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Odyssey Motorsports takes PIR by storm By Travis Braun Seth Ingham and Carl Skerlong of Odyssey Motorsports claimed the 2 liter and 1600 class wins for both days in the Formula TR series on May 21st and 22nd at Phoenix International Raceway.

Odyssey Motorsports takes PIR by storm
By Travis Braun

Seth Ingham and Carl Skerlong of Odyssey Motorsports claimed the 2 liter and 1600 class wins for both days in the Formula TR series on May 21st and 22nd at Phoenix International Raceway. Ingham held off John Knudsen in the 110 plus degree heat for the two 2 liter victories while Skerlong claimed 1600.

Saturday's 2 liter race began with pole sitter John Knudsen holding the lead into turn one followed by Ingham. With not even five laps in the book Ingham pulled out going down the straight and took the top spot from Knudsen. Ingham managed to pull out to an eighteen second lead before taking the checkered flag over Knudsen. Derrick Sabol driving for Team Bucknum worked his way past 1600 graduate and 3rd place qualifier Ken Lee to make the podium.

Ingham had this to say after his dominating victory, "Even with the 110 plus degree temperature the car was pretty much awesome and I could drive it wherever I wanted. . . . Three laps into the race I passed Knudsen going down the straightaway. Then the only thing I had to fight off the rest of the race was lapped traffic."

"Ingham completed the pass and I ran with him for the next couple laps," Knudsen commented. "I tried to make another move on him but I was unable to pull it off. . . . Hopefully race number two will go better."

Sabol commented after the race, "I started from the back because I hit the wall in practice and broke the right front corner off the car . . . . It ended up being a pretty good race; I just wish I could have been closer to Knudsen and Ingham."

In Sunday's race, Knudsen, who qualified in second, got the jump on pole sitter Ingham into turn one and took the lead. The veteran was only able to hold off Ingham for three laps, though, as Ingham went on to capture the victory. After having a close race with Ken Lee, Derek Sabol made his way up to the back of Knudsen's Knudsen Racing machine, but ran out of time due to a heat-shortened race.

"Knudsen got the jump going into turn one and made the pass on me," Ingham recalled. "Three laps later I passed him going down the straight away, and, with a car that was handling killer, I pulled away to almost a 14 second lead."

Sabol later commented, "It took me about two laps to get past Ken Lee, but I finally pressured him into a mistake. Then I was starting to catch back up to Knudsen because he was getting caught up by traffic. . . . I think that if the race were not shortened I could have had a good shot at getting past him."

At the green flag of Saturday's 1600 race, 14 year old Auston Harris driving for CT Motorsport took the lead into turn one from his third place qualifying position. The stewards, however, felt that Harris had jumped the start and, after getting shown the black flag, had to relinquish the lead to pole sitter Adam Davis. With fewer than five laps in the books, Davis unfortunately lost control of his Welch Racing machine in the hairpin, giving Skerlong the lead. Skerlong was never challenged again as he took the victory over Snake Livernash's Speed Secrets machine and Davis who settled for third.

After the race Skerlong explained, "I followed Davis for three laps and then he spun in the hairpin. I then had a five second lead and pretty much drove it to the finish and ended up with a seven second lead."

"It was hot out there," Livernash said. ". . . . I made a mistake while I was running in third and Metzger passed me. Then he spun and I got around him, and Adam spun and that got me into second."

Davis commented. "I spun out and went back to about sixth place. I had to work my way back up from sixth to third and then ran out of laps to catch up to second and first. It was pretty much a day of catch up."

The start of Sunday's 1600 race had pole sitter Carl Skerlong taking the lead with Davis falling into second. Livernash ran comfortably in third with Danielle Dickson, the first female in Formula TR history, making her way into fourth position. After technical problems on Saturday, she had to sit out the race, but made up for it in Sunday's event. It was all Skerlong, though, as he dominated over the 1600 field with Davis in second and Livernash and Dickson rounding out the top four. Kerry Lynch of Knudsen Racing claimed Sundays, as well as Saturdays, 1600 masters' race victories.

Skerlong had this to say of the heat-shortened event, "Adam Davis was right behind me almost the whole race. I pulled away for about two laps and then I over shot turn one a little bit and he caught back up. . . . Odyssey Motorsports worked well all weekend. The system is working well so we'll see if we can keep it the rest of the season."

Davis said after the race, "For the whole race I was right on Skerlong's tail, keeping the pressure on and making sure that no matter which mirror he was looking in, he would be able to see me right there waiting. As Carl and I were so close in speed, it was hard to make a move without risking both of our positions, so we finished in the same positions that we went into turn one with."

Livernash explained his third place finish, "About the fourth lap the car developed a lot of overseer on the exit in just about every corner. I was losing about four tenths of a second a lap and really hanging on. At the halfway point I decided I wasn't making any ground up, so I backed off and just made sure that I finished third and collected points. I want to say awesome job to Danielle for fourth place."

The next Formula TR event is at Portland International Raceway on June 4th and 5th.

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