Trident Racing Monaco Race 1 Report

Circuit de Monaco

Trident Racing ended up in 5th place at the end of the first lap of the GP2 Main Series weekend at Monte Carlo. Despite suffering from brake issues that conditioned the second half of his race, Stefano Coletti ended up with a valuable points spot.

Rodolfo Gonzalez saw his chances to score a well-deserved top-10 finish vanish when a piece of debris got stuck under his racecar before the Tabac corner , making his racecar uncontrollable.

Following to the results scored on today's race 1, Stefano will take-off in 4th on race 2, while Gonzalez will start from row 11. The closing race of the weekend, scheduled at 16:10 CET on a 30-lap distance, will be televised live in Italy by RaiSport1.

Stefano Coletti
Stefano Coletti

Photo by: GP2 Media Service

Stefano Coletti, 5th.

“My start has been great. I might have tried to take 2nd place at St. Devote, but I was hit on the right sidepod right away by Alvero Parente. However, at the beginning everything was good for me in 3rd. Then, after the pit-stops I started to deal with slower cars and lost time and, eventually, I experienced some brake issues. The pedal's excursion became longer and longer: each time I approached a corner, I didn't knew if I would have been able to slow down effectively. Fifth place is a good result, all things considered, but I hope for a smoother run tomorrow”.

Rodolfo Gonzalez, DNF.

“I was pretty satisfied with my race. Then two of the cars i had in front collided, I believe that Clos and Van Der Garde got involved in the tangle. After they touched, I collected a piece of debris that got suck under my car. Suddenly, I basically lost the steering. The car wasn't turning anymore, and I ended up against the barriers.”

-source: trident racing

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