Formula E, an interactive racing experience spoke with Alejandro Agag, the CEO of Formula E holdings about the upcoming Formula E championship.

Formula E has been looking for ways to provide fans with a fresh new racing series. From it's electric only nature, all the way down to the way the series delivers racing to the common fan.

According to Alejandro Agag, the CEO of Formula E Holdings, the series is aiming to create an interactive experience on both television and at the track.

One of the most unique points he covered was that fans will be able to vote to give their favourite driver a boost during the race, giving them a vested interest in the event.

It will not be quiet. There will be quite a cool noise, and different from what everybody expects.

Alejandro Agag

"We have to use the unique technical points that electrical has," said Agag. "You can administer the amount of energy that goes out of the battery to the motor during the race. We can make the sport interactive up to a point that has never been done before. Fans can vote for their driver to have an extra boost during the race. This will happen during the week before the race, and it will be made public minutes before the race. The kids who have voted will have a vested interest in the race."

360° camera technology with

Formula E, in conjunction with have been working on a 360° camera technology that would be present on every car during the race. This 360° view will be recording and streaming the entire race from every angle via an app scheduled to be released before the first event.

This technology will allow fans to chose exactly how they watch the event and who they ride along with.

"This technology is an amazing technology. You can basically watch whatever angle you want, any angle of the action you want. You can do around watch backwards forwards, to the side," said Agag. "Everything is interactive today. Young fans don't like to watch anymore, they want to participate. The 360 camera will give this possibility to fans, its a fantastic tool for us to use."

No quiet racing

While both streaming coverage and conventional television coverage will be provided, and while many people think the racing will be quiet, Agag claims the sound at the track will be "cool."

"It will not be quiet. There will be quite a cool noise, and different from what everybody expects. We want to be more than a racing event. We will do a whole show around it. Electronic music will play an important role at our events, before the race, after the race, and during the race," he said. "We want to attract families, they can come because the noise is not so loud. There is a whole day of entertainment, parties and concerts."

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