Silverstone: Race 2 press conference

Sprint Race Top Three Quotes GP2 Series: Sergio, a fantastic win and a long time coming in getting the second victory this season: how does it feel? Sergio Perez: Yeah, I'm really, really happy for this win! It's been a really tough...

Sprint Race Top Three Quotes

GP2 Series: Sergio, a fantastic win and a long time coming in getting the second victory this season: how does it feel?

Sergio Perez: Yeah, I'm really, really happy for this win! It's been a really tough championship so far, even though we've been the quickest, most consistent car out there, for some reason or the other we have not had the final results we should have, so it's good to be back! After qualifying we were P10, so not looking too good, my luck was not good and I did a good job but the car wasn't there, so we improved the car over the weekend, and I think today we were the fastest car out there and completely dominated the race today. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season, now Pastor is quite far away [in the championship], but we will try to catch him.

GP2 Series: Everyone's been saying it's impossible to overtake here, but you proved them wrong: talk me through your moves to get past the iSport guys.

Sergio: First with Valsecchi I had a good exit behind him, and on braking I just went on the inside: I know he's a fair guy and won't do anything crazy, as well as Turvey, and that's why we can have a good race with them, so I'm really happy.

GP2 Series: You've had a hell of a lot of bad luck in the last few races: does this make up for it?

Sergio: Yeah, definitely! Also for the team we were so unlucky all the time, but now to get the win back, it just feels nice.

GP2 Series: Any thoughts for Hockenheim?

Sergio: Looking forward to it really: I think it's going to be a tough circuit for our car, but we're looking forward and hopefully we can get some more wins!

GP2 Series: Oliver, congratulations on your first podium in the main series, although you certainly didn't do it easily...

Oliver Turvey: No, it was a very tough race! We started from pole position, I got a good start and a good first lap and was able to make a bit of a break, but after that my teammate wasn't able to keep up and I was able to pull away a little. I was feeling comfortable and pushing hard, and I was able to make a break every lap. But once I saw Sergio, you know, he caught me so quickly, his pace was much, much stronger, and he was able to overtake me easily on the brakes. It was unfortunate, you know, because we were unable to have a battle for the lead.

After that I was in second and I saw Dani and Maldonado catching me, very quickly again [laughs], and there was still ten laps to go: it was very tough to hold them until the end of the race, a lot of pressure, but I was able to keep consistent and not make any mistakes, and I kept them behind me. I'm really pleased: I think we did the maximum we could do today, and to get my first podium here in Silverstone is a fantastic feeling, you know, at my home race, and for the team and my sponsor Racing Steps Foundation.

GP2 Series: You did a great job to hold the guys behind you today, but there was a clear speed difference: what do you put that down to?

Oliver: I wish I knew! [laughs] They seemed quite a bit quicker at certain parts of the track, and we need to look at this and understand, because we've seen this a little bit in the first few races. I think we need to find something, because yesterday in qualifying we were quite competitive and, you know, in both races we haven't had the pace, and we have to work hard as a team to find out, because we cannot afford to be below pace in the race!

GP2 Series: First podium though, which is nice to get under the belt, and a very different race coming in Hockenheim: is this going to help?

Oliver: Yeah, I hope so: I've never been to Hockenheim so it's another new track for me, so hopefully can get to grips with it quickly, and I'm sure if everything works well I'm sure I can be on the podium again, and that's what I'll be trying to achieve.

GP2 Series: Dani, P3 and a second podium for the weekend after a long battle with the guys at either side of you: how was it for you?

Dani Clos: It's been tough, but I'm happy because we did a good start today and I positioned myself fourth, and behind me I had Pastor, who was pushing really hard: yesterday he did a good job, and today he was pushing also. I had the guys in front, I had good stability on the car and I was able to overtake Valsecchi at the last corner in a pretty nice move, and then I caught Turvey but he didn't make any mistakes, he was driving really good, and I just could not overtake him. I had to be really, really on the limit to do it, and I thought more of the championship and that it is positive to have all these points. I'm happy, I think it was a positive weekend with two podiums, so let's forget this race now and go to Hockenheim, for a new race.

GP2 Series: You had a lot of speed today, and were clearly faster than Turvey: why couldn't you get past?

Dani: It's a hard track, with really quick corners and no real hard braking, so it makes things a lot more difficult, and Turvey didn't make any mistakes, I didn't have any holes to put my car, but it's good. I'm happy anyway, and we just have to keep working more and more every race to make a difference.

GP2 Series: You stayed ahead of Pastor to take another point out of him, which was good for the championship: what are your thoughts towards Hockenheim?

Dani: Hockenheim we start again from zero, it's a new race, so we will see: we will give our best from the first corner to the last braking, and we will always try our best, but now we are just thinking race by race and not thinking more forward than that. We will get there.

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