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Vandoorne yet again The RACB National Team driver repeats his exploit of the previous day, adding this to a perfect weekend. Leader since the beginning of the season, the Belgian driver had stayed aside during the last stage. Now, in Germany,...

Vandoorne yet again

The RACB National Team driver repeats his exploit of the previous day, adding this to a perfect weekend. Leader since the beginning of the season, the Belgian driver had stayed aside during the last stage. Now, in Germany, he has largely come back in points and therefore made an important step towards the final title of champion. Such as happy, Paul-Loup Chatin climbs onto the podium for the first time, in 2nd position, in front of Franck Matelli, now 3rd of the Championship behind Norman Nato.

The academicians open the Sunday races of the World Series by Renault. Victim of electric failures on his single-seater, Jean-Baptiste Lahaye goes back to the pits to change his frame. He therefore dashes from the pitlane. At the extinction of lights, the pole man Stoffel Vandoorne maintains his favorable position in spite of Norman Nato's magnificent take-off. The first corner goes perfectly well, the order of the starting grid being maintained, but Franck Matelli and Alexandre Mantovani are already fighting over 4th position. As for Norman Nato, he prepares his attack to seize the commands of the race. He passes but exits too largely, leaving not only Stoffel Vandoorne to regain his owning but also leaving Paul-Loup Chatin to squeeze in. Alexandre Mantovani makes a mistake and ends up in the gravel pit. He is able to hoist himself out but regains the group in last position. At the same moment, Pierre Nicolet returns to the pits and has to remain there (broken triangle). Valentin Simonet unfortunately comes and adds him name to the abandon list because of a twisted rod.

At the head of the race, Stoffel Vandoorne begins to build his advance on the 4 grouped drivers who are Chatin-Nato-Matelli and Lanchere. Behind them, Nicolas De Moura drives along solo whereas some meters farther, Pierre Sancinéna firmly contains Mathieu Jaminet. But the spectators now carry their attention towards Norman Nato and Franck Matelli who are fighting for a place on the podium. The latter looks for the slightest mistake and eventually seizes his chance in the straight of the pits following a gap on behalf of the former French FFSA Go-kart Team driver. This fight allows Paul Lanchere to return on Norman Nato, just like the fight between Sancinéna and Jaminet allows Alexandre Anezo to stick to the group. However, neither of them are able to make the most of this. Jean-Baptiste Lahaye carries a successful attack on Tristan Papavoine for the 12th position but the end of the race is near and he therefore won't be able to do any better. In the following lap, it is Alexandre Jouannem-Sivan who succeeds in taking advantage on Tristan Papavoine; this will be the last overtake before the chequered flag.

Stoffel Vandoorne therefore signs his 2nd victory in Hockenheim, his 6th of the season, Paul-Loup Chatin celebrates his very first podium and, once again, Franck Matelli steps onto the 3rd step of the podium. Norman Nato pockets the points of 4th place in front of Paul Lanchere. The young Nicolas De Moura does his best result of the season. Pierre Sancinéna and Mathieu Jaminet follow, with Alexandre Anezo and Maxime Raphoz closing the first part of the board. This is the second time they enter into points. We must note the magnificent race of the young Italian driver from the Draco Drivers Development programme, Giada De Zen, who finishes at the door of the Top Ten.

Stoffel Vandoorne : " I couldn't have hoped better, this is a perfect weekend. This 2nd race was a lot harder especially at the beginning as Norman Nato seemed very pressing behind. I then had to manage but what can I say expect that I am really thrilled and can't wait to get to Silverstone. "

Paul-Loup Chatin : " My first podium at last! Like yesterday, I often come very close but it is a delightful feeling to step onto it. This was a good weekend for me and I hope to continue. I am aiming the Top 5, it will be very difficult taking into account my competitors but this podium has given me hope for the rest to come. "

Franck Matelli : " It was hard for me to get into the rhythm at the beginning of the race, I wasn't fast enough - but little by little, I was able to do better. In any case, these two podiums are very satisfying and I also hope to reiterate in Silverstone and why not, do even better!"

-source: renault sport

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