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Why the German giants are flocking to Formula E

Mercedes, Audi, BMW and Porsche have incredible motorsport heritage between them, but we've yet to see all four head-to-head. That's what will happen in Formula E in the coming years, and the implications are both tantalising and daunting.

“When have we seen, in the history of racing, Mercedes against Audi against BMW against Porsche? I don’t know if we ever have, but that sounds pretty damn exciting. That’s going to get massively good to watch.”

This is Nico Rosberg getting ever-so-slightly excited at the prospect of the four titans of German automotive manufacturing going head to head (to head to head) in Formula E within the next 18 months. As well he might, for in an improbably short space of time, the all-electric race series has gone from being an intriguing technical curio to a racing and tech-innovation showcase that carmakers simply can’t ignore.

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