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Sabol and Ingham Take Portland 2 Liter Victories Livernash Gets First 1600 Win; Skerlong on Top in the Rain By Travis Braun Derek Sabol of Team Bucknum took Saturday's Formula TR 2 liter event win at Portland International Raceway on June 4th...

Sabol and Ingham Take Portland 2 Liter Victories
Livernash Gets First 1600 Win; Skerlong on Top in the Rain
By Travis Braun

Derek Sabol of Team Bucknum took Saturday's Formula TR 2 liter event win at Portland International Raceway on June 4th while Seth Ingham held onto a rain filled race win on Sunday.

Snake Livernash in his Speed Secrets's machine claimed his first 1600 class victory in the dry on Saturday, while Carl Skerlong of Odyssey Motorsports kept his car on the track in the rain to claim Sunday's 1600 win.

At the green flag of Saturday's 2 liter race, third place starter Ken Lee hooked wheels with another car, taking pole sitter Seth Ingham's rear wing off and bringing out the caution. This gave Derek Sabol the lead after the restart with Chris Tryon of Tryon Racing in second. Young Sabol took the checkered flag under caution for an incident in turn four while Tryon maintained second place. Ingham managed to salvage his car and hold on for a third place finish with no rear wing.

"This was a mayhem race for the 2 liters," Sabol commented. "Unfortunately Ingham kind of got taken out by Ken Lee, and this put him further back in the pack. This helped me out, though, and I was able to win the race."

Ingham had this to say after the race, "I was on pole and going into the first turn one of the guys from the back climbed over another guy and landed on the back end of my car and ripped my rear wing off and flattened my left rear tire. . Then I ran wingless the rest of the race and ended up third place."

The skies opened up for Sunday's 2 liter race, drenching the track and making for an interesting battle. Pole sitter Seth Ingham of Odyssey Motorsports held his lead into turn one over Derek Sabol. On lap four the field was red flagged due to an incident in the 1600 class. After the restart, Ingham kept his car on the track to take the win with Sabol in second and Dustin Welch of Welch Racing rounding out the podium.

After the race Ingham recalled, "I was leading on the first lap when they had the first full course caution. . Then I had the lead after the restart and pulled away and finished the race with almost a half a lap lead."

Sabol remarked, "It was a pretty fun race considering I haven't been in the rain before. It was a new experience for me. . I was fortunate that I was able to stay out on the track.

"The track was real slick," Welch said. "The cars were flying off the track everywhere. I'm glad I could keep it on the track to get third place."

Saturday's 1600 race began with pole sitter Adam Davis relinquishing the lead to third place starter Snake Livernash in the famous festival chicane. Livernash held onto the lead until the race finished under full course caution with Carl Skerlong in second and Davis in third. Danielle Dickson claimed fourth place with George Latus holding on for the masters' race victory.

"After the festival I was in first place," Livernash commented. "I was able to keep first place through the whole race until a full course yellow. The race ended under full course yellow and I was in first place. . I'd like to thank all the guys from Speed Secrets."

Skerlong remarked, "At the start of the race it was questionable if Livernash jumped the start or not. I got third on the start and then passed Davis. Then we went yellow the rest of the way."

The start of Sunday's wet 1600 race had Adam Davis starting from the pole again with Carl Skerlong in second. On lap four Auston Harris racing for CT Motorsport and Livernash collected each other and brought out a red flag, handing over the lead to Skerlong. After the restart Skerlong held on for the victory with Philip Metzger of PM Motorsports coming in second and Dickson in her Speed Secrets's machine rounding out the podium. Masters' race entrant George Latus won the masters' division while coming in second overall.

"The race was really good considering how it started," Skerlong said. "Blankers went into the side of Nixon and wrecked both cars. On the restart I was third. Then Livernash and Harris connected and I got into the lead. Then they red flagged it and I restarted on pole and drove it to the finish."

Latus had this to say after the race, "Of course, being almost a native Oregonian, I've done a lot of racing and practicing in the rain, so I kind of understand driving in the rain, especially on this track. . This worked well for me. I drove my usual rain line race and had a great day."

"I love the rain," Dickson smiled after the race. ". . We spun out probably five times. It was horrible, but I was not ready to give it up and I just pushed for it. Then I found out I was third. I was so excited I made it onto the podium."

The ninth and tenth rounds of the Formula TR series are at Thunderhill Park on June 25th and 26th.

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