Silverstone: Race two press conference

Top Three Quotes -- Race Two GP2 Series: Pastor, second win for the season here in Silverstone: you made it look easy, but how was it from inside the car? Pastor Maldonado: We improve a lot the car today, we had very good pace from the ...

Top Three Quotes -- Race Two

GP2 Series: Pastor, second win for the season here in Silverstone: you made it look easy, but how was it from inside the car?

Pastor Maldonado: We improve a lot the car today, we had very good pace from the beginning, I was pushing very hard at the beginning of the race just to get a margin, and after I was managing the race normal you know, very easy. It was great: this weekend is 9 points, not so bad, and we started not so good because the qualifying we had some problems, but at the end of the weekend we have 9 points, which is very important for the championship, for the team, for everybody.

GP2 Series: Strong pace for both cars this weekend, which is good for the team...

Pastor: Yeah, we need to pass the Barwa team and Nico is very strong, me too, and if we always get some points I think we can catch them. We need to improve the qualifying and after that I think we are very strong in the races, because our race pace is very strong, always. We just need to be a bit more in the front.

GP2 Series: It's nice for the championship too: I think you are the only one of the top guys to score points in every race so far this year, which shows how important consistency is in this championship...

Pastor: Yes, this year I'm very consistent, always on the points, and this could be very important at the end of the season. I'm very confident for this season, we are working very hard, and the team is great: we need just to improve the qualifying a bit, and after that I can do the difference.

GP2 Series: What can you do to improve qualifying, in Germany for an example?

Pastor: We have now 3 weeks, so a lot of time to think, to work, to prepare the car for the qualifying and to be very quick in two or three laps. I think we are working to improve: we are improving but not enough, and now we need to push very hard because now is mid-season, and after that we need to be more constant in the races and quicker in the qualifying. But I think we can do it because the team is very strong, the guys are very intelligent: I think the problem is the combination of car and me, because I cannot quite understand the car in that moment, and I cannot push quite at my maximum. But we're going to improve for sure, because we are pushing very hard.


GP2 Series: Andi, a strong race today for your first podium of the season: it looked like you had a decent start but Pastor had a better one, and that was all she wrote...

Andreas Zuber: Yes, I had too much wheelspin and Pastor went ahead, and that was all: I pushed hard for a while but you know that means you use up the tyres and then you can do nothing more. But I'm happy because the car was good today, and all weekend in fact, and we could show that we are improving a lot the car.

GP2 Series: As you say the pace has been good all weekend: what do you put that down to?

Andreas: I think just the team and me work together very well, and they are improving all the time: even if you look to Barcelona and then to here you can see the improvement we have made, and I am really proud of how we have been able to do this. The car felt really good yesterday until the last lap when the tyres were gone, and today it felt great and was really strong and I could push all the way and easily get away from Chandhok. It's just a shame that we couldn't quite get to Maldonado, but it's always difficult to overtake here.

GP2 Series: It's a good result for the team as well: how much of a difference will it mean for them?

Andreas: I think it will just give them some extra motivation to work even harder, because they can see what is possible with this podium. I know they want to do even more, me too, and for sure we are close to the top guys now and can fight with them for the rest of the races.


GP2 Series: Karun, congratulations on your first podium for the year, and obviously Ocean Racing's first podium of the year...

Karun Chandhok: Their first podium ever! [laughs] It was a reasonable race: in the first part we had the same pace as the first two guys, and then I started to struggle for traction from the middle of the race. I was doing similar lap times to Zuber, even in the middle part, but then we saw it drop away towards the end, just struggling in the second and third sector: the first sector was still quicker all through the race, but we were just struggling in the traction zones. But we got the points in the end, and it wasn't the most exciting race: I think the most exciting part was me running around, trying to find the toilet at the start! I found toilet number four eventually was open! [laughs] That's been the most exciting part of the day! The main thing is this is a great result for the team: they've worked so hard this year and been bloody unlucky, as everybody knows, so it's nice that they've got a nice shiny pot to take back to Portugal with them this weekend.

GP2 Series: It was one of those races where everyone has the pace but the grid just stretches across the race...

Karun: Yeah, it's one of those nothing races! [laughs] I think Silverstone is a bit like that: the first half of the lap means that the guys following destroy their tyres while following, and therefore they can't overtake. That's just the way it is around here: I had the same problem here yesterday with Grosjean, I just fucked the front tyres and that was it.

GP2 Series: As you say, a nice shiny pot for the team, and their first one: how much of a lift will this give them?

Karun: Yeah, it's great for them: I think they're all really motivated, especially after Monaco because they felt, and rightly so, that they all deserved something from there, so I'm glad that they finally got something. We're pushing like hell, and the main thing is we've earnt respect and credibility now as a new team: I think everybody up and down this pitlane thinks we're a genuine, front running team now. We're quick in practice, we should have been P3 and P4 in qualifying if not for the traffic, we're a genuine, front-running team, and hopefully now our fortunes have changed in terms of luck and we can keep pushing from here.

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