Alguersuari: 'Formula E is what Formula One should be'

Jaime Alguersuari is currently eighth in the championship standings for the Virgin Racing team.

Jaime Alguersuari feels right at home racing in Formula E. The Virgin Racing driver is certain that this new series is the future of motorsports and he doesn’t what to hear about something named Formula One. He recently talked with during Formula E’s visit to Buenos Aires and made sure his feelings were known. Oh, and also revealed his interest for Rally Dakar!

Q: What did attract you from Formula E?

Jaime Alguersuari: “What attracted me to it was Virgin. I liked the mentality they had, the level they wanted to reach with this project and how involved they were. I liked that motivation. I like to see motivated people, people that believe, that trust in a project like this and that’s what made me accept the people involved. We discovered the project itself when we saw the car because you don’t know what Formula E is until you drive the car.”

Q: What would you tell to the fans that watch Formula 1 or IndyCar but still don’t know about Formula E?

Jaime Alguersuari: “I think the way all this series are watched has to be changed regarding Formula E. It’s a very different project, that sells things completely different to the ones that are sold in any other regular series, but I think it is a good way to develop a future in the electric world. Of course, you can’t judge it yet because the project has just started and right now I think it’s interesting because it’s really challenging to drivers, engineers and mechanics. And I think it is for the fans too. I think it will be even better and every time we race it’s going to be better. That’s what I would say to the fans.”

Q: How is it to drive a Formula E car?

Jaime Alguersuari: “It’s a complicated car ... We use a street tire, the feeling of the car is very different because it’s more heavy, we have less aerodynamics and it’s got to be driven in a very different way, mostly because the key is saving energy and at the end use this 28 kilowatts you have in every car in the best way you can. That’s the key.”

Q: Recently you said you wouldn’t return to Formula 1. Is that how you really feel it?

Jaime Alguersuari: “Of course. I want to dedicate to a sport that is professional, that gives me a future, that still believes in the romanticism of talent, in experience and in human factor. I want to see a sport that is a business, but still mostly a sport. And that’s why I’m fine here. I trust in this project and I believe that it can only grow up and that everything that will come will be positive."

"Formula E has nothing to do with Formula 1. Who runs Formula E knows what he wants and what he doesn’t want from this project and I think that’s interesting. We have to get racing back to the way they were with the cars, the accidents, the overtakings ... People want fun, they want diversity. They don’t want to see anyone winning a race in the first lap and that’s it. And that’s Formula E; a dynamic race where many things happen, where every single driver is professional, where teams and brands are professionals as well and trust in this as a future marketing base to be able to affect car sells. And that’s what Formula 1 should be."

"I am driving for a brand here, I’m not driving for any private investor or any broker. And that’s important. People that understand races and people that manage races and the sport. Making money but running the sport, because I want to face the bests and be the best of the bests. For me, the future is absolutely in Formula E. I definitely bet on this 100%”.

Q: We just had Rally Dakar in South America. Is that an event that's of interest to you for the future?

Jaime Alguersuari: “Honestly, I watched it on TV and it looks thrilling. I’d love to some day be able to race it. Right now I’m not considering it because I’m in another type of competition but I would love to participate in the future. I think it is an adventure with yourself, against the world, against six hundreds kilometers that you have every day and you don’t know what you’ll find out. It’s an adventure and a fantastic experience. I’d love to do it”.

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