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Gimmi Bruni had a bittersweet taste at the Paul Ricard February tests because, despite having a good car, he couldn't set a fast lap in the end because of an engine failure. These are his comments a few days later. "Yes, watching the others on the track while trying to make the fastest lap from the pit was frustrating - says Gimmi - but the job we did was good. I'm looking forward to the next test days to take my revenge. In the meanwhile, I decided to spend some days in Rome to train with the bike. I love to run up and down the hills in my neighbourhood, for me it's the perfect place for cycling".

So either on your bike or driving the car, you are always running.

"Who knows, had I not chosen to become a driver I could now be a professional cyclist. Or maybe it's just that I love the feeling of the wind on my face while cycling which I don't feel as much when I drive because I have my helmet tightly fastened. I love speed, but I love engines too, even if sometimes they betray me".

Let's talk about the team, how did you find it?

"Exactly as the word says it: a team. Efficient, compact and motivated. I get along well with my team mate too. Andrea is a good guy and a fast driver, he asked me some advice which I was happy to give, I think we will get along well".

How fast will you run during the next championship?

"Very fast, very fast. But with my head on my shoulders. It will be a very tough championship but I seriously want to win. I will have to go fast, never give up and do everything right. They say that luck must be helped at times, but I will have to help it too because it will have to be fast as well".



Coming back from France, Andreas Zuber travelled quite a bit. In a short time, he went to Dubai, Italy and Austria. "In Dubai I met some important people hoping for their sponsorship - says Andrea - I will stay a couple of day in Italy for the same reason and then I will go to Kitzbűhel and Salzburg for training. This is motor-racing, as soon as you are fast on track, your life accelerates as well. I like this, it helps me feel committed and focused on my goals".

But which are your goals for 2006?

"In want to constantly be in the top five of the GP2 Series. I hope to reach the podium sometime and maybe even a victory. I know it will not be easy but I've got everything to do it: a quality team, a bloody good car and even a strong team-mate. Everything is in place to be fast and I definitely want to do it".

Would you tell us something more about these elements?

"Trident Racing is delivering exactly what I was expecting: professional assistance and strong support. The car with the new spec is bloody good, it has plenty of aerodynamical and mechanical grip, really challenging to drive, and my team-mate Gimmi Bruni is giving me some very good advice. In a few words: we are a real team. Which gives me even more motivation and commitment".

So you like working with the Italians.

"Yes, I like the Italian mentality. I like to stay with them because they are committed but able to smile even after a twenty hour day of hard working. I share this spirit and I will do all my best to pay them back".

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