PA: Sunshine State Shootout announced

Pan Am Formula Renault Championship to stage Sunshine State Shootout (8 March 05)--Pan Am Formula Renault Championship will host a four-day, three-race shoot out for over $90,000 in series related prizes, officials announced today. The event...

Pan Am Formula Renault Championship to stage Sunshine State Shootout

(8 March 05)--Pan Am Formula Renault Championship will host a four-day, three-race shoot out for over $90,000 in series related prizes, officials announced today. The event will take place March 28-31 at Homestead Miami Speedway's 2.3-mile infield road course, and utilize the 2.0-liter Formula Renault platform to the 2003-specification.

The event will also host the first significant testing of the Formula Renault V6 platform on North American soil, with over a dozen examples of the high-technology platform slated to be on hand with track time set aside for testing. Interested drivers are encouraged to contact teams to reserve time in the cars in advance.

With three days of on-track activity for the Sunshine State Shootout, there will be significant seat time available in the 2.0-liter Formula Renaults to the participating drivers for their $500 entry fee. Several practice sessions will run in advance of two qualifying sessions to set the grid for the first two races. The third race will be set by an aggregate of the first two qualifying sessions. There will be three races, with two utilizing a standing start, and a third with the "Indianapolis-style" rolling start.

The driver with the two best results from the three races will win a prize package valued at over $90,000 in a 'winner take all' format. The prize package includes free Michelin tires for the entire 2005 Pan American Formula Renault 2.0-liter season, credit for the freight costs for all series-organized tests and races, and all race and test entry fees will be waived. The award will go to the team-driver combination, and will not be transferable to other teams.

While the top driver-team combination will take the big prize, other teams will benefit as well, as the top twenty percent of participating teams will receive the 2004-update kit as awards after the event.

"This will be a great way to get our 2005 season underway," said Pan American Formula Renault director Allen Berg. "For a very small entry fee, drivers will get a lot of time in the car, as well as a shot at getting a significant portion of their budget covered for the season. It's a good chance for interested drivers to check out the category and experience these amazing cars first-hand. It's also going to be an excellent chance for drivers who have already signed on for the 2005 season to get some testing done to prepare for the season."

The Pan Am Formula Renault Series will host two championships for the 2005 season, with one utilizing the 2.0-liter Formula Renault platform, and a second concurrent championship featuring the high-technology Formula Renault V6. The eight-round Championship will be contested in Canada, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Costa Rica. The Championships are part of the structured Renault ladder to Formula 1, with the 2.0 liter Formula Renault platform providing the entry level for young racers, and the Formula Renault V6 being the next step up in speed and complexity.

The series, which has no ties to any organization that has utilized the Formula Renault chassis in any of the Pan American markets, is recognized by and supported in partnership with Renault Sport of France. Renault is totally dedicated to the success of drivers participating in the full ladder of Renault championships, and the prize structure demonstrates their commitment to the future, designed to promote the drivers who find success and help them move up the motorsports ladder.

The series is intended to provide value to the drivers and teams participating, and cost-containment is a central goal of the Championships. In addition to the ban on in-season testing, the goal of cost-containment will also be addressed by the series being operated as a "container series," meaning that Series organizers will manage the logistics of transporting the cars from race to race. This will allow a new generation of team owners to participate, as it precludes the need for significant capital investment in many of the elements (such as transporters or a shop) which were traditionally required to operate a race team.

The full season schedule is currently being finalized, and the series is expected to make additional announcements in the coming weeks. Prospective teams and drivers can find additional information at


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