UK: AKA Cobra Brands Hatch final notes

PODIUMS GALORE FOR AKA COBRA AT BRANDS HATCH Bardon, Leicestershire - 20 August 2007: AKA Cobra's predicted change in fortune came true this weekend at Brands Hatch. Adam Christodoulou took two podium finishes for the team, Jeremy Metcalfe took...


Bardon, Leicestershire - 20 August 2007: AKA Cobra's predicted change in fortune came true this weekend at Brands Hatch. Adam Christodoulou took two podium finishes for the team, Jeremy Metcalfe took fourth in race one and third in race two, and Chris Holmes was awarded Driver of the Day for his best result of the season so far: a fourth-place finish in race two.

The team took second, third and fourth place in race two after the victor of which, Duncan Tappy, was excluded from the results for a technical infringement. This is the best combined result for AKA Cobra this year. Adam is now forging ahead at the top of the Graduate Cup standings and stands fourth in the overall Championship table. Jeremy is close behind in sixth, with Chris in ninth and Nathan Caratti in 15th.

Adam Christodoulou:
Race 1: Qualified 5th, Finished 4th
Race 2: Qualified 3rd, Finished 3rd, promoted to 2nd, plus fastest race lap in Graduate Cup

"Fifth place in first qualifying was actually disappointing for me as I had been fastest at one point but could only get to fifth at the end. I waited until halfway through the second session to go out and got a good run which put me in third so I was a lot happier with that. It had rained quite heavily before the first race but as the rain had stopped we set the car up for a drying track. I was able to take fourth from (Richard) Singleton in the opening laps, then it rained again and I had to work hard to make sure I kept him behind me. Race two was dry and I got a good start, maintaining third place. The only real opportunity to pass at Brands Indy is on the opening lap so all I could do after that was keep the pressure on (Will) Bratt and wait for him to make a mistake. The safety car closed us all up and at the restart I had another go but I couldn't get by, so I kept the pressure on whilst keeping a close eye on Jeremy who was behind me. The points I got for second place are a big help in the Graduate Cup standings so I was very happy with the result. I think the team and the drivers are getting stronger now; this weekend was a real high point for me."

Jeremy Metcalfe:
Race 1: Qualified 14th, Finished 11th
Race 2: Qualified 4th, Finished 4th, promoted to 3rd

"Fourth was a decent result in the second race, I felt I was definitely quicker than Adam (Christodoulou) and especially into the corners but it's so difficult to pass here. To find out I've been promoted to the podium because of (Duncan) Tappy's exclusion is obviously a boost although you'd rather achieve it on the track. Nonetheless, the extra points are welcome and on drop scores we're just a single point outside the championship top five now. It's a shame the first qualifying session was so disappointing but we did at least make up some ground in the race itself and to gain a few places was as much as we could realistically have hoped for."

Chris Holmes:
Race 1: Qualified 15th, Finished 17th
Race 2: Qualified 7th, Finished 5th, promoted to 4th. Plus Driver of the Day award.

"The car was good in the wet in the first qualifying session; I was third for a while then I stuck at around seventh for a long time. When the track began to dry I struggled with the front end of the car and could only get as high as 15th. I took heart from the fact that Jeremy (Metcalfe) was only one place ahead but I think we both would have preferred a better result than that. The second session was very close and I was pleased to take seventh and my car was feeling very good by that point. I got up to 13th at the start of race one and later, when I made a move on Dean Smith for 12th, I got through, but then slid wide at Druids and lost places. I struggled with the car as the track dried out and decided to concentrate and bringing it home safely as I knew race two was going to be good. I went straight through the middle of Smith and (Kris) Loane at the start. They squeezed me but I made it through from seventh to fifth. The car felt great and the work I did on the warm up lap, getting heat into the tyres, really paid off. I could stay with the lead battle and had a great race. I was never really able to challenge Jeremy who was just ahead but I'm pleased with the result. Winning Driver of the Day was a bonus too! I'm looking forward to Donington now. I've never raced in front of so many people before so it's a new experience for me and I can't wait."

Nathan Caratti:
Race 1: Qualified 18th, Finished 15th
Race 2: Qualified 13th, DNF

"The first qualifying session started wet and I was able to run comfortably inside the top ten. As the track dried though I couldn't go any faster so I think I must have overheated my tyres. The second session was dry but again I didn't get the most out of the tyres. The times were so close; there was only a tenth in it between Chris (Holmes) in seventh and me in 13th. I made up a couple of spots at the start of race one and, with overtaking being so tough at Brands Indy, I couldn't make up any more and finished 15th. Race two was unfortunate as I got another good start but had a bit of understeer going into Paddock Hill Bend. About half way through the race I got a wheel in the dirt and went off. All in all a disappointing weekend and I hope the last few races of the year go better for me."

Andrew Kirkaldy:

"That was a very successful weekend for the team; it's good to have all the drivers up there doing well. Adam has now stretched his lead in the Graduate Cup which was important and it was also gratifying to see Chris get a good result. As a team we had a hard time in the changing conditions of the first qualifying session but we showed we can get the job done in the second session. This was reflected in the results of race two so we're pretty happy overall."

-credit: aka cobra

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