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Next week, Gimmi Bruni will start the engine to his brand new Trident Racing car. It is different for him this time, just by looking at him one can see that he is more serene:

"Yes it's true -- says Gimmi -- this year I can feel a difference inside. It's not a matter of physical fitness, even if I'm trained as I've never been before, there is something different in my mind. My mood is much better, I'm feeling relaxed and confident in a completely different way from the past. It's like opening the window and letting fresh air into a room".

So you are not worried about the start of this season?

"I'm coming out of a very difficult period because it's hard when you see that things which started out well ended up turning out badly. But I know now that I will be able to rely on a new but efficient team with everyone, from the owners to the cleaning lady, focused on delivering their very best to achieve good results. I can feel the effort made by the skilled people of the team who support me. So I know that this time it will be different".

And what are you going to do to make this difference?

"First of all, I want to keep this mood and this frame of mind. I'm hungry for success and I like this hunger feeling!".


Before the first test session of the new season, Andreas Zuber is perfectly fit and trained, extremely very enthusiast and very confident in his new team. Words are literally flowing out of his mouth.

"I have trained a lot -- says Andreas -- much more than I was used to. I'm in perfect shape and ready to go. Last week I went to the workshop and saw the car for the very first time: it's very, very, very nice. I like its livery, it's a real racing colour scheme which screams speed to me. I mean it is not that flamboyant style quite common in racing, it's different, very elegant, I loved it at first sight".

And what about your new racing crew?

"I'm very happy because I could feel the commitment and good will of the entire team. They have something special in the way they work. For them, being part of Trident Racing is much more than a simple challenge. I must confess I was a bit worried about the debut a couple of weeks ago but as soon as I entered the workshop and shook some hands my worries simply faded away. Everything and everyone are at the right place at the right time. I'm convinced".

Andreas was overwhelmed with enthusiasm when he sat in the car for the first time:

"While I was checking my new seat I was even tempted to take the car out of the workshop and drive it on the road! I'm looking forward to starting the engine at the Paul Ricard, I simply can't wait. Our car looks fast and it will be fast".

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