EU Megane: Valencia race one summary

Heylen makes his mark It was at the end of a short but action-packed sprint of a race that Jan Heylen (Racing for Belgium) took the first true race counting towards the Eurocup Mégane Trophy. The Belgian finished ahead of the pole position man...

Heylen makes his mark

It was at the end of a short but action-packed sprint of a race that Jan Heylen (Racing for Belgium) took the first true race counting towards the Eurocup Mégane Trophy. The Belgian finished ahead of the pole position man Renaud Derlot (TP Competition) and Ludovic Badey (Pouchelon Racing).

The race however did have to be stopped at the end of lap one when the Race Director decided that the rolling start procedure had not be followed correctly. Everything went fine on the second attempt and Renaud Derlot was first into the opening bend.

At the end of lap one, the TP Competition driver was still in front ahead of the two leading Racing for Belgium cars, Cesar Campaniço and Jan Heylen respectively. At this point, Ludovic Badey was in fourth behind this pair. Then, on lap two, Campaniço, under pressure from Heylen, span his car.

Now in third, Badey was having to withstand considerable pressure from Angel Burgueño (Team Elias) and Jeffrey Van Hooydonk (Thierry Boutsen Racing). The Pouchelon Racing driver managed to get away from his rivals and pull back up to Heylen. Alone at the front of the field, Derlot was increasing his lead with every lap.

Wim Coekelbergs, driver/manager of the Racing for Belgium team, span on lap three but was able to rejoin the race.

In fifth, Simon Abadie (Tech 1 Racing) was putting up a good fight to hold off Santiago Porteiro (Porfesa Competicion) and his teammate Mathieu Lahaye. But Porteiro finally found a way past Abadie on lap 4.

Meanwhile, Frédéric Gabillon (Team Lompech Sport) was impressively making his way up though the field. Mike Parisy was just one of the drivers to fall victim to Gabillon, who must have been drawing on his past experience of some of the finest moments in the Clio V6 Trophy!

Jan Heylen caught and passed Derlot with a confident overtaking manoeuvre on lap 5. The Belgian was then well on his way to a first victory in the Eurocup Mégane Trophy. Luis Miguel Reyes, who was holding onto a place in the top 10, then made an error which let through Kuppens, Gabillon, Parisy, Dhouailly and several others.

The victory in the Junior category went to Mathieu Lahaye who came home ahead of Mike Parisy (Gemo Sport) and Sébastien Dhouailly (Team Lompech Sport).

Jan Heylen: "It was a strange race. I'm sorry about what happened to Cesar, but he made a mistake and tried to close the door while I was already going past. In any case, its nice to get started in the Eurocup with a victory."

Renaud Derlot: "My objective in the Eurocup Mégane Trophy is to get onto the podium as many times as possible. So this is a good result for me."

Ludovic Badey: "Third is not a bad result for me. Far from it! Every point is important and I'm happy to have bagged some points in the very first race."

<pre> Race 1

POS DRIVER              NAT     TEAM                    LAPS    TIME            GAP
1   J.HEYLEN            BEL     Racing for Belgium      6       10'06.868
2   R.DERLOT            FRA     TP Competition          6       10'07.716       0,848
3   L.BADEY             FRA     Pouchelon Racing        6       10'09.451       2,583
4   A.BURGUEÑO          ESP     Team Elias              6       10'12.470       5,602
5   J.V.HOOYDONK        BEL     Thierry Boutsen Racing  6       10'12.621       5,753
6   S.PORTEIRO          ESP     Porfesa Competición     6       10'15.878       9,01
7   S.ABADIE            FRA     Tech 1 Racing           6       10'16.085       9,217
8   M.LAHAYE            FRA     Tech 1 Racing           6       10'17.144       10,276
9   R.KUPPENS           BEL     Thierry Boutsen Racing  6       10'17.844       10,976
10  F.GABILLON          FRA     Team Lompech Sport      6       10'18.177       11,309
11  M.PARISY            FRA     Gemo Sport              6       10'19.500       12,632
12  S.DHOUAILLY         FRA     Team Lompech Sport      6       10'19.898       13,03
13  P.PETIZ             POR     Oregon Team             6       10'23.143       16,275
14  A.ARISTI            ESP     Epsilon Euskadi         6       10'24.386       17,518
15  M.BENZ              SUI     Iris Racing             6       10'25.564       18,696
16  L.REYES             ESP     Team Elias              6       10'25.936       19,068
17  F.VERSCHUUR         NED     Equipe Verschuur        6       10'28.372       21,504
18  B.TEN BRINKE        NED     Equipe Verschuur        6       10'33.204       26,336
19  J.MALLAT            LBN     TP Competition          6       10'33.689       26,821
20  P.MACE              FRA     TP Competition          6       10'34.248       27,38
21  A.MAYERL            AUT     Senn Motorsport         6       10'36.258       29,39
22  J.COPPENS           FRA     TP Competition          6       10'39.516       32,648
23  L.LLOBET            ESP     Saturn Motorsport       6       10'44.729       37,861
24  N.GIANNIBERTI       ITA     Oregon Team             6       10'52.478       45,61
25  W.COEKELBERGS       BEL     Racing for Belgium      6       10'56.568       49,7
26  V.FERNANDEZ         ESP     Saturn Motorsport       6       11'04.380       57,512
27  P.BALLAY            FRA     Energy Racing           5        9'00.976       1 lap
NC  J.RAVIER            FRA     Epsilon Euskadi         4        7'24.731       2 laps
NC  C.CAMPANIÇO         POR     Racing for Belgium      1        1'44.172       5 laps


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