Silverstone: Race two press conference

06/07/2008 Top Three Drivers Quotes, Race Two GP2 Series: Bruno Senna, race winner at Silverstone: how does that sound? Bruno Senna: It sounds pretty good! Obviously I wanted to be a race winner twice in Silverstone, but it didn't rain ...

Top Three Drivers Quotes, Race Two

GP2 Series: Bruno Senna, race winner at Silverstone: how does that sound?

Bruno Senna: It sounds pretty good! Obviously I wanted to be a race winner twice in Silverstone, but it didn't rain yesterday! It was a good race today: difficult conditions and the circuit changed a lot from the beginning to the end of the race, and I think I have adapted quite well to the conditions. I'm pretty happy with the result, and obviously I wanted to take the fastest lap but it was just a bit too dangerous with all the traffic and the yellow flags at the end: I think Petrov got it in the end, but even so I prioritised getting six points today, and to take the risk for fastest lap ... it was too difficult because I had a lot of cars as backmarkers in front of me, and it was just getting a bit too dangerous in the end because it would have been easy to aquaplane on the straight. I just kept it quiet, and I knew I was pulling away from Lucas, so it was good. The team gave me a really easy car to drive, I didn't have any hassle with the car, and any time I had oversteer it was just nice progressive oversteer, and just quite a nice car to drive.

GP2 Series: We saw so many of the other guys going off, spinning, hitting the barriers and so on: how hard was it to race today, and how much did your previous experience here help you?

Bruno: It helped 100%, because I knew where the grip was, I knew where the puddles formed, and I think Conway had a good race as well because he knew what to do here, and that's how important it is. In some circuits it makes no difference, in some circuits it makes all the difference, and here it does make a difference because here there is a wet line and it is much faster on the wet line. It was a treacherous race, especially with the rain in the middle because it was so easy to aquaplane and if you are behind the other car you can't see where you are, and if you get out of the slipstream you are aquaplaning, so it was really difficult but I had a clear view in front of me, so I could just concentrate on doing good laps.

GP2 Series: Eleven points behind Giorgio now: do you consider the championship as he head towards Hockenheim, or do you still just take each race as it comes?

Bruno: No, I consider the championship: we have had more bad races than he has had, so that's how hard it is. Sometimes we have problems and that unfortunately hinders us, but they're going to have their problems too and we're going to score, so the championship is still very, very much alive: we are only halfway and it's only eleven points, so if he doesn't finish a race and I win then it's tied again, so that's pretty good.

GP2 Series: Lucas, your second second of the weekend and a very, very solid race for you today in the wet: how was it from your seat?

Lucas di Grassi: It was a very good weekend overall, thirteen points, two second places. Today was a very difficult race because of the conditions, I started from seventh so I had to overtake five guys to finish second, and in the first part of the race the car was very good, very fast, and after half of the race we had some small problems with the gearbox and tyrewear: I did the best I could, no mistakes at all, and the team did a great job. I'm very happy to be fourth in the championship after two weekends: I'm quite amazed at the way I've come back, I wasn't expecting to be that good, so everything is better than expected! It feels good, and I think the way it is going the tendency is to improve with every race, and the team is getting better, I'm improving every race because the driving technique is very different from last year, and I hope I finish in the top three of the championship this year after missing 30% of the races: it would be a great result.

GP2 Series: Absolutely. Today was amazing: we saw so many guys spinning off, so how hard was it to stay out there racing today?

Lucas: It was very, very difficult: I think the only guy that was faster than me today was Bruno, and his car was very good and he drive really well, he knows this place in the rain from before which I didn't, but I think if the conditions stayed as they did in the first half of the race then we could have fought for the win, but as soon as the rain came back our set up wasn't as good as his: he almost went out once too, he went over on the grass! It was really slippery, the rain was getting harder and slowing down and the track change every time round, so I think it was the hardest race I've ever had in GP2, so second place was good.

GP2 Series: Fourth in the championship after two rounds, and now we head to Hockenheim: what are you looking for over there?

Lucas: I like Hockenheim: I think it was my best weekend in Formula 3 when I race there, so I know the circuit very well and I think the team is getting better so we should be more competitive there. I think we should be able to fight for the podium and hopefully a win over the weekend.

GP2 Series: Giorgio, third and your second podium here in a very chaotic race: how was it for you?

Giorgio Pantano: For me it was just amazing because it was so difficult to compete in those conditions, particularly in the last ten laps: in the first sector we were aquaplaning a little bit and it was really dangerous, so when I was in third I just decided to stay there and not push too hard because it was a wonderful weekend, first yesterday and third today, so it was really perfect for me.

GP2 Series: You had a lot pressure throughout the race from Mike Conway today: were you aware of it?

Giorgio: No I wasn't because I was just trying to manage the situation: I could have gone a little bit faster but when I saw who was behind me I just tried to push a little bit more and manage it with him.

GP2 Series: Fifty point in the championship now: what are you thoughts on that?

Giorgio: It is a good situation, but we are just halfway through the championship and we have to continue like that.

GP2 Series: Hockenheim next, a track you like a lot...

Giorgio: Yeah it is, I like it very much: I believe it will be a good place for me to make a nice result there.

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