How will Formula E crash affect Heidfeld and Prost at Rebellion?

Nick Heidfeld and Nicolas Prost must put the Beijing clash behind them as they prepare for the next WEC race, and it appears they have.

This weekend, Prost and Heidfeld are going to have to put their Beijing crash in the past as they prepare to be co-drivers in the next round of the World Endurance Championship. 

The duo, along with Mathias Beche, have won the LMP1-L class in all three races contested in 2014 thus far. After a three month hiatus, the series returns to action this weekend with the Six Hours of COTA.

(I thought) he’s not going to try anything stupid, but he tried a suicide jump.

Nicolas Prost on Heidfeld's move immediately after wreck

Immediately following the accident, we saw an unscathed Heidfeld pull himself from his mangled machine and then bolting in Prost's direction. They had a heated discussion and failed to see eye-to-eye.

Heidfeld was at a loss for words while Prost, to the surprise of many, blamed Nick. Prost was quoting as saying, “It was the last corner, I saw that he was pretty far, so I just brake in the middle thinking, you know, he’s not going to try anything stupid, but he tried a suicide jump. Then I moved to the right but he already hit my wheel and it was too late.”

Smoothing things over

He later apologized and took responsibility for the violent wreck. Both drivers seem to have moved on from the incident, at least that's how it appears, but one has to wonder, what was Prost thinking? He wasn't anywhere close to the corner to have been going for the apex, he knew by that time that Heidfeld was there, so the question regarding his intentions with that move remain in doubt.

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