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Race Two Quotes GP2 Series: Giedo, P1 in what is effectively you're home race: I guess you must be delighted... Giedo van der Garde: Yeah, I'm very delighted! It was a great race, a great start, a great re-start, the car was good, very good,...

Race Two Quotes

GP2 Series: Giedo, P1 in what is effectively you're home race: I guess you must be delighted...

Giedo van der Garde: Yeah, I'm very delighted! It was a great race, a great start, a great re-start, the car was good, very good, and I just controlled the pace and drove very quick! I think it was the best so far this season.

GP2 Series: It seems like the win was all set up at the start: talk me through that from your perspective.

Giedo: I thought my reaction was pretty good at the start, but I had nearly no wheelspin so that's why I could pass them both [Mortara and Kobayashi] at the start: that was really, really good, I don't think I've had such a good start! After that I was three seconds gone after two laps, and that was very good. After that we had the safety car and you have to control it again, but I went before Blanchimont already because I knew he [Rodriguez] had less wing, so I made a big gap and won by three or four seconds or something: it was just a brilliant race.

GP2 Series: After that it looked fairly easy for you, although there was a bit of moment towards the end: I'm not sure if you were just trying to keep yourself awake or what...

Giedo: Yeah, yeah, because sometimes you can get three or four tenths slower because you are in a comfortable zone. It's normal, and I controlled the pace for the last five or six laps, it was quite easy for me, and before that I was quite on the case. But it was quite nice, and I enjoyed the race a lot.

GP2 Series: Your second win of the season then, and it's been a tricky season for you and the team: how much does this win mean for you all?

Giedo: A lot, a lot. We had some difficulties, I mean, the first race in Barcelona we were not too bad, but after that we struggled a lot, and it seems like the new tyres didn't suit us a lot, the new engine didn't suit us a lot, so we needed to find some compromises with the set up to see if we could improve. I think we had some tough times, but it's getting better and better all the time: Budapest was the first example, and now this is the second one. We're getting there, but we need to improve with the qualifying a little bit, and then we will do well.

GP2 Series: Roldan, P2 after a strong race and good weekend for you...

Roldan Rodriguez: Yeah, it's very good, I'm very happy. Yesterday the pace I think was a little bit faster than today, but a very good weekend: when the car doesn't stop because of a mechanical something we are always fighting for points and the podium, so I am very, very happy for everyone at the team, and the whole weekend I think was okay.

GP2 Series: It looked like you had a good car today, as you say maybe not as good as yesterday's but you had decent pace and just couldn't do anything about Giedo today...

Roldan: Yeah, yesterday I overtook van der Garde and today I couldn't! We are always trying to be better and to be stronger, we changed of course some things for today and maybe we need to think again about that, and maybe it was not the best choice today but we are always trying to be faster, faster...

GP2 Series: Monza is next: what are your hopes for there?

Roldan: Monza I like a lot: actually I like every track we race on, and Monza as well! Last year I did a podium there, and I think the car will be very fast there as well. We are getting better every race, inside the team, so I'm looking forward to it.

GP2 Series: Diego, P3 for a good podium today after an interesting race for you: how was it for you?

Diego Nunes: Yesterday I had a problem, the stewards gave me a penalty, and unfortunately I finished 5th but had to start today 9th, but I think I did a good race: from P9 to P3 is pretty good! The car was good today, and obviously Giedo had very good pace, and I'm happy because this year I had so much bad luck, and finally I could put it together and we are there. Hopefully for the next two races we are going to be there again, too.

GP2 Series: You didn't get that much luck today, because you had a lot of pressure from Perez throughout the race...

Diego: Yeah, yeah, I did a good start and then I managed to pass Mortara after the safety car, and then Perez was behind but he stayed there just for a couple of laps and I managed to keep the pace, and then he wasn't giving any pressure anymore. It was good, and I didn't make any mistakes and I could finish in third, so I'm happy.

GP2 Series: What does it mean for you and the team to get this double podium here?

Diego: The team is very happy now, because we've been working a lot this year and we were struggling a lot in the beginning with the new compounds, but we proved a lot now, and I started in front and qualified really good for my last three races, and I think we are improving and are finally again at the top, and everybody's very happy.

GP2 Series: Monza is the next race: what are your hopes for there?

Diego: I hope it will be like here you know, very competitive in the race and qualify in the top three again, and hopefully it will be a good race as well.

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