Stefano Coletti on upcoming race weekend at Monte Carlo

Monaco question and answer with Stefano Coletti.

The first two race weekends in the 2014 GP2 Series has shown that both of the Racing Engineering drivers, Stefano Coletti and Raffaele Marciello, are amongst the fastest drivers competing but various factors have meant that they have not yet had the results that both men deserve. The next round to be held this weekend at Monaco gives both men the opportunity to turn their speed into strong finishes.

Below Racing Engineering driver Stefano Coletti looks forward to racing on the streets on Monaco.

Stefano, Monaco is your home race and certainly a season highlight for you. What makes it so special for you to race at Monaco?

It is really special for me to race at Monaco because this is where I was born; I have been around those streets all my life. Every time I pass in front of a building or a restaurant, it b! rings back a lot of memories. I also receive a lot of support from my friends and family here. Knowing that they all watch me race is like an extra boost for me.

Could you talk us through a lap at Monaco? What are the specialties of this track?

Monaco is a very difficult track requiring a lot of concentration. You cannot make any mistakes as you would end up in the barriers. The first corner, Sainte Devote, is a tricky one, difficult from a braking point of view and if you miss it, you go straight into the wall; next you have the uphill Beau Rivage, which brings you to turn 2 into Casino 1 and 2. Going down to Mirabeau there is a bump on the left side of the track; this is why the cars drive as if there was a chicane in order to avoid it. And then we arrive to what is my favourite part, the Mirabeau, the Fairmont hairpin and the tunnel. Braking out of the tunnel is very tricky as t! he track is bumpy and the car moves a lot. After the chicane you arrive to the Bureau de Tabac and the Swimming Pool chicane, very quick and challenging. To finish the lap, you have the Rascasse corner and the last corner before the start-finish line.

You won in Monaco last year and have shown a lot of pace during the two opening rounds of this year’s GP2 championship. What are your expectations for this weekend?

The expectations for this weekend are to win. We showed great potential during the first two rounds, but had bad luck kept us from scoring big points. So it’s time now to take the top step of the podium.

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