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The Turismo Competición 2000 will start next weekend it twenty-fourth championship. The T.C. 2000, one of the touring cars series with more technology in the world is ready to iniciate very strong after the fantastic 2002 season. Let`s take a...

The Turismo Competición 2000 will start next weekend it twenty-fourth championship. The T.C. 2000, one of the touring cars series with more technology in the world is ready to iniciate very strong after the fantastic 2002 season.

Let`s take a look to the most importants teams of this great series:

Toyota Team Argentina: Is the Toyota factory team. In 2002 they had a fantastic year. They took the 1-2 in the drivers championship and of course the teams championship. In 2003 the TTA (Toyota Team Argentina) will continue with their same drivers. This will be the third season for the 2002 champion, Norberto Fontana. Fontana joined the category in 2001 after compite in Formula Nippon, F3000, Formula 1 (4 races with Sauber - Petronas in 1997) and also eleven races in CART during the 2000 season with the Della Penna Motorsport. The last experience for Norberto outsiede Argentina was last year when he tested an Opel of DTM. Fontana has 6 victories in T.C. 2000 ( four during the last season) after 26 races in the category. Now Fontana has one aim for this year: The T.C. 2000 championship.

Omar Martínez started his carreer in T.C. 2000 in 1991. Since then he ran 160 with 21 victories. His best season was in 1998 when he won the championship driving for the factory Honda team. Martínez also has 4 sub-championships in Turismo carretera. Martínez joined the TTA in the third race of 2002 after two races with the ProRacing Team with Honda. Last season Martínez finished second the championship with one victory and lots of podiums. No doubt that he is big candidate to the 2003 crown of T.C. 2000.

Honda Racing Argentina: The HRA is the factory team of Honda. After a very good 2002 season with four victories, the HRA start this year with Juan Manuel Silva and Guillermo Ortelli like in 2002. The important news of the team is that Martín Basso will run with the third Honda in replace of Esteban Tuero who left the team.

Silva finshed the last season in third position and he fought the championship until the last race against the two Toyota drivers. Silva has thirteen victories in T.C. 2000 (three of them in 2002) and one championship in 1999 with Honda. Candiate to win the championship this year.

Guillermo Ortelli had a very complicate 2002 season., with many mechanics problems while he was leading the race. Finally Guillermo took his victory in 2002 in the San Rafael race. Ortelli, four times champion of Turismo Carretera with only 29 years wants to be champion in T.C. 2000 where he only has four victories.

The third driver of the HRA for the 2003 season is Martín Basso, 27 years. In 2000 and 2001 Basso ran in the Formula Toyota Atlantic series finishing fourth the 2000 championship with one victory in Milawaukee as best result. In 2002 he went to Europe to compite in the European Formula 3000. He finished eighth the championship with a second position in his best perfonmance. Now Basso is back in Argentina. He is in a one of the best teams. Of course he must add experience bafore think in the championship, however he is candidate to be in the top ten this year and why not take a victory.

Berta Motorsport: Is the factory team of Ford. After a very difficult 2002 season making experience with the Ford Focus without any victory, the team will continue for third year with Gabriel Ponce de León and Walter Hernández. Berta Motorsport finished the 2000 and 2001 season with the 1-2 in the drivers championship with Daniel Cingolani (2000 champion) and Ponce de León (2001 champion). This results were with Ford Escort. For the 2002 Ford decided to change the Ford Escort for the Ford Focus. Last year was almost a disaster for the team. Only a couple of podiums of Hernández and Ponce de León were the best results for the champion team. Now and after the experience of last season Ford and Berta wants to be back in the fight for the championship. No doubt that Ponce de León (2001 champion) and Hernández (sub-champion in 1997 with Volskwagen and in 2001 with Ford) are excellents drivers. The question is: Will the Ford Focus be at the level to win races and championships? Time will tell.

Chevrolet Pro Racing Team: Chevrolet is back in T.C. 2000 with a factory team. Since Chevrolet decided to leave the category in 1997, the name Chavrolet continue in T.C. 2000 thanks to privates teams like the Bini Special Team, Crespi Compatición or Armellini Team. Now Chevrolet is back and they choosed the Pro Racing Team (who ran with Honda Civic until 2002) who has a lot of experience in this series. The car will be a Chevrolet Astra with Marcelo Bugliotti (owner of the Pro Racing Group) and Christian Ledesma who race with Chevrolet in Turismo Carretera since 2001 and is leading the T.C. championship after two races. The target of the Chevrolet Pro Racing Team for this season is to make experience. In the first race of the season (March 2nd. in San Luis) only Bugliotti will be racing and Ledesma will make his debut in the second competition (March 23rd. in General Roca) when the seconf car will be ready.

We can`t forget the privates teams like the GF Motorsport of Gabriel Furlán with Mitsubishi Lancer. Furlán will only have one car in his team (his) with the idea of try to fight against the factory teams. It won`t be easy. The Sport Team will have two Mitsubishi Lancer with the former F1 driver Esteban Tuero and Javier Moreiro and two Volskwagen Polo with the drivers Matías Cohen and Julián Crespo.

Fineschi Racing will continue with two Honda Civic with Oscar Fineschi and the young driver Leandro Carducci.

Belloso Competición will continue with three Ford Escort this year with Juan Pablo Satorra, Nicolás Kern and Roberto Corletta.

The former driver of the World Series Formula, Nicolás Filiberti will join the category with an Honda Civic of Saúl Lui Competition.

However the presence of the Alfa Romeo is the first race is not confirm yet.

The T.C. 2000 will have a fantastic 2003 season. All the eyes will be this weekend in the first race in the new circuit of San Luis.

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