RAMBLINGS -- BRISTOL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- Gotta be early this week.... Some of you may remember the...

RAMBLINGS -- BRISTOL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------

Gotta be early this week....

Some of you may remember the imaginary driver we created this season. Mr. Lead Lap is his name, and he's always the last car to finish on the lead lap (or, for those of you who think the glass is half-empty, the first car one lap down <G>). Has your favorite driver been swept up in too many accidents not of his own making? Has he blown about 7 engines too many ? Is he a wall-tester? Well, Mr. Lead Lap has the answer you've been seeking....Where would my driver be in the standings if he hadn't experienced all those bad breaks?

Here are his stats for the season thus far (thru race #21 - Michigan):

1 - Top -5 4 - Top-10's 12th in the Points Standings -- 2393. 16.6 Avg. Finish Position 100% Laps Completed <G> Best Finish - 4th (Richmond) Worse Finish - 27th (Sears Point & Watkins Glen)

The last time we checked on him was after Pocono (Race #13), when his average finish was 14.8 and he was 9th in the points. He's obviously falling in the standings, and as you can tell, he's no road racer either <G>. Well, there's always silly season...

Looking ahead to this weekend....since NASCAR decided that a field of 42-43 cars was acceptable on a 1/2 mile track, getting an up-front starting spot is worth more than ever. With 21 front-stretch pits, a team can't afford to leave anything to chance on Friday. If you start in the back of a field this large, when the leaders take the green, you're still in turn 3.

Some drivers under pressure this weekend include Dave Marcis & Ricky Craven. Marcis is 41st in owner points (no regular provisionals available), and Craven is out of provisionals till Richmond....and as you'll remember, he missed the spring race here when he was recuperating from his injuries sustained in practice at Texas Motor Speedway.

They've been coming to Thunder Valley since 1961, with this race being the 74th Winston Cup (nee Grand National) event at a Speedway that's been thru 3 names and more sheet metal than any co--processor could compute. Darrell Waltrip is the all-time leader in wins at Bristol with 12, Cale Yarborough had 9, and Dale Earnhardt has 8.

Somebody tell Buster to make sure the pace car is good & gassed up....I've got a feeling he may lead the most laps this weekend. It's been a while since we've seen a short-track, and some of these boys get a little antsy when you rub 'em the wrong way.

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