Scuderia Coloni Barcelona Race 1 Report

Circuit De Catalunya

A Crash Ruined Herck’S Good Performance

This really isn’t a lucky period for Scuderia Coloni: after that in Istanbul a mistake by a fellow competitor spoiled both Rigon’s race and his hopes for the season, today another risky move by a rival brought Michael Herck’s race to an end, luckily with no other consequences. The “fact” happened on lap 22, when Esteban Gutierrez tried an impossible overtake, diving on the inside much too late and hitting Herck’s left rear wheel, sending him into a spin. It was a pity because until that moment Herck’s race had been very good: starting from P14 he was in the top ten, battling for position with Bianchi. Thanks to a very good pit-stop strategy and to a perfect tyre change by the Scuderia Coloni staff, Herck had gained three places and was ready for an aggressive second half of the race, so the crash robbed him of a potential good result.

Kevin Ceccon, meanwhile, got to the finish of the race fulfilling his aim for this first GP2 outing and gathering some precious experience. The 17 years-old Italian, at the first GP2 start of his young career, immediately had to cope with a re-start from a Safety-Car Period and from then on drove a good race, with a perfect pit-stop and hints of a very good race pace. Obviously, considering his targets for this weekend, he opted for a cautious approach and avoided all those situation that could have compromised his race, closing in P20.

Michael Herck
Michael Herck

Photo by: GP2 Media Service

Paolo Coloni: “I’m really sorry for Michael, he was doing a good race and he has no responsibility in the contact that ruled him out of the race. Anyway things like this happen in motor racing, and we have to accept that even when it means that a weekend is compromised. On the other side, I’m very happy of Ceccon’s performance: he was very good off the line, he emerged well from the chaos at the start and then he was clever enough to understand that today his only aim was to put some miles under his belt. As a consequence he avoided any unnecessary risk, and did no mistakes in the most difficult moments of the race, like Safety-Cars and the pit-stop. So, I think he can be happy of this first GP2 outing.

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