Glenn Gault led 90 of the 100 lap AC Delco/Murray's Iceman Series feature Sunday night at Toledo Speedway. The 1st caution flew on lap 71, closing up the field. The Hubbard, Ohio driver spent the remainder of the race repelling the ...

Glenn Gault led 90 of the 100 lap AC Delco/Murray's Iceman Series feature Sunday night at Toledo Speedway. The 1st caution flew on lap 71, closing up the field. The Hubbard, Ohio driver spent the remainder of the race repelling the challenge of Harold Fair Jr., Fred Campbell, Scott Baker & Jerry Cook. Gault's car was checked for a suspected oil leak during the yellow flag period on lap 87. No leak was found & his Orange Blossom Special #32 was returned to the lead position. The American Title & Trust/Gault Heating/Tabrone's Snow King Monte Carlo remained in the lead despite a broken bleeder on a rear tire. With the win, Gault took over the points lead. Harold Fair Jr. led the initial 10 laps until Gault passed the white #71 for the lead. Fair Jr. paced Gault over the next 50 laps keeping him within sight. After a yellow flag flew on lap 71, the Redford, Michigan driver began pressuring Gault for the remaining laps while keeping Fred Campbell, Scott Baker & Jerry Cook at bay. Fair Jr. was unable to get by Gault & the driver of the Lefthander Chassis Monte Carlo settled for 2nd. Fred Campbell had another "close but no cigar" race, finishing 3rd. The Battle Creek, Michigan driver was one of the few drivers that attempted to pass in the 2nd groove. The driver of the red #61 Port City Monte Carlo attempted several passes for 2nd place but was unable to hold his outside position & forced to drop back. Jerry Cook is having his best career start in the Iceman Series. A daring outside move in turn 4 to pass Campbell coming down for the white flag was aborted when his white #21 got sideways. The driver of the Marco Pizza/DeVliss/UB Machining Thunderbird gathered it together to finish 4th. The 5th place finisher, Scott Baker, was disqualified in the post race inspection for an illegal carburetor on his Sypolt Chevrolet-Miles Farmer Market Monte Carlo. The Akron, Ohio driver lost all money & points for tonight's event. The last time a driver was disqualified in post race inspection was in 1996 when Tim Ice was found to have illegal tires on his car. The Iceman Series has had only a handful of disqualifications over it's 12 year history. Although Len Couvillon technically is not a rookie, tonight's race was only his 6th race with the series. The LaSalle, Ontario driver drove his black #12 to a 5th place finish. The driver of Southern Sign Company Grand Prix received my "Hard Charger" award, for moving up 6 positions during the race. Last week, Windsor, Ontario's Don St. Denis crashed extremely hard, taking out the front clip & the center section of his red #30. This week St. Denis in his backup car recorded his career best finish, 6th. "We had a really bad vibration about lap 65 & started dropping back. The transmission was really vibrating & I wasn't sure I'd finish the race. Other than the vibration the car handled well. The only problem I had was the lapped cars." Kenny Phillips ran well for the first 30 laps but began losing the stagger which forced his Premier Transport/Snyder Collision/Northside Auto Service Monte Carlo to get looser lap after lap. By the time the first caution flew on lap 71 he had dropped back to 5th, with the leader was only a half straightaway behind him. "The caution saved me. The right rear tire had grown by 10 pounds & the car was a real handful. It was so loose it was really hard to keep under control. I wasn't sure how long I could've held on. After fixing the air pressure the car was better, but then I had to contend with all the lapped traffic," said Phillips, who finished 7th, the final car on the lead lap. Ronnie Allen made his first start of the year tonight finishing 9th. The Lincoln Park, Michigan driver is the only driver to make at least one start in all 12 years of the Iceman Series existence. Allen raced under rough conditions tonight. He had a serious wreck in his SLM at Flat Rock Speedway Saturday night. "I'm really sore from that wreck last night, especially my neck." The driver of the S&J Asphalt/L&L Packaging Monte Carlo said. Jim Baker made his first start in the series after a 2-year absence. Baker was on hand the final race of the '97 but didn't transfer to the feature. "I was on last year's tires, so I was happy with the results. The car had a push, but we'll work on it." Baker finished 11th. Gary Camelet crashed hard at Shady Bowl & spent the week repairing his car. The crew repaired everything but the front clip itself, working on the car to 2 a.m. every day, finishing the car this morning. Camelet finished 14th. Tonight we had 4 Canadian drivers take the green flag in the Iceman 100 lap feature. We still have a couple more 'north of the border' cars registered to drive that haven't yet appeared. Welcome!!! Several drivers complained that they had problems with lapped cars racing in the groove. They said that the rookies stayed to the inside like they're suppose to, but some of the regular drivers wouldn't give way to the lead lap cars. Hopefully that problem can be solved before the next race. ROOKIE CORNER: Scott Dilloway was the top finishing rookie today, finishing a career best 14th. "We had trouble with the stagger in qualifying. The car didn't run too bad, but we lost the brakes with about 15 laps to go. I'm happy to finish." *** Making his first career start was Mike Hennessy, 18 years old. He is the 2nd youngest driver to make an Iceman start. (Andy Ponstein was only 17 years old when he ran with the series at Kalamazoo.) Hennessy tangled with Mike Hunter & Sean Sholtis in turn 1 & the trio crashed. Only Hunter was able to restart. Hennessy finished 15th, Sholtis 17th. *** Claude Plante had fast time again -- 16.05. It's the first time in the Iceman Series history a rookie has had two fast times in a row. Claude's race didn't go as planned. Rookies Brett Reaume (#77) & Plante Jr. (#16) tangled coming out of turn 4 & the pair slammed into the frontstretch wall, coming to rest nose to nose. Plante's car was retired with a bent front clip & finished 16th. Reaume's car also with front end damage also never returned finishing 19th. *** ASA regular Alec Pinsonnealt made his 1st Iceman start tonight. The Windsor, Ontario driver retired his Build-A-Mold/Trimplas /Moldplas Monte Carlo with damage suffered in an accident on lap 87, finishing 18th. *** George Rangel finished 20th after experiencing engine problems. *** Tom O'Leary debuted his #2 Grand Prix tonight finishing 22nd after experiencing mechanical woes. I can be reached at: TOLEDO SPEEDWAY MAY 24, 1998 Glenn Gault, Harold Fair Jr., Fred Campbell, Jerry Cook, Len Couvillon, Don St. Denis, Kenny Phillips, Ron Ridenour, Ronnie Allen, Mike Hunter, Jim Baker, Steve Seegott, Gary Camelet, Scott Dilloway, Mike Hennessy, Claude Plante Jr., Sean Sholtis, Alec Pinsonnealt, Brett Reaume, George Rangel, Dave Kuhlman, Tom O'Leary, Dennis Anscombe DNS: Greg Taylor, engine qualifying DISQUALIFIED: Scott Baker, illegal carburetor

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