Valencia: Race two press conference

GP2 Series Race 2 Press conference: Valencia 30/09/2007 GP2 Series: Welcome to the final press conference of the year, for race two at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia. Joining us today from third is Andy Soucek of DPR, in second we have...

GP2 Series Race 2 Press conference: Valencia

GP2 Series: Welcome to the final press conference of the year, for race two at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia. Joining us today from third is Andy Soucek of DPR, in second we have Javier Villa from Racing Engineering, and the winner for today's race is the newly crowned champion Timo Glock from iSport International. Timo, congratulations on both the win and the title: was this the perfect way to finish the season?

Timo Glock: Yeah, for sure: after all the hard work over the year, all the bad luck and bad races like in Spa, and the hard races like yesterday which was just a special race, today when I got here I said I would try and win the race for the team! I had a little bit ofwheelspin but it was better than the rest, and I tried to save a little bit the tyres in the beginning, pushed a bit in the middle of the race, and at the end I tried to bring it over the distance. At the moment it's just a little bit difficult to believe it, because when you have so many ups and down, when at the end you can just win the championship, it's just a great feeling.

GP2 Series: How does it feel to hear the words Timo Glock, GP2 champion?

Timo: It's strange at the moment: it's just the finish of the last race, but when you hear the engineers and my team boss over the radio, and all the mechanics, I'm just quite happy. We won the team championship as well, so that's just the perfect feeling. And for now, I just hope we can get something done for 2008.

GP2 Series: You've got the most race wins of any driver in the history of the championship, and the most podiums: would you say that the GP2 adventure was worthwhile?

Timo: Yeah! I mean, in the end it's just the place to be to make your way into F1, and the racing is just hard, and you've seen NicoRosberg and Lewis Hamilton as champions for the last 2 years, and Lewis is almost winning the F1 championship now! So GP2 is definitely the place to be to make your way to Formula One. But it was so hard this year, with the problems that we had, and in the end it is the championship that is the closest to Formula One, and we get to race in front of all the Formula One teams, and that's just so important.

GP2 Series: Congratulations once again. Javi, a fine drive by you today as well: we got to see you on pole position on Sunday yet again, but slightly unusually you didn't turn it into a win. How was the race for you today?

Javier Villa: I think this weekend we would be quicker, but today we started in pole position and had not a really good start, too much spinning, but in the end we were second. Timo was really, really quick for the whole race, and in the end I think he lifted a little bit, but we had already used the tyres because we were pushing really hard. But it's the last race and we were second, and now we'll prepare for the next year. I think that this season was really good: three wins, five podiums, and now I think it is really important to prepare for next year.

GP2 Series: How important has this year been for you personally? Last year you didn't get any points, and this year you've had wins and podiums: how much of a difference has this year made for you and your career?

Javier: I don't think it's different, not in my mind: last year, okay, we didn't know the circuits, but for example this year I didn't know Spa but I was really, really fast, had really good times and in the race it was fine. But the most difference was we changed our engineer, and this year I was with the one I worked with in 2005 in Formula 3, and this was really good for me: I understand him perfectly, he knows what I like for driving, how I am driving, and it was easier to go faster this year.

GP2 Series: Congratulations. Andy, congratulations to you once again too: two tracks, two podiums at the end of the season...

Andy Soucek: Yeah, it's been a great end to the season for us: everybody remembers who won the last race, not the first ones, and obviously we've been struggling at the beginning of the year, and we had trouble finding the set up and I had trouble with qualifying, but we changed engineers and Andy Miller came back to join us, and straight away we made some improvements on the car, and at the end of the season as you can see, well, in Monza we were 25th on the grid and we finished 7th in the sprint race, which is very difficult, and in Spa I was quick and had a good pace. Today it's a shame that I didn't have such a good start and was spinning too much, put second gear too early, and I could have been 2nd into the first corner but I was fourth behind Martinez, who was pushing too hard and risking too much, and so I got back on the podium. I think I've now brought more points than my whole team last year in the last 3 races, so that's something that's good!

GP2 Series: Considering the bad luck you and the team struggled with earlier in the year, how much do these two podiums mean to the team in general?

Andy: It was amazing: since we did a good race in Monza all the team was just hoping to be quick in the next few races, and so Spa was just a huge motivation for them. I was hoping to be on the podium here in Valencia, and the pressure was very high of course, but now I've done it, I'm very happy, and I can go home. At the end of the season we'll see if I can have a competitive car, and if so then I think I can be in the top five or so in every race. We'll see.

GP2 Series: Congratulations. Thanks guys.

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