5 of Utt took the lead while the #45 of Rohrbaugh passed the #07 of Haight in turn two to take second. On lap two the #92 of Gobrecht passed two cars in turn two and moved up to fifth. On lap six Gobrecht passed the #69K of Kreitz in turn four. On lap eight Gobrecht passed the #5K of Richard at the start finish line and shortly after that the yellow came out for the #1J of Siegel who had completed a 360 degree spin and kept going. On the restart Gobrecht managed to go by the #45 of Rohrbaugh on the bottom in turn two and took second. On the final lap the #5K of Richard spun in turn four and was sitting sideways on the track and got T boned by the #1X of Hench. Both drivers were okay. The heat win went to the #U5 of Utt for his second Grove heat victory of the year. HEAT TWO QUALIFIERS #U5, #92, #45, #69K, #1J, #07.

HEAT THREE The line up for heat three was as follows: Row 1: #49 Bob Howard #77t Jess Thomas Row 2: #11a Tim Kuhn #5 Craig Eshenaur Row 3: #55 Mike Wagner #17e Cris Eash Row 4: #12 Keith Kauffman #88 Todd Shaffer Row 5: #461 Lance Dewease #15L Larry Miller The green flag waved and the #17e of Eash was on the move. In turn three Eash dove low and passed two cars to take the lead which he never relinquished. On lap one the #12 of Kauffman passed the #49 of Howard in turn three to take second. On lap two the #5 of Eshenaur passed Howard in turn two. On lap four the #88 of Shaffer passed Eshenaur on the back stretch while the #461 of Dewease passed Howard. HEAT THREE QUALIFIERS #17e, #12, #88, #5, #461, #55.

Consi The line up for the consi was as follows: Row 1: #77 Fred Rahmer #39 Phil Walter Row 2: #49 Bob Howard #59 Bill Brian Jr. Row 3: #99 Tom Toedter #77t Jess Thomas Row 4: #3 Bob Bennett #5K Mark Richard Row 5: #11a Tim Kuhn #7 Dave Cordier Row 6: #1X Rick Hench #15L Larry Miller Row 7: #4H Robin Johnston Other than the #77 of Rahmer and the #59 of Brian finishing one two nothing exciting happened during the consi. HEAT FOUR QUALIFIERS #77, #59, #39, #77t, #11a, #5K.

Feature 25 Laps Row 1: #117 Mike Erdley #U5 Trevor Utt Row 2: #121 Judi Bates #10N Jeff Thompson Row 3: #45 Jeff Rohrbaugh #5 Craig Eshenaur Row 4: #17e Cris Eash #69K Don Kreitz Jr. Row 5: #12 Keith Kauffman #1 Billy Pauch Row 6: #92 Kevin Gobrecht #88 Todd Shaffer Row 7: #10 Len Thompson #1J Steve Siegel Row 8: #461 Lance Dewease #29 Dave Calaman Row 9: #07 Dave Haight #55 Mike Wagner Row 10: #77 Fred Rahmer #59 Bill Brian Row 11: #39 Phil Walter #77t Jess Thomas Row 12: #11a Tim Kuhn #5K Mark Richard The green waved and the cars roared out of turn four and thundered down the front stretch into turn one which is when the action began. Mr. Excitement, the #88 of Todd Shaffer, flipped and went out over the guard rail and out of the track bringing out the red. Todd was in the car and talking with the rescue crew for a good amount of time before he got out of the torn up sprinter. Todd was reported to be okay but was going to be checked out by the ambulance crew. On the restart the #17e of Eash looked like he was shot out of a canon and took the lead. On lap two the #117 of Erdley got lose in turn four and over corrected trying to keep his car out of the racing groove and climbed the inside guard rail bring out the yellow. Running order: #17e, #121, #10N, #U5, #69K, #45, #5, #12, #92, #1 As the green waved again the #10N of Jeff Thompson passed the #121 of Bates in turn four while the #92 of Gobrecht passed the #5 of Eshenaur on the back stretch. On lap three the #1 of Pauch passed Eshenaur while the #U5 of Utt get very lose on the back stretch. The #69K of Kreitz passed the #10N of Thompson in turn two to take the second position as the yellow came out for the #11a of Kuhn who had managed to get sideways in turn two. The running order: #17e, #10N, #69K, #121, #12, #45, #1, #92, #77, #1J. The #69K was set back since the yellow had come out before the lap was complete. The #92 of Gobrecht had managed to get by the #1 of Pauch under the same circumstances and did not look like he wanted to give the position back. As the green waved the #92 of Gobrecht swung high to try and get around the #1 of Pauch but he got a little to high and it looked like he caught the cushion which launched his car into the air bringing out the red. Cars showing damage to their wings were the #10 and the leader the #17e. Once the green waved the passing started. The #1 of Pauch passed the #45 and the #121 in turn one and two while the #77 of Rahmer passed Pauch entering turn three by using traffic to his advantage. On lap nine Pauch finally got by the #10N of Jeff Thompson who was beginning to slid backwards. By now the #17e of Eash had a large lead on the field. On lap thirteen the #69K of Kreitz passed Rahmer on the backstretch to take third. On lap sixteen the #39 of Walter spun in turn four and was sitting sideways with the rear end resting against the inside guard rail. The big news at this time was that the #69K of Kreitz went into the pits but he did manage to rejoin the field. The running order was: #17e, #12, #77, #1, #1J. On the restart the #1 of Pauch got by the #77 of Rahmer but it did not count since the yellow came out for a spin in turn four. The #59 of Brian called it a night at this point and went into the pits. On the restart Rahmer passed the #12 of Kauffman in turn one and two when the yellow came out for Kreitz and Kauffman stopping on the track, both cars went to the pits and retired for the evening. On the restart Eash was pressured by second place Rahmer who was running the low side of the track while Eash ran the high side. By lap twenty the #1 of Pauch was closing on Rahmer who had now fallen back from Eash. On the white flag lap the cars of Pauch and Rahmer were very close and as they exited turn four to take the checkered the cars bounced off each other and the #1 of Pauch moved ahead and finished second.

TOP TEN FINISHERS #17e, #1, #77, #1J, #461, #10N, #29, #55, #45, #5

VICTORY LANE INTERVIEW This was the tenth feature win for Eash at the Grove. Cris said that he noticed his wing damage on lap five and contemplated over what to do. He decided to take and stayed out which must have been the correct choice. Cris also said that running the cushion was the key and that his crew and the crew of the #1J got together and came up with a set up which really worked. Cris also said that the yellows helped with the lapped traffic. When asked about the dog fight going on behind him Cris said that he "likes having them banging together behind me." Cris's father David Eash is listed as the car owner and said that if the wing was one of an ordinary construction it would have not stayed together. He also commented that apparently the set up worked.

358's Results Heat One: #3 Clair Wintermyer Heat Two: #14 Don Wolfe Heat Three: #66H Dale Hammaker Feature: 1.) #14 Don Wolfe 2.) #33 Jeremy Trout 3.) #66H Dale Hammaker Before the first lap was complete there was a big wreck in turn two involving six cars bringing out the red. The #88 of Dean Bush and the #a18 of Becca Anderson were tangled against the outside guard rail and two other cars flipped. Bush was complaining of leg pain and was transported to the hospital. The #a18 was unable to continue to the crowds disappointment.

TRIVIA QUESTION Last Weeks Trivia Question: What did the term "Outlaw" mean when it originated in motorsports?

The "outlaw" designation goes back to the thirties, when any driver not belonging to a racing club was considered an outlaw racer. My how times have changed!

Next Friday and Saturday night the World of Outlaws comes to Williams Grove with the Saturday night show being live on TNN. The WoO then return on Friday May 31. I do not attend the WoO shows but if you want to know the results from the WoO shows at the Grove please read the reports posted by Mr. Richard Day who handles Public Relations for the World of Outlaws. Look for my return following the June 7 show when the 410 Sprints and the NAPA Supersportsman are scheduled to appear.

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