Trident Racing announces 2008 line-up

Trident Racing is glad to announce the 2008 line-up for the upcoming Gp2 season. The main news is, of course, the introduction of the Gp2 Asia Series alongside the Main Series, that`s entering its 4th season. The newly-born Championship will start...

Trident Racing is glad to announce the 2008 line-up for the upcoming Gp2 season. The main news is, of course, the introduction of the Gp2 Asia Series alongside the Main Series, that`s entering its 4th season. The newly-born Championship will start at Dubai Circuit (UAE) on the last weekend of January, and end at the same venue in April, after a five-race long schedule that will include Indonesia, Malaysia and Bahrain: these last two events will be inside the Formula 1 events context.

Trident Racing will field a car for Chinese driver Ho-Pin Tung, who reached an agreement for both series. Ho-Pin Tung is with no doubt the strongest Chinese driver around, and is facing his second consecutive year in Gp2 Series: after capturing the F.BMW Asia`s title, he was awarded the chance to test a Formula 1 car, and continued to succeed in 2006 by securing the German F.3 Series` title. The 2007 experience in the Gp2 Series allowed him to get in contact with several unknown racetracks, and to increase his knowledge base.

Ho-Pin Tung will be partnered, in the Asia Series, by Latvian youngster Harald Schlegelmilch, who`s also set to be lined-up by Trident Racing in the Formula Master International Series. Honda F1 test-driver and high-profile talent Mike Conway will complete the team`s roster in the Main Series. The three drivers will be presented during a press conference planned for Tuesday, January 23, at the headquarters of longtime sponsor Bayer Italia, located in Milan. During the conference, Trident Racing and Bayer per lo Sport will also present their solidarity project, "Fast on Track, NOT on Road".

Alessandro Alunni Bravi, Team Principal "I`m really satisfied with the agreement we were able to reach with Ho-Pin Tung, and I think that this will be an important step forward for both parties. He`ll defend Trident Racing`s colors in both the Asia and the Main Series, in an attempt to capitalize from his professional and human racing experience. He proved, since the first technical meetings, to have a deep knowledge of the car, and to be very clear-headed about his ideal set-up choices. We were very impressed by his ability to analyze telemetry data, and that`s definitely an important addition to his talent. Ho-Pin Tung is also a very important driver from an international point of view, since he`ll be carrying on-track the Chinese flag. He`ll represent what is set to become the world`s top auto market, serving as an endorser for an enthusiastic and developing Motorsport reality. We`re set to help him try to find a way to Formula 1 sooner than possible".

Q&A with Ho-Pin Tung

Q: You were one of the "men to watch" in the driver-market for the 2008 season. Can you explain us why did you choose Trident Racing?

H-PT: "Trident was one of the first teams to approach me for the 2008 season. Already after my first visit to the Trident factory I was convinced about the facilities and especially the dedication of everybody at Trident Racing. The more times I went to the team, the more I became convinced about the professionalism of the team. It makes no concessions when it comes to quality, resources, technological choices and efficiency".

Q: You`ll have a very busy year by being involved in the Gp2 Asia and Main Series: what do you expect from this partnership and what are your goals for the 2008 season?

H-PT: "2007 was a learning year for me. I started the season very late without any testing. By joining Trident for both series I will be perfectly prepared for all races in 2008. I am targeting to cash in on this experience, be a regular points scorer and get onto the podium and winning races! I have worked hard over the wintertime and am very confident for the upcoming season".

Q: In the 2007 season you had to face - for the first time in your career - a new car, a lot of unknown circuits and an all-new environment. How tough is to be a GP2 Series rookie?

H-PT: "For me 2007 was extra difficult as I started the season without any testing at all. Out of the calender I only knew 2 tracks and the track time in a racing weekend is very limited. Besides that I think the GP2 Series are most probably the highest level of racing after F1 with only drivers that have won races and championships in junior series or even have F1 experience and mostly are familiar with all the tracks. This doesn`t make things easier and everything has to be right in order to be able to score in GP2".

Q: You were the first Chinese to drive a Formula 1 car, and received a lot of attention from China, everyone hopes you will join F1 in the future. Does that add extra pressure?

H-PT: "Not really! After driving the F1 car I knew: This is what I really want! From that moment I have received a lot of support from China, which has been very helpful and only motivated me more. After that test I knew there were still a lot steps to take but now I am getting really close to my goal. By joining Trident I am convinced to have made the best step for my career and will try to impress this year!".

Q: When and why did your passion for motor-racing start?

H-PT: "I started relatively late in go-karts at the age of 14. It was just a passion from me, my parents were not familiar with motor-racing at all. I was always watching Formula 1 at TV and admired drivers like Senna, Piquet, Mansell, etc. It took some time to convince my parents to help me into go-karts! But after that they have always been very supportive as far as that was possible for them".


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