Formula E introduces F1-style VSC

The FIA Formula E championship has announced the introduction of a Full Course Yellow (FCY) system for season two of the all-electric series.

The race director will have the power to declare a FCY period under which the racers will have to maintain 50kph.

In addition, the drivers will have to keep the gap to the car ahead of them unchanged.

The FCY is essentially Formula 1's Virtual Safety Car, which mitigates the effect of stoppages on race strategies and keeps gaps between drivers intact.

The race director may still bring out the safety car following FCY if the problem remains unsolved and requires further attention.

Drivers will be allowed to pit during FCY, but the limit of 50kph will be applied in the pitlane as well.

Revised penalty system

Formula E also announced a revised penalty system, giving the stewards' four options to penalise the drivers, namely - a five-second time penalty, added to either the pit stop time or the final result; a 10-second penalty, which is implemented the same way; a drive-through penalty; a 10-second stop and go penalty.

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