Scuderia Coloni Is Ready For Monaco

Circuit de Monaco

Tomorrow around 12 o’clock in Monte Carlo GP2 will start the engines for the Free Practice of the season’s most awaited event. Scuderia Coloni is really motivated for the Monaco weekend and has different expectations for its two drivers. Michael Herck lives in Monte Carlo so this will be his home race, something that will surely give him a further boost. Kevin Ceccon, meanwhile, will be at his debut in Monaco and at his second GP2 weekend, so he is ready for another weekend as a quick learner.

Paolo Coloni: “Monaco has always been an event on its own, the most prestigious of the whole season so everybody will give their best here. Michael being on his home ‘track’ will be even more focused to get a great result, and we expect him to make the most of his experience boasting two consistent drives. Kevin on the other side must keep in mind that in Monaco there’s no room for mistakes, and that the secrets of such a track become clearer lap after lap. There’s no pressure on him, so I hope he will enjoy his first time in Monte Carlo”.

Michael Herck
Michael Herck

Photo by: GP2 Media Service

Michael Herck: “Even if I live here luck has rarely been on my side in Monaco. Last year my weekend was ruined by mechanical gremlins, so I hope for a really good weekend this time. I don’t really like the track, as I prefere faster layouts, but everybody says that being quick here requires talent, so I hope for a good result”.

Kevin Ceccon: “I did my first lap on a moped this morning and I must say that I was really impressed. The armcos are really close everywhere, but the most thrilling zone is undoubtedly the Tabac corner, as the cars will be really quick there. Obviously my aim for the weekend is to avoid mistakes and finishing all sessions with no troubles, in orther to gather as much experience as possible”.

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