Buemi concerned by revamped Formula E qualifying format

Sebastien Buemi believes that the new Formula E qualifying format could lead to drivers' best laps being frequently ruined by on-track incidents not of their own making.

The initial qualifying group runs have been shortened to just six minutes for season two of the all-electric championship, leaving time only for an outlap, a warm-up lap at 170kW and a quick lap at 200kW.

“I’m not against it, but the only thing I can see wrong is having just one lap in the group session," Buemi told Motorsport.com. "For me, it is difficult because, if you get traffic or a yellow flag, you might not even be able to do a flying lap.

“That means you could get screwed pretty easily if you can’t do your lap without any delay like this.”

The fastest drivers from the four sessions will go through to the Super Pole shoot-out, where drivers will take turns attempting a flyer.

“The idea of a Super Pole is a good one and the organisers should be applauded as the fans will love it, but as I say - having to get there on one lap with five cars together could cause problems,” Buemi said.

As for the competitive side of things, with season two fast approaching, Buemi believes that there is uncertainty regarding the balance of power between the series' teams.

“A lot is fresh with new structure in our team but we are looking okay with the testing we have done so far," said the Swiss. "However, we tested at Donington, which is very different to a street track like Beijing.

“I think you will see it quite close between the teams as the battery power is still the same. Thermal management will be a lot less because the battery will be able to go a lot higher in temperature and the motors to, so it will be less of a problem now.”

Lugano race would boost Swiss motorsport

Buemi also spoke about the proposed May 7 race in the Swiss city of Lugano, which would be an additional event on the season two calendar and has a deadline of 30th November for the organisers to find the necessary budget to facilitate the race.

“Obviously it will be great to have a race in Switzerland but I still feel it is some way from actually happening, so we are just waiting until the end of November now,” said Buemi.

“We have at least two Swiss drivers in the Championship so to finally have a race after all these years would be good. From what I see the track would be pretty cool too and do a lot for Swiss motorsport, I’m sure.”

A race in Switzerland would be the first major international single-seater event hosted in the country since the 1954 Grand Prix at Bremgarten. Motorsport.com revealed detailed plans for the Lugano race last month.

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