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Felix Da Costa takes NEC title 2009 at Nuerburgring By taking the win during the second race of the weekend, Antonio Felix Da Costa has written his name on the 2009 Northern European Cup. The World Series by Renault was host to the two best...

Felix Da Costa takes NEC title 2009 at Nuerburgring

By taking the win during the second race of the weekend, Antonio Felix Da Costa has written his name on the 2009 Northern European Cup. The World Series by Renault was host to the two best races of the season this far, containing a maximum of battles for position and ultimately overtaking manoeuvres during both races on Sunday the 20th of September.

The first race for the Formula Renault 2.0 NEC was also the first one of the day on the early Sunday morning. Nineteen 2-litre single-seaters were gathered at the pre-grid to compete for the thirteenth race of the season. The conditions were promising, as the weather was dry and sunny, but because of the early morning there were still a lot of wet spots on track.

Because of the full programme of the World Series organized by Renault Sport, both races of the Northern European Cup were as mentioned before scheduled for the Sunday of the event. 90.000 Visitors came to the ring, (lovingly called the 'Green Hell') in the German Eiffel to watch the Formula Renault 2.0 EUROCUP, NEC, MEGANE TROPHY and the Formula Renault 3.5 litres.

Danish Kevin Magnussen had set the fasted time during qualification and could enjoy his first pole position in the Northern European Cup. When the lights went off, he shortly lost his position to Daniel de Jong, who had a much better start and took the lead for the first few meters. It was a short lead however, as Magnussen had left on new tires and was able to regain first position in the first corner. Daniel manages to stand the pressure of Kuba Giermaziak in third position for a long time, but finally has to let him pass in the fifth lap of the race. During the remaining time of the race Brazilian Pipo Derani tried the same magic trick as Kuba Giermaziak, but could not manage to pass by the young Dutch driver.

After the 25 minutes of race one were over, there were two premieres to celebrate; the first one being Magnussen, gaining his first win in Formula Renault 2.0 NEC and secondly Daniel de Jong and his first time on the NEC podium.

Meanwhile, Antonio Felix Da Costa had started from pit lane, in order to save his car and chances in the EUROCUP championship later that day. His last starting position offered him the chance to show why he became this year's champion, passing seven cars in just four laps. Finally, when the chequered flag was shown after the full thirteen laps he finished in sixth position. Although he managed to overtake an impressive number of thirteen cars, sixth position was not enough to secure the title on Sunday morning. Yet.

The second race was a truly amazing one. Because of the reversed grid for the first eight, young Estonian Kevin Korjus could start his 14th race of an already remarkable season from pole position. The start was marked by Pipo Derani, who had a problem and did not move from his starting place. Kuba Giermaziak, who was on the starting line directly behind him, did not anticipate to this situation immediately and hit his Brazilian teammate full on his rear wing. Both drivers had to leave the race before actually really having started and the safety car had to be brought on track to clean the track of several parts of bodywork.

When the safety car left after being there for two full laps, the fight for the top was opened. Adrian Quaife - Hobbs and Antonio Felix Da Costa had already managed to pass Korjus just before the safety car came in, and both drivers were fighting very hard for that first position in the race. Antonio had already put his car several times next to the one of his British teammate, before he managed to finally overtake him in the 5th lap of the race.

The front-runners of the Northern European Cup had never been so close to each other, proven by the fact that the complete top five came nearly side- by-side across the start/finish line in the fifth lap of the race. Bart Hylkema, who had done some very good business after the safety car had left the track, managed to secure a third position in this battle for the podium. Felix da Costa, Quaife - Hobbs and Hylkema could find their way to the podium in that order, to collect their cups and champagne.

Felix Da Costa, having had a tough weekend in combination with the EUROCUP, was very excited with his win, scoring another 30 points for the championship. By doing so, he has managed to have 73 points more than Kevin Magnussen in second place. Since the Northern European Cup only has 2 races and 60 points to give left, it is not possible for any of the competitors to pass him anymore.

The eight and last round of the Formula Renault 2.0 Northern European Cup will be held during the Racing Festival at Spa - Francorchamps, during the 3rd and 4th of October 2009.

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